Memoirs of the Court of England During the Reign of the Stuarts: Including the Protectorate, Volume 4

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Halaman 105 - Following his Majesty this morning through the gallery, I went with the few who attended him, into the Duchess of Portsmouth's dressing-room within her bed-chamber, where she was in her morning loose garment, her maids combing her, newly out of her bed, his Majesty and the gallants standing about her...
Halaman 264 - Sedley has that prevailing gentle art, That can with a resistless charm impart The loosest wishes to the chastest heart : Raise such a conflict, kindle such a fire, Between declining virtue and desire, Till the poor vanquish'd maid dissolves away In dreams all night, in sighs and tears all day*.
Halaman 16 - And, like the sun, the promised land surveys. Fame runs before him as the morning star, And shouts of joy salute him from afar ; Each house receives him as a guardian god And consecrates the place of his abode. But hospitable treats did most commend Wise Issachar, his wealthy western friend.
Halaman 387 - England are sufficient to make the king as great a monarch as I can wish ; and as I shall never depart from the just rights and prerogatives of the crown, so I shall never invade any man's property. I have often heretofore ventured my life in defence of the nation, and I shall still go as far as any man in preserving it in all its just rights and liberties.
Halaman 162 - To pass our tedious hours away, We throw a merry main ; Or else at serious ombre play ; But why should we in vain Each other's ruin thus pursue ? We were undone when we left you. With a fa la, la la, la la.
Halaman 325 - Stephen Marshall's, the great Presbyterian's daughters; and that Nelly and Beck Marshall falling out the other day, the latter called the other my Lord Buckhurst's mistress. Nell answered her, " I was but one man's mistress, though I was brought up in a brothel to fill strong water to the gentlemen; and you are a mistress to three or four, though a Presbyter's praying daughter.
Halaman 89 - she was a woman of great beauty, but most enormously vicious and ravenous; foolish, but imperious ; very uneasy to the King, and always carrying on intrigues with other men, while yet she pretended she was jealous of him.
Halaman 332 - To Westminster; in the way meeting many milkmaids with their garlands upon their pails, dancing with a fiddler before them ; and saw pretty Nelly standing at her lodgings' door in Drury-lane in her smock sleeves and bodice, looking upon one : she seemed a mighty pretty creature.
Halaman 306 - Konigsmark's chief instrument in the murder of Mr. Thynne, that the Scheme of Salvation has been arranged with an especial eye to the necessities of the upper classes, and that " God would consider a gentleman and deal with him suitably to the condition and profession he had placed him in ? " It may be said of us all, Exemplo plus quam ratione vivimus.
Halaman 188 - Fanshawe to enter into another course of life; adding that he (Mr. F.) knew him to be his friend; that he never was more so than at this time; and "sir," said he, "to use a Scripture expression, I am not mad, but speak the words of truth and soberness.

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