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3. If there be a remainder, suppose it be as many tens, and prefixed to the next figure of the dividend, and then inspect and obtain a second quotient figure.

4. Proceed in this way through all the figures of the dividend; Thus: Suppose the dividend to be 3426, and the divisor 6.


571 Quotient. As the proof of Multiplication is by Division, so the proof of Division is best obtained by Multiplication.

Multiply the quotient by the divisor, add in the remainder, if any, and the product will be equal to the dividend. Thus:

571 the Quotient.

6 the Divisor.

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Product 3426 Proof,


The ninth part of speech. The ninth part of speech is the Preposition. This part of speech also joins words and phrases and points out the relation that subsists between them. Prepositions are likewise small words or particles, such as by, with, to, from, of, on, at, in, &c. and they are applied,

Thus: John went from Boston to Salem, in a stage on the turn-pike. Ann walked from the green, by the Park on thė left to Chatham.

Obs. Although the Preposition joins words, fc. like the conjunction, yet you can tell the preposition because it shows a relation which the legitimate conjunction does not.

SPELLING.LESSON 9. dē-vēst' e-mit'

fore-àrm' forth-withi' dē-vòid' ē-něrve' fore-bode' frēē-will dē-võte ē-räse

fore-dôôm' glö-böse' dē-yòûr ē-rõde fồre-gõ grē-nāde' dē-vòût' ē-stāte' före-rūn' hỡre-it ē-lăpse' ē-stēēm' fore-sēē hēre-in', ē-lāte' ē-vāde' före-spěnt' ē-lide' e-vent' fore-tāste' hēre-on e-lõpe ē-věrse före-think' here-willi ē-lūde' ē-vērt'

fore-wârn' ho-těl e-lute' fo-měnt' fore-wish' lē-vănt'



Time and the Child.
1. Time', come and tell this little child',

That you are on the wing';
Bid him be up, and then enjoy

The roses of the spring'.
2. Come, bid this child be early wise',

And use his mental pow'rs';
To lift his thoughts above the skies',

Nor lounge away his hours'.
3. Child', catch the moments as they ily',

And rightly use your prime';
Before your morning sun goes down',
Remember, I am Time!

DIVISION.LESSON 11. (1) Divide 23143 by 4.

(2) 621342 by 3. (3) Divide 532461 by 5. (4) 56261 by 6. (5) Divide 7382921 by 6 (6) 8725163 by 7. (7) Divide 861262 by 8.

(8) 365321 by 9. (9) Divide 756238 by 12. (10) 789106 by 11.

OBs. To divide any sum by 10, merely cut off the right hanã figure, and call it a remainder; to divide by 100, cut off to figures, by 1000, cut of three figures, fc.


The tenth part of speech. The tenth and last part of speech is the Interjection. The use of this class of words, is to express an emotion of the mind, indicative of joy, grief, fear, &c. and it is generally followed by the exclamation point; as: oh! ah! alas ! &c. There are but few interjections in the language. You will know them from all the other parts of speech, for they indicate an emotion of the mind, and are followed by the point exclusively appropriated to them.

SPELLING.-LESSON 13. mo-lést O-pine po-māde

pre-påre" no-rel pā-rāde

post-häste' pré-pěnse mo-rosc plã-tôn

post-pone 3-miť po-lite



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When the divisor is 13 or more, it is said to be long disision, for then the quotient is placed to the right of the dividend, and the process is conducted at length by Multiplication and Subtraction.

Rule. 1. Place the given terms as in short division, and find how often the divisor will go in the left hand figure or figures of the dividend, and place the result on the right, belaind a curved line.

2. Multiply the divisor by the said result, and place the product under that part of the dividend to which the divisor was applied, and subtract.

3. To the remainder, bring down the next figure of the dividend, and see how often the divisor will go, and place this in the quotient.

4. Then multiply and subtract as before, and thus continue through all the figures of the dividend. The proof is by Multiplication. Thus: (11) Divide 732 by 84, and prove the operation. 34)732(21 Quotient.

21+18 68


52 34

Ans. 21-+-18.

92 64

18 Remainder.

732 Proof. (12) Divide 63452 by 23.

(13) Divide 34157 by 19. (14) “ 532681 by 17.


53769 by 26. (16) " 6123567 by 33. (17)

82592 by 55. (18) 66 1625946 by 122. (19) 31245673 by 174. (20) " 87234562 by 346. (21) “ 6298746738 by 62345.

GRAMMAR.--LESSON 16. The Parts of speech, as they occur in order, may be rendered more distinct by referring each, in a concise manner, to the office which it performs. Thus:

1. Noun, a name, and an agent or an object. 2. Article, a limiter, that refers to the noun in limitation.

3. Verb, the act of the agent to which it refers in number and

person. 4. Pronoun, in the place of the noun, to which it refers in relation.

5. Adjective, an appendage to the noun, expressing quality or property

6. Participle, combines the properties of Verb and Adjective, and known by its peculiar termination.

7. Adverb, an appendage to the Verb, expressing manner. 8. Conjunction, a connective participle joining words, &c.

9. Preposition, a connective participle, expressing relation and referring to nouns.

10. Interjection, a particle with its appropriate point, expressing an emotion of the mind, indicative of joy, grief, &c,


rē-grět re-lume' rē-morse' rē-gård' rē-jdin' rē-mănd' ré-möte ré-grăft' rē-lapse rē-mark' ré-mount' rē-grănt rē-lăte' rē-mind'

ré-past' ré-grēēt'

rē-lent' re-init rē-pěl



rē-pěnt ré-spond rē-věrse sẽ dầu ré-pine' rē-stěm' ré-věrtse-dāte re-plāte rē-store' rē-yest' sē-rēne ré-plēte' rē-tāke' re-vile

sē-vēre rē-port' rē-tàrd' rë-vive' sū-perb rē-print rē-tire' rē-vöke' sū-pine ' ré-proof rē-told


rë-pulse rē-tòri' ré-wârd' trẻ-păn
rē-wârd' rē-türn' rô-bust vē-nēēr
ré-send' rē-vēre' ro-tund' y-lute?

To the child that reads this lesson.
1. Gay is your morn"; and smiling hope

Your sprightly steps attend';
But soon life's tempests howl behind',

And life's dark nights descend'.
2. Behind its spelndid noon', a cloud',

Crosses your beam of light';
A pilgrim in a desert land,

You tarry but a night'.
3. And stinted are the days that fly',

Successive o'er your head';
The number'd hour is on the wing',

That lays you with the dead".
4. Then strive, my child, to know the Lord';

Your father's God obey';
Ile 'll keep you through life's troubļd nighat',
And bring you endless day

DIVISION.--LESSON 19. It some times happens that the divisor has one or more cyphers on the right; these may be cut off, provided as many figures at the right of the dividend be cut off also. These, in the end, must be added to the remainder. Thus: 21. Divide 146340 by 5400.

54 | 00)1463 | 40(27 quotient.

106 363 378

540- Remainder. 54X27+-540=146340. Proof.

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