Constable to Delacroix: British Art and the French Romantics

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Exquisitely illustrated with masterpieces of the Romantic period--from Gericault's monumental Raft of the Medusa to Paul Delaroche's haunting Execution of Lady Jane Grey to well-loved landscapes by Turner and Constable--this fascinating study is the first to explore the profound influence of English painting on French art of the early 19th century. Published to accompany a major international exhibition, Crossing the Channel documents the artistic exchange between France and Britain in the two decades between the Bourbon Restoration of 1815 and the accession of Queen Victoria. Artists from both countries crisscrossed the channel ; British artists contributed works to French salons, shared studios with French artists, and established themselves as drawing masters to the French aristocracy. All the major French and British artists of the day, including Corot, Delacroix, and ingres, are represented in this important new book.

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