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Rev. A. D. Filan, from December 6, 1863, till October 5, 1865.

Rev. Gerhard W. Wallmyer, from August 18, 1864, till February 19 1865.

Rev. George Bornemann, from July 10, 1865, till May 2, 1866.
Rev. J. McHugh, from October 22, 1865, till December 10, 1865.
Rev. John Wall, from December 24, 1865, till April 25, 1867.
Rev. B. Baumeister, from May 27, 1866, till December 9, 1866.
Rev. S. S. Mattingly, from February 2, 1867, till June 7, 1868.
Rev. A. D. Filan, from May 26, 1867, till October 27, 1867.
Rev. M. A. Mullen, from December 8, 1867, till May 18, 1868.
Rev. John Wall, from November 24, 1867, made three entries.
Rev. J. J. McElroy, from May 31, 1868, till November 22, 1868.
Rev. Daniel McDermott, from July 12, 1868, till September 27, 1868.
Rev. Peter C. McEnroe, from December 6, 1868, till March 21, 1869.
Rev. A. J. Gallagher, from December 16, 1868, till June 28, 1874.
Rev. J. J. McElroy, from March 31, 1869, till April 9, 1871.
Rev. L. J. Wall, from May 14, 1871, till February 21, 1872.
Rev. M. A. Kelley, from April 28, 1872, till October 27, 1872.
Rev. W. A. Power, from November 24, 1872, till March 16, 1873.
Rev. P. J. Daily, from May 18, 1873, till October 22, 1876.

Rev. John A. Wagner, from July 26, 1874; continued until after death of Father Carter.

Rev. S. B. Spalding, from November 5, 1876, till December 29, 1878. Rev. A. D. Filan, from January 5, 1879.

Confirmations in the Assumption Church under Father Carter's pastorate :

1850, October 27th, by Bishop Kenrick, 40 persons.
1856, May lith, by Bishop Neumann, 81 persons.
1857, May 24th, by Bishop Wood, 50 persons.
1859, June 6th, by Bishop Neumann, 120 persons.
1860, February 12th. by Bishop Wood, 2 persons.
1861, May 12th, by Bishop Wood, 81 persons.
1863, May 17th, by Bishop Wood, 131 persons.
1866, April 22d, by Bishop Wood, 88 persons.
1868, October 29th, by Bishop Wood, 223 persons.
1870, November 20th, by Bishop Wood, 123 persons.
1873, October 10th, by Bishop O'Hara, 169 persons.
1875, June 20th, by Bishop O'Hara, 105 persons.
1878, June 16th, by Bishop O'Hara, 164 persons.

On March 3, 1850, a meeting of the people of the Assumption was held. Francis Cooper presided, Mr. D. E. Brady acted as secretary. Father Carter made a statement of the expenditures and receipts and informed the meeting that the debt standing was $11,000 and that $5,000 was needed to meet the pressing bills of the contractors. He was requested by the meeting to call for all unpaid subscriptions and also to ask the pastors of the other churches permission to make an appeal for assistance. It was resolved to have a collection taken up in the parish on St. Patrick's day.

April 14, 1850, the second Sunday after Easter, a spiritual retreat was opened in the Assumption by Rev. John McElroy, S. J. Bishop Kenrick gave the instruction in the evening. The retreat closed on Sunday, April 21st.

On June 15, 1851, a meeting was held in the church of the Assumption for the purpose of erecting a school-house.

The Hon. Joseph R. Chandler was in the chair. Addresses were made by Father Carter, Father Rafferty and Father Sourin. A committee on subscriptions was appointed.

On October 19th of this year Father Carter was one of a committee appointed to draft resolutions on the translation of Bishop Kenrick to the see of Baltimore.

Father Carter opened his school for the parish in 1852. The collections for its support are, viz. :

1853 Sept. 5th, all amounts collected for year $2,013.28
1854 Sept. ist

(During this year he had six Christian Brothers.)
1855 Sept. Ist all collections for year $1,716.50


1,208.00 1858

1,078.00 1859

1,014.00 1860

906.00 1861

963.00 1962

1,112.36 1863

1,037.50 1864

980.38 1865

I, 103.00 1866

1,052.50 1867

1,113.32 1868

1,366.32 1853 Pew-rept account. The pew No. I east aisle rented to Fletcher Wilson.

Pew No. 8 to Pierce Archer.
Pew No. 41 to Michael Cody.



Pew No. 37 to George Moore.
East Aisle 48 Pews. 32 rented
West Aisle 48 Pews. 30
Middle Aisle 46 Pews. 21 rented
East Gallery 4 Pews
West Gallery 4 Pews

Father Carter opened the Forty Hours Devotion in the church of the Assumption on September 17, 1853. Dr. Moriarty, 0. S. A., preached in the evening.

On September 5th of this year the parish school in charge of the Christian Brothers started with one hundred boys. His intention was to have a girls' school as soon as funds could be procured for the purpose.

The first sodality was instituted at the Assumption on December 24, 1854.

The decree of institution bore the signature of “ Petrus Beckx, S. J. Praepositus Generalis, and Bonaventura Beneti Secretis."

In February of this year Father Carter donated $100 to the cathedral fund.

On January 29, 1856, Father Carter, in writing to Mr. Mark A. Frenaye, spoke of his venerable old age and his valuable services to the diocese.

He requests him to make out separate and special statements of all diocesan accounts, viz., of all amounts of deposits at 5 and 6 per cent., also of all amounts on hand to meet these deposits, that all may see how the bishop stands. Of the cemetery accounts, its costs and expenses, also cost of the cathedral, amounts collected during your time, also amounts you paid for the cathedral since the bisliop or Mr. Waldron have kept the books. Also statement of seminary account, also the bishop's account.

All to be done in a clear manner so that we can all understand. You are getting very old and may die

and all would be in confusion and we may never get another Frenaye who will be as good as the old one.”

September 11, 1859, the church was consecrated by Bishop Neumann. High Mass was celebrated by Bishop Wood.

Bishop Spalding of Louisville preached. Bishop Miles being present with Rev. J. B. Hutchins, of Lebanon, Ky., Rev. George Strobel, Rev. Bernard Keenan and Father Holzer.

In the evening Bishop Spalding gave a lecture.

The church had been refitted and decorated before consecration at a cost of about $12,000.

In 1860 Bishop Neumann appointed Father Carter vicargeneral.

The only baptismal entry that is recorded by Father Carter with any special mention is that of Enriqueta Monica Cabello, baptized on September 20, 1861. The entry reads :

“On Sept. 20th, 1861, I baptized Enriqueta Monica Cabello born 4th day of May 1861 being the legitimate daughter and of the legitimate marriage of Don Felix Cabello de Samano a native of Spain, Province of Santander, Jurisdiction of Cayon, and the Dona Luisa Ebrentz y Collins, a native of New York, U. S. A., and its paternal grandparents being Don Jose Antonio, and Dona Antonia of Spain and the maternal grandparents being Don Luis and Dona Enriqueta, the former a native of Spain and the latter of the United States of America. Don Jose Vincente Cabello and Dona Antonia Cabello being Godfather and mother, whom I informed of the parentage they had contracted and the duties they owed towards their goddaughter.

C. I. H. CARTER, Pastor of the Assumption.

Father Carter established the “Sisters of the Holy Child” at Sharon Hill, Pa. The sisters came from England and had endeavored to locate at Towanda, Pa. Their efforts were not successful until Father Carter secured for them property at Sharon Hill. In this work he used much of his private means.

As long as he lived he was solicitous for their welfare. His body is buried in a vault erected on the grounds of the convent at Sharon Hill.

October 6, 1864, a concert was given for the benefit of the orphans of deceased soldiers and the poor of the parish of the church of the Assumption, in Concert Hall, under the direction of Thomas E. Harkins, Prof. William A. Newland, accompanist. The names of the singers bring back the

memory of those who figured in the choirs of the day: Mr. Philip Moore, Mr. Samuel Budd, Prof. Droughman, Miss Ellie McCaffrey, Miss Josephine O'Connell, Miss Louisa Soliday, Mr. B. Allebach, Mr. Daniel McIntyre.

(From old programme in possession of the writer.)

October 30, 1865, a grand concert was given for the benefit of the poor of the Assumption. Thomas E. Harkins, director ; Prof. William E. Newland, pianist; Mr. William Burns, organist. We see the names of Madam Frances Zahn, Mr. Thomas Prestwick, Miss Orlina Cummington, Madam Jenny Kempton, Madam Henrietta Belirens, Mr. William Probasco and Mr. Paul Berger.

(From old programme in possession of the writer.)

Sept. 22, 1867, Pope Pius IX. grants the petition for the privileged altar for the church of the Assumption. The pastor, Rev. Charles I. H. Carter petitioner.



July 19, 1868, Father Carter preached the sermon on the occasion of the laying of the corner-stone of the church of St. Charles, Philadelphia.

October 19, 1869, Father Carter was made administrator ad int. by Bishop Wood, to act during his absence at Rome, where he went to attend the Council.

The following are some of his acts as administrator :

1870, he issued the Lenten regulation for the diocese on February 16th.

March 20th be ordered the seminary reports to be read.

April 5th he issued the invitations to the reception of Bishop Wood,

April 7th, reception to Bishop Wood, who relieves him of the duties of administrator.

1879. The last appearance of Father Carter on the records at his church was August 25th, in the marriage register. His last baptism was that of Laura Mary Harrington Duncan, an adult, on March 7th and is numbered 4,199.

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