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James Stansfeld.
Acton Smee Ayrton.
James Anthony Lawson.
Montague Bernard.
John George Dodson.
George Young.
Peter Erle.
William Edward Baxter.
William Patrick Adam.
Lyon Playfair.
George Sclater-Booth.
John Gellibrand Hubbard.

G. A. Caven. Bentinck.
W. H. Smith.
James Lowther.
Henry C. Raikes.
George Cubitt.
A. J. Beresford Hope.
Joseph Chamberlain.
Anthony J. Mundella.
Henry Fawcett.
G. Osborne Morgan.
M. E. Grant Duff.
G. J. Shaw-Lefevre.



The Lord Chancellor.

Two Lords of Appeal in Ordinary. Lord Blackburn.

| Lord Watson. And such Peers as are holding or have held the Offices of Lord Chancellor, paid Judge of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, or Judge of one of the Superior Courts of Great Britain or Ireland.


The Judges of the High Court of The Lord Chancellor.

Justice. The Lords of Appeal in Ordinary. Sir Henry Keating. The Lords Justices of Appeal. Sir Joseph Napier. The Lord Chief Justice.

Right Hon. M. Bernard.
The Master of the Rolls.

Sir Barnes Peacock.
Sir M. E. Smith.
Sir R. P. Collier.


Court of Appeal. The Lord Chancellor.

Sir W. M. James.

Sir R. Baggallay. The Lord Chief Justice.

Sir W. B. Brett.
The Master of the Rolls.

Sir G. W. Bramwell. Lords Justices.
Sir H. Cotton.
Sir R. Lush.

Chancery Division.

Common Pleas Division.
Lord Selborne (Lord Chancellor). Sir W. R. Grove.
Sir G. Jessel (Master of the Rolls). Hon. G. Denman.
Sir Richard Malins

Sir N. Lindley.

Vice Sir James Bacon.

Sir H. C. Lopes.

Sir Charles Hall.
Sir Edward Fry, Judge.
Queen's Bench Division.

Exchequer Division.
Lord Coleridge, (L.C.J.)

Sir C. E. Pollock.

Barons. Sir W. V. Field.

Sir J. W. Huddleston.
Sir Henry Manisty.

Sir H. Hawkins.
Sir C. Bowen.
Sir C. J. Watkin Williams.

} Sir J. F. Stephen. Judges


Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division. Sir James Hannen.

| Sir Robert J. Phillimore. Ecclesiastical Division.

Lord Penzance.



+++ By an Order in Council, dated 25th August, 1851, the incomes of the Archbishops and Bishops of England and Wales are regulated; the amount is annexed to the name of the various Sees.


Canterbury.—[£.15,000.] 1805, Feb. 2, Charles-Manners Sutton, D.D. (From Norwich) 1828, Aug. 4, William Howley, D.D.

(From London.) 1848, Feb. 22, John-Bird Sumner, D.D.

(From Chester.) 1862, Oct. 20, Thomas-Charles Longley, D.D.

(From York.) 1868, Nov. 26, Archibald-Campbell Tait, D.D. (From London.)

York. – [€.10,000.] 1776, William Markham, D.D.

(From Chester.) 1807, Dec. 1, Hon. Edward-Venables Vernon, LL.D. (From Carlisle.) 1847, Nov. 17, Thomas Musgrave, D.D.

(From Hereford.) 1860, June 4, Thomas-Charles Longley, D.D. (From Durham.) 1862, Dec. 6, Williain Thompson, D.D.

(From Gloucester.)


Bangor.-[£.4200.] 1800, April 5, William Cleaver, D.D. 1806, Dec. 13, John Randolph, D.D. 1809, Aug. 12, Henry-William Majendie, D.D. 1830, Oct. 10, Christopher Bethell, D.D. 1859, May 14, James-Colquhoun Campbell, D.D.

(From Chester.) (From Oxford.) (From Chester.) (From Exeter.)

Bath and Wells.-[£.5000.] 1802, April 17, Richard Beadon, D.D.

(From Gloucester.) 1824, May 8, George-Henry Law, D.D.

(From Chester.) 1845, Oct. 14, Richard Bagot, D.D.

(From Oxford.) 1854, May 31, Robert-John Eden.

(From Sodor and Man.) [Resigned September 1869.] 1869, Dec. 21, Lord Arthur-Charles Hervey, D.D.


Carlisle.—[£.4500.] 1808, Jan. 26, Samuel Goodenough, LL.D. 1827, Sept. 17, Hon. Hugh Percy, D.D.

(From Rochester.) 1856, Feb. 26, Hon. Henry-Montagu Villiers, D.D. 1860, Aug. 29, Hon. Samuel Waldegrave, D.D. 1869, Nov. 30, Harvey Goodwin, D.D.

Chester.– [£.4500.] 1800, May 24, Henry-William Majendie, D.D. 1809, Oct. 7, Bowyer-Edward Sparke, D.D. 1812, June 20, George-Henry Law, D.D. 1824, June 8, Charles-James Blomfield, D.D. 1828, Aug. 26, John-Bird Sumner, D.D. 1848, Mar. 11, John Graham, D.D. 1865, July 8, William Jacobson, D.D.


John Buckner, D.D. 1824, May 8, Robert-James Carr, D.D. 1831, Sept. 23, Edward Maltby, D.D. 1836, Sept. 9, William Otter, D.D. 1840, Sept. 7, Philip-Nicholas Shuttleworth, D.D. 1841, Jan. 24, Ashurst-Turner Gilbert, D.D. 1870, May 8, Richard Durnford, D.D.

Durham.—[£.8000.] 1791

Hon. Shute Barrington, LL.D. (From Salisbury.) 1826, William Van Mildert, D.D.

(From Llandaff.) 1836, March 3, Edward Maltby, D.D.

(From Chichester.) [Resigned, Sept. 30, 1856.] 1856, Oct. 13, Thomas-Charles Longley, D.D. (From Ripon.) 1860, July 10, Hon. Henry-M. Villiers, D.D. (From Carlisle.) 1861, August Charles Ba D.D.

(F: Gloucester.) (Resigned, Jan. 1879.] 1879, Jan. Joseph Barber Lightfoot, D.D.

Ely.-[£.5500.] 1808, Sept. 13, Thomas Dampier, D.D.

(From Rochester.) 1812, May 23, Bowyer-Edward Sparke, D.D. (From Chester.) 1836, June 15, Joseph Allen, D.D.

(Froni Bristol.) 1845, Mar. 29, Thomas Turton, D.D. 1864, Feb. 4, Edward - Harold Browne, D.D. 1873, Nov. Jannes-Russell Woodford, D.D.

Exeter.-[£.5000.] 1797,

Henry-Reginald Courtenay, D.D. (From Bristol.) 1803, June 25, John Fisher, D.D. 1807, July 11, Hon. George Pelham, LL.D.

(From Bristol.) 1820, Oct. 16, William Carey, D.D. 1830, April 7, Christopher Bethell, D.D.

(From Gloucester.) Nov. 11, Henry Philpotts, D.D. 1869, Dec. 21, Frederick Temple, D.D.

Gloucester and Bristol.-[£.5000.] 1802, April21, George-Isaac Huntingford, D.D. 1815, July 8, Hon. Henry Ryder, D.D. 1824, Mar. 11, Christopher Bethell, D.D. 1830, June 11, James-Henry Monk, D.D. 1856, July 11, Charles Baring, D.D. 1861, Nov. 11, William Thompson, D.D. 1862, Dec. Charles-John Ellicott, D.D.

Hereford.-[£.4200.] 1800,

Folliott-Herbert-Walker Cornwall, D.D.(From Bristol.) 1808, July 16, John Luxmoore, D.D.

(From Bristol.) 1815, July 23, George-Isaac Huntingford, D.D. (From Gloucester.) 1832, May 7, Hon. Edward Grey, D.D. 1837, Aug. 7, Thomas Musgrave, D.D. 1847, Dec. 11, Renn-Dickson Hampden, D.D. 1868, June 24, James Atlay, D.D.

Llandaff.-[£.4200.] 1782,

Richard Watson, D.D. 1816, July 18, Herbert Marsh, D.D. 1819, May 15, William Van Mildert, D.D. 1826, April 25, Charles-Richard Sumner, D.D. 1827, Dec. 12, Edward Copleston, D.D. 1849, Nov. 1, Alfred Ollivant, D.D.

Lichfield and Coventry.—[£.4500.]

Hon. James Cornwallis, LL.D. 1824, Feb. 4, Hon. Henry Ryder, D.D.

(From Gloucester.) 1836, June 15, Samuel Butler, D.D. 1839, Dec. 30, James Bowstead, D.D. (From Sodor and Man.) 1843, Nov. 6, John Lonsdale, D.D. G. A. Selwyn, D.D.

(From New Zealand.) William D. Maclagan, D.D.


George-Pretyman Tomline, D.D. 1820, Aug. 19, Hon. George Pelham, D.D.

(From Exeter.) 1827, Feb. 15, John Kaye, D.D.

(From Bristol.) 1853, Mar. 11, John Jackson, D.D. 1869, Jan. 30, Christopher Wordsworth, D.D.

Liverpool.-[£.3500.] 1880.

John C. Ryle, D.D.

London.—[£.10,000.] 1787, Beilby Porteus, D.D.

(From Chester.) 1809, June 10, John Randolph, D.D.

(From Bangor.) 1813, Aug. 14, William Howley, D.D. 1828, Aug. 15, Charles-James Blomfeld, D.D. (From Chester.)

[Resigried, Sept. 30, 1856.] 1856, Oct. 11, Archibald-Campbell Tait, D.D. 1869, Jan. 4, John Jackson, D.D.

(From Lincoln.)


1868, 1878,


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