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An Act to Amend Chapter 6, Acts of 1918, the Public
Health Act as Amended.

(Passed the 29th day of April, A. D., 1922).

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

Sec. 2,

1. Clause (f) of Section 2 of Chapter 6, Acts of Clause (f), 1918, "The Public Health Act," is amended by insert- amended. ing, between the word "poliomyelitis" and the word "and" in the last line thereof, the word "pneumonia."

Sec. 7,

2. Sub-section (1) of Section 7 of said Chapter 6 Sub-section (1), is amended by adding thereto the following words: amended. "who shall hold office during pleasure and be paid such yearly salary as the Governor-in-Council determines.'

Sec. 11,

3. Sub-section (3) of Section 11 of said Chapter 6 Sub-section (3), is amended by adding, after the word "district" in the amended. fifth line thereof, the words "unless there be two or more councillors for the district, in which case the municipal council shall appoint one of such councillors to be chairman of the board."

Sec. 39,

4. Section 39 of said Chapter 6 is amended by Sub-section (3), adding to sub-section (3) thereof the following words: amended. "but no privies shall be emptied between the fifteenth day of June and the fifteenth day of September unless by order of the local board or medical health officer."

5. Said Section 39 is further amended by adding Sub-section thereto the following sub-section:—

(4) It shall be the duty of the sanitary inspector, in a district in which the local board or other authority has not made other provision, to attend to the supervision of persons and houses and other places that have been placed under quarantine for contagious disease, and to be assured that all rules and regulations in respect of quarantine are being strictly carried out; and also to carry out the inspection of dairies, creameries, slaughter houses, food shops, vehicles and containers used in the carriage of food stuff, bakeries,

added to
Sec. 39.

Sec. 42, as

amended by

barber shops, laundries, places of amusement and assembly, railway stations and public conveyances, and to be assured that such establishments and places are being conducted in a sanitary manner, and to report any infractions of this Act or regulations made thereunder to the local board.

6. Section 42 of said Chapter 6 as amended by Chap. 72, 1919, Chapter 72, Acts of 1919, is further amended by adding thereto the following words: "whether a general vaccination is ordered or not."



Sec. 43, amended.

Sec. 44, amended.

Sec. 48, repealed; substituted.

7. Section 43 of said Chapter 6 is amended by striking out the word "one" in the first line thereof and substituting therefor the words "medical practitioner."

8. Section 44 of said Chapter 6 is amended by adding thereto the following words: "such declaration of conscientious objection shall be valid for not more than one year from date thereof."

9. Section 48 of said Chapter 6 is repealed and the following section substituted therefor:

"No teacher in any school, whether public or private, shall permit any child to attend at such school until such child has produced either a certificate from a qualified medical practitioner covering one of the following:

(a) that such child has been successfully vaccinated and if the child is over 12 years of age has been revaccinated, unless previous vaccination had been performed within five years;

(b) that the child has proved insusceptible to vaccination;

(c) that by reason of the child's health vaccination is considered inadvisable;

(d) that vaccination is unnecessary on account of having had an attack of smallpox;

or, a declaration made before a stipendiary magistrate or justice of the peace, in the form in the schedule

hereto to the effect that the parent or custodian of the child has conscientious objections to the child being vaccinated. The certificates (b) and (c) of a medical practitioner or the declaration of a conscientious objector shall be valid for one year only; and no teacher shall permit a child, in respect of whom a certificate as in (b) or (c) hereof or a declaration of conscientious objection has been issued or made, to attend school when small pox is present in the school section wherein the child resides.

10. Section 79 of said Chapter 6 is amended by Sub-section adding thereto the following sub-section :

(2) The term "householder" in this section shall be construed to apply to the superintendent or other person in charge of any general or other hospital, asylum, jail or institution of any kind.

added to Sec. 79.

11. Said Chapter 6 is further amended by insert- Sec. added. ing between Sections 76 and 77 thereof the following section:

76a. No person shall maintain or conduct any place in which wild animals are confined for breeding or other purposes except under conditions which in the opinion of the local board are not detrimental to the health and comfort of persons residing in the vicinity of such place.


Sub-sections (2) and

An Act to Amend the Nova Scotia Temperance Act.

(Passed the 29th day of April, A. D., 1922).

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. Sub-sections (2) and (3) of Section 17 of the Nova Sec. 17, repeal-Scotia Temperance Act (1918, c. 8), are hereby reed; substituted pealed and the following substituted:—

8. 8. (1), Sec. 21 (d), Chap. 8,

ed by Sec. 5,

(2) In the City of Halifax, the Board of Vendor Commissioners for Nova Scotia (hereinafter called the Board) may appoint one or more suitable persons to be called Vendors, who shall keep and sell in the City of Halifax such liquors as are required for medicinal, sacramental, mechanical and manufacturing purposes.

2. Sub-section (1) of Section 21 (d) of Chapter 8 1918, as enact- of the Acts of 1918, as enacted by Section 5 of ChapChap. 67, 1920, ter 67, Acts of 1920, is amended by adding thereto the following: "and of the vendors appointed under this Act.”



An Act to Amend the Education Act.

(Passed the 29th day of April, A. D., 1922).

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

The "Education Act," Chapter 9 of the Acts of 1918, is amended:

Sub-section (1), 1. By substituting in Section 51, sub-section (1), seventh line, for the word "twelve" the word "twenty.'

Sec. 51,


2. By substituting in Section 52, sub-section (1), Sub-section (1); fifth line, for the word "at" the word "or.”

Sec. 52,

Sec. 72,

3. By adding to Section 72, sub-section (h), the Sub-section (h).. words, "and of sending representatives to any conven- amended. tion authorized under a regulation of the Council."


4. By substituting in the second line of Section 116 Sec. 116, for the amount "$600.00" the amount "$1000."

5. By substituting for Sub-section (1) of Section Sub-section (1), 121 the following:

121. (1) Every board and the trustees of every school section shall, before the first day of September, in every year, ascertain the name and age of every child or person from the age of four years to eighteen years residing in the school section, and the name of the parent of person, and the address, and enter the same in a book to be kept of record.

Sec. 121,


6. By substituting for Section 138 the following: Sec. 188,"

138. (1) No child under the age of sixteen years shall be allowed or permitted by any person to labour in any business whatever or street trade, nor accompany any person engaged in any street trade during the hours from nine o'clock in the morning until halfpast three in the afternoon of any school day, unless such child delivers to the employer or has in his possession a certificate signed by the principal, or secretary of the board, or a certificate signed by the principal that such child has passed a satisfactory examination in grade seven of common school work.

(2) Every person who allows or permits any child or any person engaged in any street trade who allows or permits a child to accompany him contrary to the provisions of this section shall for each offence be liable to a penalty of not less than ten dollars nor more than fifty dollars, and in default of payment to imprisonment for not more than one month.


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