Queerly Canadian: An Introductory Reader in Sexuality Studies

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Maureen FitzGerald, Scott Rayter
Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2012 - 616 halaman
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In this remarkable and comprehensive anthology, many of Canada's leading sexuality studies scholars examine the fundamental role that sexuality has played -- and continues to play -- in the building of our nation, and in our national narratives, myths, and anxieties about Canadian identity.

Covering both historical and contemporary perspectives on law and criminal justice, organizing and resistance, health and medicine, labour, education, marriage and family, sport, popular and youth culture, and visual media, these essays also integrate marginalities such as race, class, and gender. This massive interdisciplinary collection is essential for the Canadian sexuality studies classroom, and for anyone interested in the mythologies and realities of queer life in Canada.

  • explores the role of the state in regulating sexuality and constructing citizenship as well activist strategies of resistance
  • offers a unique Canadian perspective on queer history and politics, discussing topics such as RCMP surveillance, abuse in residential schools, and the "problem" of Canadian identity
  • adopts an interdisciplinary approach, with contributors from the fields of gender and sexuality studies, sociology, history, criminology, political science, cultural studies, health studies, and education, as well as chapters by professionals, artists, and activists

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Maureen Fitzgerald is former director of the Sexual Diversity Studies Undergraduate Program at University of Toronto. A former editor at Women's Press, she has also taught for 30 years in the Transitional Year Program at the University of Toronto.

Scott Rayter is the Associate Director of the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, where he also teaches in the Department of English.

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