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13th J' Dunn scamper'd to Wilmington. I sifted ashes on the floor of the entry or feed room of the new stable to fill up the cracks of the upper coat of mortar and tramp'd the whole.

15 Johnny Dunne play'd one of his usual tricks. wish'd him to whitewash what M' had plaister'd of the horse stable-he walked off silently to Wilmington or else where. I start for W' Chester.

October ist
Dressing my legs took up a great part of my morning.

5th Whilst Granny Donlevy was on her trip to see the new stable-next Christmas, if God gives her life, she will have completed her 107th year; in the stable she would go up on the loft, I opposed the attempt, as there was no way of going up but by a common ladder 14 or 15 feet long—all in vain she would be up, & I was astonish'd with what ease she ascended, & with the same facility, even swiftness, she descended.

15th M. at Mrs. Noel's—passage to Phil. in steam boat 1.00. two thousand segars from J" Gartland $3.00–

16th M. in St Joseph's my first view of it's enlargement-well done--M. for J" Gartland's relatives—passage home 1.00.

20th On board the steam boat at 4 a. m. & started—was in Philo at 38 minutes after 7. a. m.

21st Sunday M. int of M" Thomas—Heart rending work by W" Hogan doubly excommunicated-1" by Bishop Conwell who empower'd Bishop England to take off the 1" excommunication on

condition of Hogan's leaving Phil", & becoming a subject of Bishop England's of Charleston South Carolina, all this Hogan engaged to do under his own signature—but, this morning, instead of complying with his written engagements, he went & officiated in St Mary's—whereupon Bishop England excommunicated him as a subject of Charleston Diocess, & Bishop Conwell's excommunication revives

22d This day Hogan was obliged to give in security to the Mayor's court required on Friday last for assault & battery, in 500 Dollars & Hannan in 200 dols

November 2d I saw this long time past Mich'' discontent, this day he sent Peter to me to let me know that he would not put up my pigs to fatten. Peter & I put them up, my trust is in God. The man may cool & see his error

loth Cap' Stephen Rickard came in the steam boat from Phil“ accompanied by a Mr Ja' Murphy from Dublin who brought me a letter from my worthy friend Rev. Peter Kenny. We are all at J" M'Carton's

12th Cap' Stephen Rickard, Ja' Murphy & I started after an early breakfast for Wilm", in at 8 a. m. tolls 20°, on board the steam boat. passage for myself & Dosinthé Dillaway a Trappist return'd from France $2.00. Dined on board the Brig Jane

13th M. in St Joseph's S' of Peter Brady

14th M. S' of Isabella Parmentier Ō p. at St Joseph's

21st James Oheltree came to assess return made of 160 to 170 acres of land-he took down 160-whereof 35 acres more or less are woodland-or unimproved—3 horses above 3

years old-2 colts 6 months old—3 cows above 3 y" old—I two year old heifer-1 yoke of oxen 3 years old—3 shoats weighing an average 2016 more or less.

26th As I got off B”. Lass in the yard at Coffee Run I wish'd to clean her cracked heel of the road mud with a sweeping brush when she lash'd at me, & only for the superintending mercy of Divine Providence would have broken my two legs-the two cocks of one shoe hit me on the inside of the knee near the joint or cap of the left leg, the sore one-& I cock of the other shoe glanced off on the outside of my right leg--this was by far the sorer wound-but the kick was nearly spent when her heels reach'd me- Great agony for two hours, when by applying cloths dipp'd in vinegar & whiskey the pain deaden'd. “The Lord keepeth all my bones, not one of them was broken. Psalm 33. verse 21.

27th Can walk without much pain

28th Legs very sore-obliged to remain in bed until 2 p. m. ..

29th Right leg festering—M' put a botched handle in my new cast steel axe

30th M. in hon. of St Andrew Ap. to return thanks to Almigh' God for the miraculous preservation of my limbs

December 31st M. to return God thanks for all adversities & prosperities of this year.

I took away the encumbrance of the stove from our little church, & set it up with old Granny Dunlevy now in her 108th year-settled it completely- As those who subscribed to it in 1812 & the succeeding congregations would not subscribe to furnish wood for it, & as I could not supply them, there were no more than 2 or three fires ever put in it-of course it took up place uselessly-& I notified in the beginning

of last summer that I was ready to return the subscriptions to all whom I invited to call. It is indebted to me 5 or 6 dol' in the purchase, in the dear time of the first months of the late war.

Uni trinoque Deo sit sempiterna laus, honor et Gloria-Amen


Jany. with Ther. in my study room this morning 20°, intense cold all day-wrote letters to Rev. Will" Taylor Boston & to R' Rev. Bishop H. Conwell

12th My freedom pass on this turupike expired on the gth of this month 2 years for the damages done on my place by the making of the road by Tho' Maguire and his men. muted this day until the end of Dec' next with the board per Ja' Canby to whom I paid five dollars myself and horse during that time to go free- Poor André Noel not expected to liveMarie Charlot with Laurette since 9h inst. Lyse also came to her this day. Ord' 1 M for the s' of her daughter JennyPaid Post office quarterly bill 97/100-on the 7th ins' Luckily I fell in with Dennis MoCreedy on his return from Blackbird and gave him M' E. I. Dupont's check on the Bank of Delaware dated Dec' 201821 to get a bill of exchange to be forwarded to Rev Peter O'Neill for the heirs of late David Flynn,-Killed at the great explosion of the powder mills, amounting to $98..95/100 given to me a few days ago by W" Martin.

13th Sunday M. Wilmington ppo-$10.00—2 m. Barny McCan's int. I M. S' of Ja' Fox-1 M. int. of M" Gegan or old pk Brady's md daughter

Bishop Conwell sent me a directory, yesterday by Marie Charlot

14th Amazing cold. Ther. in the morning at sun up 18° in my study

19th I start for Wilm" to visit And" Noel very ill. Horse at P. Higgins's

20th Sunday. M. at Mrs Noel's at whose house all vestments & linnens are kept. I went up this morning at 15 minutes after 7 & at 12 after 7. a. m. worthy Andrew Noel breathed his last. omnibus Ecclesiae auxiliis fulcitus-M. immediately for the repose of his soul

21st M. S' of Isab. Parmentier-went to Wilmington to the once valuable André Noel's funeral-started from his late dwelling at 11. a. m. funeral ceremony over here in Coffee Run, & wid. Noel, family & friends all set out for Wilm" on their return home at half past one p. m.

The number of coaches, Gigs, & persons on horseback testified how much this worthy black nian was esteem'd-I hope this esteem was but shadow, in comparison of the value set on his soul by his Creator-his uniform, regular, & edifying religious deportment was the pure source from whence originated this public testimony of respect for mortal remains

24th M. S' of Rev. John Taaffe, confessor of the Bastile, Paris, in Louis XVI this time. very hard frost. Tirer. in my study room, this morning, where a regular midling good fire is kept, at 20°

January 26th At M Victor Dupont's last night. I was greatly distressed yesterday in endeavoring to get my mare Empress to cross Brandywine at a fording place below Carter's factory—the edges of the creek frozen, & broke in as the horse would attempt to step forward, then would plunge backward & sideways-succeeded at last-started for Judge Willcox's & was more distress'd crossing Chester Creek where a pass was open, but full of broken ice

February 23d Start about 8 a. m. for Concord—take Peter on spot for timothy seed, about redclay creek bridge, overtook Tho' Graves who inform'd me that Brandywine bridge had been

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