Vierteljahrsschrift der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, Volume 16-18

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Halaman 358 - ... third or fourth magnitude have been selected. If the above plans are adopted, Dr. CHF Peters will undertake the preparation of charts of the small zones. By the help of these the standards will be selected and their positions determined. Measures of their light will then, if desired, be undertaken at the Harvard College Observatory. It is greatly to be hoped that similar measures may also be made at some other Observatories, and if possible by different methods. The owners of very large telescopes...
Halaman 185 - On the recurrence of solar eclipses with tables of eclipses from BC 700 to AD 2300, by Simon Newcomb.
Halaman 119 - The position of the mirror for the Pleiades was verified by finding a group of stars at night-time in the predicted place. The original setting was made through the sun. I am satisfied, therefore, that there is no use in prosecuting this particular experiment further. The instruments employed were as perfect as possible. Every conceivable precaution was taken, and it was shown that this apparatus was not suitable for seeing stars of the magnitude of Vulcan, even distant from the sun. It would, therefore,...
Halaman 356 - ... measures would be sure to show that its divisions were irregular. Moreover, an observer might have difficulty in determining fractions of a magnitude, if the light of all his comparison stars were expressed as integer numbers. A much more precise method seems to be, first, to select suitable stars as standards ; secondly, to measure their relative light ; and, thirdly, to express these measures in terms of any convenient scale of magnitudes that may be finally adopted. Subsequent measures will...
Halaman 119 - The excellent heliostat lent by Dr. SP Langley, director of the Allegheny Observatory, was placed on its pier June 12, and adjusted. This instrument was exactly fitted for the purpose, and was in perfect order. " Observations were made to find stars in the daytime every clear day between June 15 and July 12, without result. The place in the sky to which the heliostat mirror was pointed was fixed by setting on the sun at a given hour ; and the fact that this setting was not changed by accident was...
Halaman 119 - Both telescopes were then pointed to the north pole. Two observers, one at each telescope, noted times of the first appearance of the small stars about the north pole as evening twilight disappeared. A map had been prepared previously giving these stars. If the fifty- five-foot dewcap gave a material advantage, then these stars should have been first seen with the solar observatory telescope. In fact, they were first seen by this, but only by about two minutes on the average. This experiment was...
Halaman 357 - ... correspondence of your Committee has been delayed by the great distances to be traversed, and although the following plans are under consideration by the Committees named above, final action has not yet been taken. Stars may be conveniently divided according to their brightness into three classes : — I. Lucid stars, or those brighter than the sixth magnitude. These stars will form the standards of comparison of the brighter variable stars, and in general for all observations made with the unaided...
Halaman 121 - Im Monat Tammuz fand eine Finsterniß des Herrn des Tages, des Gottes des Lichtes statt. Die untergehende Sonne ließ davon ab zu leuchten, und wie diese, ließ auch ich davon ab, während (? Lücke der Zahl) Tage den Krieg gegen Elam zu beginnen".
Halaman 119 - ... and the fact that this setting was not changed by accident was established by observing the position of a small pointer which was added to the heliostat. "The latter trials were made with a heliostat mirror, set for the place of the brightest star in the Pleiades, and on three days this group was looked for about the time of its passing the meridian. Forty or fifty minutes were thus spent daily. " There must have been in the field of the telescope (30 degrees) the following stars:
Halaman 29 - Winter 1881/82 ein hartnäckiger Husten ein, der im Mai eine Brustfellentzündung zur Folge hatte, zu welcher später noch Bronchitis hinzutrat, — die Kräfte verminderten sich dabei trotz aller Gegenmittel zusehends, so dass mir Freund Hirsch schon gegen Ende August schrieb, es sei das Schlimmste zu befürchten, — und am Morgen des 7. September erhielt ich schon die Trauerkunde, dass der Tod in der verflossenen Nacht erfolgt sei.

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