Railroad Consolidation and Employee Welfare: Letter from the Board of Investigation and Research Transmitting a Report on Railroad Consolidation and Employee Welfare

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1945 - 43 halaman

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Halaman 15 - In its order of approval the Commission shall include terms and conditions providing that during the period of four years from the effective date of such order such transaction will not result in employees of the carrier or carriers by railroad affected by such order being in a worse position with respect to their employment, except that the protection afforded to any employee pursuant to this sentence shall not be required to continue for a longer period following the effective date of such order...
Halaman 15 - As a condition of its approval, under this paragraph (2), of any transaction involving a carrier or carriers by railroad subject to the provisions of this part, the Commission shall require a fair and equitable arrangement to protect the interests of the railroad employees affected.
Halaman 7 - May, 1933; nor shall any employee in such service be deprived of employment such as he had during said month of May or be in a worse position with respect to his compensation for such employment, by reason of any action taken pursuant to the authority conferred by this title.
Halaman 27 - ... return to the service of the employing carrier for other reasonably comparable employment for which he Is physically and mentally qualified and which does not require a change in his place of residence, if his return does not infringe upon the employment rights of other employees under the working agreement.
Halaman 22 - The dismissal allowance of any dismissed employee who is otherwise employed shall be reduced to the extent that his combined monthly earnings in such other employment, any benefits received under any unemployment insurance law, and his dismissal allowance exceed the amount upon which his dismissal allowance is based.
Halaman 13 - ... (60) days pay at the straight time daily rate of the last position held by him at the time he is deprived of employment as a result of the coordination.
Halaman 7 - The number of employees in the service of a carrier shall not be reduced by reason of any action taken pursuant to the authority of this title...
Halaman 15 - Report of Committee appointed September 20, 1938, by the President of the United States, to Submit Recommendations upon the General Transportation Situation...
Halaman 22 - The dismissal allowance shall cease prior to the expiration of the protective period in the event of the...
Halaman 17 - ... such terms and conditions as in its judgment the public convenience and necessity may require.

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