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City and Borough Forms.

No. 10. LIST OF PERSONS OBJECTED TO, TO BE PUBLISHED BY THE OVERSEERS. The following Persons have been Objected to as not being entitled to have

their Nanies retained in the List of Persons qualified to vote in the Election of a Meinber (or Members] for the City (or Borough] of

Christian Name

and Surname of each Person objected to.

Place of Abode.

Street, Lane, or other Place Nature in the Parish where the Proof the supposed perty is situate, and Number Qualification. of the House (if any). (When

the Right depends on Property.]


C.D.Overseers of, &c.


CLERKS. The following Persons have been Objected to as not being entitled to have

their Names retained on the List of the Freemen of the City (or Borough] of

being a place sharing in the Election with the City Cor Borough) of ], entitled to vote in the Election of a Member (or Members] for the said City (or Borough).

[or of

Christian and Surname of each Person

objected to.

Place of his Abode.



Town Clerk of the said City

[or Borough, or Place).



(38th and 39th Victoriæ, cap. 84.)

An Act to regulate the Expenses and to control the Charges of Returniny Officers at Parliumentary Elections.

[13th August, 1875.] WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the law relating to the expenses and charges of returning officers at parliamentary elections :

Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Construction of Act. 1. The Ballot Act, 1872, as modified by this Act shall be construed as one Act. This Act shall apply only to parliamentary elections.

Payments to Returning Officers. II. The returning officer at an election shall be entitled to his reasonable charges, not exceeding the sums mentioned in the first schedule to this Act, in respect of services and expenses of the several kinds mentioned in the said schedule, which have been properly rendered or incurred by him for the purposes of the election.

The amount of such charges shall be paid by the candidates at the election in equal several shares, or where there is only one candidate, by such candidate. If a candidate is nominated without his consent, the persons by whom his nomination is subscribed shall be jointly and severally liable for the share of the charges for which he would be liable if he were nominated with his consent.

A returning officer shall not be entitled to payment for any other services or expenses, or at any great

rates than as in the said schedule mentioned, any law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding.

Returning Officer may require deposit or security. III. The returving officer, if he think fit, may as herein-after provided, require security to be given for the charges which may become payable under the provisions of this Act in respect of any election.

The total amount of the security which may be required in respect.of all the candidates at an election shall not in any case exceed the sums prescribed in the third schedule of this Act.

Where security is required by the returning officer it shall be appor. tioned and given as follows; viz., (1.) At the end of the two hours appointed for the election the

returning officer shall forthwith declare the number of the candidates who then stand nominated, and shall, if there be more candidates uominated than there are vacancies to be filled up, apportion equally among them the total amount of the required security :

(2.) Wiihin one hour after the end of the two hours aforesaid,

security shall be given, by or in respect of each candidate then

standing nominated, for the amount so apportioned to him: (3.) If in the case of any candidate security is not given or tendered

as herein mentioned, he shall be deemed to be withdrawn

within the provisions of the Ballot Act, 1872: (4.) A tender of security in respect of a candidate may be made by

any person: (5.) Security may be given by deposit of any legal tender or of notes

of any bank being commonly current in the county or borough for which the election is held, or, with the consent of the

returning officer, in any other manuer: (6.) The balance (if any) of a deposit beyond the amount to which

the returning officer is entitled in respect of any candidate shall be repaid to the person or persons by whom the deposit was made.

The Accounts of a Returniug Officer may be Taxed. IV. Within twenty-one days after the day on which the return is made of the persons elected at the election, the returning officer shall transmit to every candidate or other person from whom he claims payment either out of any deposit or otherwise of any charges in respect of the election, or to the agent for election expenses of any such candidate, a detailed account showing the amounts of all the charges claimed by the returning officer in respect of the election, and the share thereof which he claims from the person to whom the account is transmitted. He shall annex to the account a notice of the place where the vouchers relating to the account may be seen, and he shall at all reasonable times and without charge allow the person from whom payment is claimed, or any agent of such person, to inspect and take copies of the vouchers.

The returning officer shall not be entitled to any charges which are not duly included in his account.

If the person from whom payment is claimed objects to any part of the claim, he may, at any time within fourteen days from the time when the account is transmitted to him, apply to the court as defined in this section for a taxation of the account, and the court shall have jurisdic. tion to tax the account in such manner and at such time and place as the court thinks fit, and finally to determine the amount payable to the returning officer and to give and enforce judgment for the same as if such judgment were a judgment in an action in such court, and with or without costs at the discretion of the court.

The court for the purposes of this Act shall be in the city of London the Lord Mayor's Court, and elsewhere in England the County Court, and in Ireland the Civil Bill Court, having jurisdiction at the place of nomination for the election to which the proceedings relate.

The court may depute any of its powers or duties under this Act to the registrar or other principal officer of the court.

Nothing in this section shall apply to the charge of the returning officer for publication of accounts of election expenses.

Claims against a Returning Officer. V. Every person having any claim against a returning officer for work, labour, materials, services, or expenses in respect of any contract made with him by or on behalf of the returning officer for the purposes of an election, except for publication of accounts of election expenses, shall, within fourteen days after the day on which the return is made of the person or persons elected at the election, transmit to the returning officer the detailed particulars of such claim in writing, and the returning officer shall not be liable in respect of anything wbich is not duly stated in such particulars.

Where application is made for taxation of the accounts of a returning officer, he may apply to the court as defined in this Act to examine any claim transmitted to him by any person in pursuance of this section, and the court after notice given to such person, and after hearing him, and any evidence tendered by him, may allow or disallow, or reduce the claim objected to, with or without costs, and the determination of the court shall be final for all purposes, and as against all persons.

Use of Bullot boxes, &c. provided for municipal elections. VI. In any case to which the fourteenth section of the Ballot Act, 1872, is applicable, it shall be the duty of the returning officer, so far as is practicable, to make use of ballot boxes, fittings, and compartments provided for municipal or school board elections, and the court, upon taxation of his accounts, shall have regard to the provisions of this section.

Notices to be given by Returning Officers. VII. There shall be added to every notice of election to be published under the provisions of the Ballot Act, 1872, the notification contained in the second schedule to this Act with respect to claims against returning officers.

Saving of the Universities. VIII. Nothing in this Act shall apply to an election for any university or combination of universities.

Commencement and duration of Act. IX. This Act shall come into operation on the first day of October one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five, and continue in force until the thirty-first day of December one thousand eight hundred and eighty, and no longer, unless Parliament sh all otherwise determine.

Short Title. x. This Act may be cited for all purposes as “ The Parliamentary Elections (Returning Officers) Act, 1875.

Not to apply to Scotland. XI. This Act shall not apply to Scotland.




CHARGES OF RETURNING OFFICERS. The following are the maximum charges to be made by the returning officer, but the charges are in no case to exceed the sums actually and necessarily paid or payable.

PART 1.-COUNTIES AND DISTRICT OR CONTRIBUTORY BOROUGHS. This part nf this Schedule applies to an election for a county, or for either

of the boroughs of Aylesbury, Cricklade, Monmouth, East Retford, Stroud, and New Shoreham, or for any borough or burgh consisting of a combination of separate boroughs, burghs, or towns.

For preparing and publishing the notice of election
For preparing and supplying the nomination papers
For travelling to and from the place of nomination,

or for declaring the poll at a contested election,

£. 3. d.
2 2 0
1 1 0
0 1 0

per mile.

For hire or necessary fitting up of rooms or build

ings for polling, or damage or expenses by or for use of such rooms or buildings.

The necessary expen.

ses, not exceeding at any one polling station the charge for constructing and fitting a pol. ling station.

7 7 0

For constructing a polling station, with its fittings
and compartments, in England.
And in Ireland the sum or sums payable under

the provisions of the 19th and 14th Vict.

chap. 68, and 35th and 36th Vict. chap. 33. In Ireland the returning officer shall use a

court house where one is available as a
polling station, and his maximum charge
for using and fitting the same shall in no

case exceed three pounds three shillings.
For each ballot box required to be purchased
For the use of each ballot box, when hired
For stationery at each polling station
For printing and providing ballot papers, per

Tor each stamping instrument
For copies of the register

1 1 0
0 5 0
0 10 0
1 10 0

0 10 0
The sums payable

by statute for the necessary copies.

3 30
1 1 0

or each presiding officer
or one clerk at each polling station where not more
an 500 voters are assigned to such station.

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