Annual Report of the State Historian, Volume 1-2

Sampul Depan
Wynkoop, Hallenbeck Crawford Company, state printers, 1897
Vols. for 1896-1897 contain as appendices papers relating to the part taken by military organizations of the state during the civil war, colonial records, 1664-1675, and muster rolls, 1664-1775.

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Halaman 626 - And Governour in Chief of the Province of New York And the Territories thereon Depending in America Vice Admirall of the Same...
Halaman 817 - Captain General and Governor in Chief, in and over the Province of New York and the Territories depending thereon in America...
Halaman 818 - Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms at Fort George in the City of New York the...
Halaman 379 - ... the said Countries were carried on happily, and with a great blessing to all countries and kingdoms; and desiring that...
Halaman 764 - Martin Janus Brown Samuel Taylor Dinnis Crohon I do swear on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God that the men whose Names are mentioned in this Rolle or list where in actual sarvice in my Company from ye first of March to ye 31 of said Month both days Inclusef.
Halaman 628 - ... general Index, the careful work of Mr. William Kelby the Librarian of the Society, gives the name of every officer and private in the Rolls and Lists. EDWARD F. DE LANCEY. August, 1897. NEW YORK MUSTER ROLLS.
Halaman 43 - I reached Little Round Top. There were no troops on it, and it was used as a signal station. I saw that this was the key of the whole position, and that our troops in the woods in front of it could not see the ground in front of them, so that the enemy would come upon them before they would be aware of it.
Halaman 820 - An Act for raising, paying and subsisting One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifteen effective Men, Officers included, to be employed in Conjunction with the neighbouring Colonies, on an Expedition, for reducing the French Fort at Crown-Point, and carrying on an offensive War against the Indians who infest the Western Frontiers of this Colony, and other Purposes therein mentioned.
Halaman 18 - Greene's brigade, of the Second Division, remained in the intrenchments, and the failure of the enemy to gain entire possession of our works was due entirely to the skill of General Greene and the heroic valor of his troops. His brigade suffered severely, but maintained its position, and held the enemy in check until the return of Williams

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