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HÉ following Papers
contain an Account

of Men Eminent in different Ages, for adorn


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ing their Native Language with the Charms of Poetry, and who now appear in a Body before Your Lordship, as One who can best distinguish their several Claims and Merits. They come to You both as to their Patron and their Judge, as well to Protect their Names with the generous Spirit of an Englis Nobleman, as to Determine their Shares of that Reversionary Fame they expected from their Writings, by one unquestiona

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ble Test, the Pleasing an Author of Your Taste and Genius.

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ÆNEAS in VIRGIL is made to look with Joy on the Heroes of his Family, who were to pass into the World, and do Honour to his Name; Your Lordship, from this backward View of Your Predecessors in Poetry, may receive a Pleafure of another kind: The Line of Rome began with Him, the Line of Drama


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receiv’d the Applauses of iv The Dedication. tick Poets is crown'd and compleated in You:

This alone, my Lord, will justify me to the World, in imploring Your Patronage for a Work of this Nature. For whose Name could I fo properly prefix to this Performance, as the Only Nobleman, now living, a Dramatick Poet? Your Lordship’s Reputation in that Way we may now reckon Standard, since it has


the greatest Wits of the last Age: Thus while You enjoy the Praises of the best Dead Authors, You are above the Censure and Envy of the Living ; for he who dares appeal from Mr. Waller and Mr. Drydeni; must first Diminish their Fame before he can Injure Your Lordship’s.

Your Lordship, I am sure, is as unwilling I should, as I know my self unable to attempt your Character.


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