The Documentary History of the State of New-York: Arranged Under Direction of the Hon. Christopher Morgan, Secretary of State, Volume 1

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Weed, Parsons & Company, public printers, 1849

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Wonderful four volume set with lots of maps and reproductions of historical documents, including lengthy excerpts from descriptions of early wars with the Indians, and French. Baca ulasan lengkap

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Halaman 643 - WE do therefore hereby farther ordain, that from and after the Date hereof, no Mill or other Engine for Slitting or Rolling of Iron, or any Plating Forge to work with a Tilt-Hammer, or any Furnace for making Steel...
Halaman 657 - Council declaring the western banks of the River Connecticut from where it enters the province of the Massachusetts Bay as far as the forty fifth degree of northern Latitude to be the boundary line between the two provinces of New Hampshire and New York.* 10th April 1765 No.
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Halaman 538 - Equity of each and every of us of in or to the same or any part thereof To HAVE AND TO HOLD the...
Halaman 643 - Excellency the Honourable GEORGE CLINTON, Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Province of New York, and Territories thereon depending in America, Vice Admiral of the same, and Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty's Fleet.
Halaman 181 - ... our Rum doth as little hurt as your Brandy and in the opinion of Christians is much more wholesome ; however, to keep the Indians temperate and sober is a very good and Christian performance, but to prohibit them all strong liquors seems a little hard and very turkish.
Halaman 589 - Amsterdam in the merry month of June, the sweetest month in all the year, when Dan Apollo seems to dance up the transparent...
Halaman 416 - Indians subject to the dominion of Great Britain, nor to the other natives of America who are friends to the same. In like manner the subjects of Great Britain shall behave themselves peaceably towards the Americans who are subjects or friends to France ; and on both sides they shall enjoy full liberty of going and coming on account of trade.
Halaman 653 - CAPTAIN GENERAL AND GOVERNOR IN CHIEF IN AND OVER THE PROVINCE OF NEW YORK and the territories depending thereon in America...

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