Enhancing the Well-being of Children and Families Through Effective Interventions: International Evidence for Practice

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Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006 - 383 halaman

Services for families and children are rightfully the focus of intense scrutiny and debate, and there is a clear need to establish a knowledge of which services work well.

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of research evidence from the UK and USA on the effectiveness of selected child welfare interventions. It addresses the challenges of measuring effectiveness in child welfare and explains the policy context for child welfare service delivery. Leading international contributors summarize the evidence of effectiveness in each core area, and consider the impact on children's development, parenting capacity and the wider community. Critically, the book also draws out the implications of the evidence for policy, practice and service delivery as well as for future research.

This book is essential reading for policy makers, practitioners and commissioners of services in child welfare as well as students and researchers.


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Child Welfare in the UK and US
Evidence on Interventions with Vulnerable Children Young People and Families
Evidence on Therapeutic Interventions with Children who have Experienced Abuse or Neglect
Evidence on Foster Care Adoption and Transitions for Children and Young People
Innovative Approaches in Schools and Community Programmes
Summary and Conclusion
The Contributors
Subject Index
Author Index
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Colette McAuley is Professor of Social Work Studies and Director of the Child Well-Being Research Centre in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton. She has been researching outcomes for children and their families for the past decade and has a particular interest in the views of children and young people in vulnerable circumstances. She has published widely, with her most recent publications including Young Families Under Stress: Outcomes and Costs of Home-Start Support and Pathways and Outcomes: A Ten Year Follow-Up Study of Children who have Experienced Care. Peter J. Pecora is Senior Director of Research Services at the Casey Family Programs and Professor of Social Work at the University of Washington, Seattle. He has researched and published extensively in the field of child and family services. His publications include Evaluating Family-Based Services and The Child Welfare Challenge. Wendy Rose is Senior Research Fellow at the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the Open University and was previously Assistant Chief Inspector of Children's Services for the Department of Health. She is a co-editor of Approaches to Needs Assessment in Children's Services and The Developing World of the Child, both published by Jessica Kingsley.

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