The tariff question considered in regard to the policy of England and the interests of the United States

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Little, Brown, 1862 - 242 halaman

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Halaman 149 - No lower rate or amount of duty shall be levied, collected, and paid on brandy, spirits, and other spirituous beverages than that fixed by law for the description of first proof ; but it shall be increased in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of first proof...
Halaman 160 - White Clayed Sugar or Sugar rendered by any Process equal in Quality to White Clayed, not being Refined, or equal in Quality to Refined.
Halaman 170 - Upon other Refined Sugar in Loaf, complete and whole, or Lumps duly refined, having been perfectly clarified and thoroughly dried in the Stove, and being of an uniform Whiteness throughout, or such Sugar pounded, crushed, or broken, or Sugar Candy, for every Cwt.
Halaman 159 - Manufactures of silk, or of silk and any other materials, and articles of the same, wholly or partially made up, not particularly enumerated, or otherwise charged with duty, for every 100 value...
Halaman 156 - Blubber, Spermaceti Oil, and Head Matter, the Produce of Fish or Creatures living in the Sea, caught by the Crews of British Vessels, and imported direct from the Fishery or from any British Possession in a British Vessel. Oil —Seed Oils ; viz. Hempseed. Linseed. Rapeseed. Walnut Seed, unenumerated. Oil Seed Cake. Olibanum. Olive Wood. Orange Peel and Lemon Peel. Ore, unenumerated. Orchal. Orpiment. Orris Root. Painters Colours, unenumerated, unmanufactured.
Halaman 148 - ... goods, shawls, and other manufactures of silk and worsted, manufactures of silk, or of which silk shall be the component material of chief value, coming from this side of the Cape of Good Hope, except sewing silk.
Halaman 7 - This night you .will select the motto which is to indicate the commercial policy of England. Shall it be "advance
Halaman 8 - Petersburg, and will soon bring us within ten days of New York. We have an extent of coast greater in proportion to our population and the area of our land than any other great nation, securing to us maritime strength and superiority. Iron and coal, the sinews of manufacture, give us advantages over every rival in the great competition of industry. Our capital far exceeds that which they can command. In ingenuity, in skill, in energy we are inferior to none.

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