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Report of the Commission

Commemoration of the Signing of the Constitution .

Address of Honorable Sol Bloom at the Tomb of Washington

Address of Honorable Sol Bloom at the Shrine of the Constitution

Address of President Roosevelt at the Sylvan Theater

Address of Senator William E. Borah at Constitution Hall

Commemoration of the Ratification of the Constitution

Address of Honorable Sol Bloom at Independence Hall

Observance of the Sesquicentennial of the Congress

Address of Speaker William B. Bankhead

Address of Senator Key Pittman .

Address of Senator Alben W. Barkley

Address of Chief Justice Charles E. Hughes

Address of President Roosevelt

Members of the First and Seventy-sixth Congresses .

Mount Vernon Exercises in Honor of Washington's Notification of

Election as President

Address of Regent Mrs. Horace Mann Towner

Reading by Honorable Sol Bloom .

Address of President Roosevelt

Memorial Celebration at New York World's Fair

Address of President Roosevelt

Address of Governor Herbert H. Lehman

Address of Mayor F. H. LaGuardia

Address of Sir Louis Beale, British Commissioner General

Address of Honorable Grover A. Whalen, President, New York

World's Fair.

Address of Governor Lehman at the Washington Statue.

Report on the Ceremonies

Observance of the Sesquicentennial of the Supreme Court

Address of Attorney General Robert H. Jackson

Address of Honorable Charles A. Beardsley, President, American Bar


Address of Chief Justice Charles E. Hughes

Address of Senator Charles A. Hatch

Address of Senator Warren R. Austin.

Address of Representative Ulysses S. Guyer

Address of Representative Hatton W. Sumners.

List of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States

High Courts of the World

The Man who engrossed the Constitution .

Catalogue of the Loan Exhibit of Portraits.

Constitution Cartoons



Sol Bloom


This STORY OF THE CONSTITUTION was the chief publication of the Commission during the Celebration and about 700,000 copies of it have been distributed. It is reprinted here for more permanent record and as an important part of the History of the Formation of the Union, as well as an exposition of the principles of the Constitution. It is dedicated to "We the People”—to the 131,000,000 who desire to know something about the Constitution, and to have it told to them in such a way that they can understand what it is all about. It tries to reach the millions who are not judges or lawyers or professors or historians or otherwise trained in a knowledge of the Constitution which governs the daily lives of all of us. It is a book for the people. Accordingly, it tells briefly the origins of our country, and what the steps were that led up to the formation of the Constitution. Having told how and why the national government came about, the book tells what the Constitution stands for, its principles and the means by which it operates.

The original edition carried an exact reprint of the Constitution and amendments, and of other great public papers. These are in the present book transferred to the section on Liberty Documents. Other features are intended to promote through various means-alphabetical analysis, portraits and sketches of the signers, tables, short articles, maps, and questions and answers-an understanding of constitutional history.

This book was planned and edited by the Director General, and prepared by and under the more immediate supervision of the Historian of the Commission, David M. Matteson. Other workers upon the book, who prepared various portions of it, are Mr. Ira E. Bennett, Dr. John C. Fitzpatrick, and Mr. Charles A. Cusick. Accuracy as to all facts and dates has been a constant aim in the publication, and especially of literal exactness in the reprint of the original documents. It is believed that the care which has been taken in these matters justifies a claim of unusual correctness.


Director General.

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