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220 Bacon, F., Lovejoy,

Bradburn, G.,

Children, Books for, 144; and Church,
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Bradley, G. G., Recollections of Dean

(Clark, 4.; Serinous to,
145; Bible Readings and Prayers,
Bacun, Shakespeare controversy (see


Children Thoughts in Song. Blake.
Abbreviations, Fallows,
286 Shakespearlana).

Brain-Krst, Corning,

148 China, Li erature of, 264; Middle King.
Abelard and Heluise, Richardson,
445 Bader, J.,

Branch, M. L. B.,

161, 326 dom,
Abiding Memory, Metcalf,

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| Brandt, W.F., Life of Whittingham,

Chipez C, Art in Egypt,
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193, 216
216 Baker, W.M.,
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28, 60 ing to Spirits, Love, 453; and the
Adams, G. B., Medieval Civilization, 329 Baldwin, J. I.,


Young. I loreld,
Adams, W. H. D., Page, Squire, and Ballantine's Experiences,

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58 Balzani, U., Chroniclers of Italy,
303 Bright, M.,

113 4-13; History, Alen, 163; League of
Admiral's Ward, Alexander,
143 Bancroft, G., U.S. Histor, 57, 255, 385 Brine, M. D, Four Little Friends, 418;

Conn, Gladden. 390; Year, Krble, 149
414 | Bancro t, H. H., 176; Mexico,

Jingles and Joys,

413 Christianity ai d Civil Society, Harrie, 148
Æsop's Fables, Caldecott,

Banker of Bedford. Musiek,
415 Brinton, D. G., American Hero Myths,

Christine. Enault,

Africa, South, vu Val,
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46 British Poets, Red-Line Edition,

Christmas Hymn. Ward,

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Baring-Gould, S., 9; Silver Store,
Brocklehurst, T.U.. Mexico To-day, 220 (hronicle of Cid Markham.

Alard G,
214, 246 Barnaval, L., Poems,

| Broglie, Duke, Fredenc II and Marie Church, A. J., Stviles from Herodotus, 389
Alaskans, Among, Wright,
330 Barrili, A. G, Whinsical Wooing, 229 Thérère,

64, 109 Chur: h, How to Build, Goodell,

Albee, J., Poems,
Barrington's Fate,
Bronte, c., Xovels,

Church History, Len,

Alcott, & B.,
10 Bart ett, J.,

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Aldiich, J.K., Easter,

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| Brook Farm to Ceuar Mountain, Goron, 243 (la ke, J. F , Ten Great Religious, 173
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212, 214 Classic Series,

206; Mercedes,

Bay of Seven Islands, Whittier,

Brooks, P., Sermons,

345 (lay, C.M.. Modern Hagar,
Alexander, F., Siory of Ida,
214, 235 Bayard,

* 2 Broughton, R, Belinda,

423 Clou. 'N, Low-hung,

161, 197
Alexan er, Mrs., 127 (see Hector); Ad Bear-Worshippers, Gréry,

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11 Clongh, A. H., Waddington,
miral's Ward, 143; Execuir,
455 Beard, G. M., 28; Nervousness,

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113 Clovernok Children, Cary,

Alisun, A., Autobiography,
145 Beauunt and Fletcher,

Browne, I., Law and Lawyers,

91 (lubs, l'huilas elphia,
All board, Rand,
Beauty deign to dwell,

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127. 193 Coals from the Altar, Crore,

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46 Beckford Library,

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23, 193, 263 ('oall, T.M., Topies of the Time, 255,
Allen, J. H., Christian History,

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Altiora Peto, Oliphant,
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58, 98, 157, 227; Society.

('ocker, B. F.,

Amber Gods,
241 Beginnings of History, Lenormant,

Browning Room at Wellesley,


Cole, s. v., Bees in Poetry. 108; Ite
America, P.e colouial Times, 333; Scam Belgian Days Martin,

Bryan, C. W., Credit,


Camenae, 160; Song of Tomorrow,
per through, Hudson, 93; South, Cre Belgiun, Old Masters, Fromentin,

62 Bryan, M., Dictionary of Painters,

160; Sunnet,
vaux, 93; Works on,
Belinda, Bronghtoni,
423 | Bryant, W. C., ulet, 92; Life, Godwin, ('olenso, J. W.,

American Bouke in England. 366; Books Bell, R., Sungs ir m Dramatists,

103; l'oems,

148 Coleridge, D.,
in 1882, 42; Boy's Handy-Book, 59; Benedict, F.L., Price She Paid,

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Colexu onihy, D. C., Day in the Woods, 2006
Colleges, Thwing, 420; Four-in-Hand, Benefit of the floubt, Spenser,

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Caruegin, 173; Government and Rell Bengal Folk Tales, Day,
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gion, Shea, 48; Hero Myths, Brinton, Bensin, E., Art and Nature in Italy, 10 Bull, 0.,

('ollier, J P.

157; II story, Magazineo1.414; Humor Beni. S A., Short Sayings

Bullet and Shell, Williams,
59 Collins, W., Heart and Science,

İsts, Haweis, 164; Literature Nichol, Benton, J., Emerson as a Poet,

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('olonel's Danghier Kug.
88; Richardson, 325; Works on. 132; Beowuli. Garnell.

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Men wf Letters, 76; Xovel, 192, 193, 209, Berger, French Method,

Words about Fair Woman,
411 Coming of birds, Goolale,

225, 259, 328; Painting 29; Patriotisni, Bexant, W., Life of Palmer,

Bunker's Hill Battle, Holmes,

('onumentary, New Testam, nt, Schaff, 346, 453
Pueins ol, Malthews, 22; People, His Bescherelle, L. X.,

| Bunner, A. C., Woman of Honor, 369 Coumanismı, Works on,

132, 161, 211
tory of, Gilman, 381, Patton, 175; Betwixt stirrup and ground,

132 Burbage, R.,
196 Composition in Fiction,

Po ts, Mead, 112; Wonen of letters, 126 Bewick's Fables,
26 Buruhm, S.M., Limestones and Marbles, 243 (oncord school,

Amicis, E. de Military Lile in Italy,

| Beyond the Gates, Phelps,
361 Burus, R., Lockhart, 179; Niece,

Concordance. Bible, Young, 303; New
Amos 5., Politics,
Beyond Recali, Sei geant,

But Yet a Woman, Hardy,


Testament, Thoms.
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330 Congested Prices, Scudder,

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Cons ieu e, H..

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79 43; Hand-look of Versioun. Mom iert, Buxton, W, English and American Paint Constancy so rare,

Andover Seminary,
261 271; Mosaics, Willson, 207; R vixed,

29 Coustantia Carew, Marshall,

Anecdotes, arvine,
411 221; Revision, Goodwin, 422; Stories, Bygone Beauties,

(ook Books,

Angeline i alveri.
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Speechless, Firth.
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Bibliothèque des Arts,
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Copyright, on English Books 197; Inter-
Anthony, A. V, S.,
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409 national.
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Aril Day.
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('aliiomii Conquest,

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| Calling of a Christian Woman, Dix,

Coverly. Sir Roger de,

256 291
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sioyl 330; Ert escore,

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1 bolitas,
346 (alveri' Monthly,

Craw ord, F.M., Mr. l-aacs, 6, 182; Dr.
Ariosto, Stories from,
Biril. I L.. Golden Chersones,
(impaigns of Civil War,

Claudius, 187; To Leeward,
Arius the Lioyan,
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Birthday Books,

Silvan ('ilv,

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the Faith,
22 Prince,

Captaine Burle. Zola,

('roniwe 1, 0.. Hood, 48; Picton,

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(appar, SJ., Siena,

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Pruse Works, 452; Verses, Bates,
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(aptain's Danglier, Ponschkin,

ine Charity,

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Cross in Light of To-day, McLane,
giu n and Ho land, Fromentin, 62;


121 Cumming, C.F G., Firo-Fountains, 61
Catalogue of X. E. Exp silton, 293, Blackie, J. S., Wiselom of Goethe, 210 Carlile, T., Emerson Correspondence, 71, Cunui gham, F. II , Phillips Academy, 261
454; oncord definition. 246; Dict on Blackmore, R. D.. Lorna Dawie,

24%; Study and Verarity, 447; Works, 352 Cuts, B., Velasquez and Murillo, 190
ary, Wollett, 164; in Egypi. Perrot, Bi ke, LD, Woman's P'lice,

179 Carnegie, A. A erican Four-in-lland, 1 Curtis, G. T Life of Buchanan,
147; French works on, 49, 62; Harper's Blak-, M. E., Rambliug Xules,

| Car. enter, F D Y., kio,

('unix, G, W.,
offer. 97; History Hand-Books, S0; Islanc, C,

94 Carr, J. (., Landscapes.

Cyndy llan's son,

Industrial, 14; in Italy, Benson, lo; Blane, L.,

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Leerures. Poule, 125; Magaziue of, Blid, N., Life of G. Eliot,

1.8 (ary. A., Cloveruook Children, Snow DAHLGREN, J. A, Life, Tahlgren,
368; Periodicals 369; Primer, Collier, Blin Man's ('rerd. l'arkhurst,

148 bernie..

389 Dahlgren, M. V., Life o! Dahlgien,
62;' Talks, Hunt, 107; and Taste Mockarle and I ruisers. Soley,

(Cassell & ('o.

20 Washi gton Winter,
13 110 Bloomfield, Baroners, Reminiscences,
(athedral in Ainerica, Woolworth, 315 Daisy Miller, Janier,

Artists, some Modern,
448 Bimader,

('#thedral Towns of, Silloway, 219 Daly, J., Wild Flowers,
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109, 228 (entury.
49, 414 Damorles, Very,

Arvine, K., Cyclopedia of Anectutes, 411 | | Bonner, S. 280; Didlert aler,

(esetle. Pavillon,
28 | Daniel, S.,

A-liton, J., Social Life iu Reigu of Aune, Book. First printed iu Amer.can colonies, (eylou, Haeckel,

203 Dante,' Inferno, D. ré, 418; MS.,
Astronom-rx, Morton,
129 44; friend.

Chadwiek, lu Nazareth Town,

390 Plum tre, 176; Society,
Astronomy, Peek, 451; Works on,
Book Hunter, Button.

Ch flers, W., Hall Marks,
207 Darling, G.,

Al Fault, Smart.
164 Biok Lover's Enchiridion,
13,4 Chailla, P. dil,

Darwin, Theories, Schmid,
Atheisin and Theism, Wilson,
238 Buok and its Story. Kanyard,

(harubers W..
176, 811 Data of Ethies, Spencer,

Atlatte ('oast,

Books American in 1882. 42; Cheap 97; Champfleury, Vignettes,

370 Daudet, A., L'Evangéliste,

Atlantic Monthly,
Demand fur. 127; Eulogs on, 348; for ('huminey, L. W., Vassar Girls in Eng-.. Danghter of l'hilistines,

Atlas, Bext. 64; Classical,
241 the Young. 144; blewins, 194; How to

416 Danghters, Livermore,

Auerbach, B., Masler Bieland,
Uxe, Van Dyke 194; Lists of. 213. 214; Chapman. G..

231 David'» Little Lad, Meade,

Aurora Leigh,

Reading of, Thwing, 329; as sweet Cha acteristics of D-votion Grou,

48 Javier, C., Surveying,

Austen J.. Novels, 13; Pellew,

meats, 446; Titles of,
(harity in Ancient Church, Chlborn, 368 Davies. J.. Bhagavad Gita,

Austiu, J. G., Nantucket Scraps,
Booth, E.,
Charles XII, Voltaire,

Davis, I. P., Higiene for Girls,
Austila, Poets,
50,93 Burn to Good Luck, Reade,

7 | (hats al out Books, Hazeltine,
147 Davis, W. T., Plymouth,

Authors New. 160; Pen Pictures, Shej Boston, Dittonarv of, Bacon, 239; Liter Chaucer, Bibliography, 289; Editions, 197 Dawson, S. E., Tennyson's Princess, 12
ard. 346; and Publishers,
82, 194 ary Xotes, 181; Reading in,

(heeyer, G B., (iod's Timepiece,

Day, B., Pyrenere,

Anthorship, Profits of,
198 Botanists. Duncan,

('helsea Householder,
143 Dav in the Woods, Colesworthy,

Autograph Collecting,
208 Botany. Kellerman.
4 6 Chemist, Muir.
303 | De Kay, C., Poems of Barnaval,

347 .
Bovet, F., Egypt, Palestine, etc.,

285 (berbuliez, V., Ferme du Choquard, 165 | De Morgan, A, Memoir,
279 | Brace, c. L., Gesta Christi,
35 | Child, L. M , Letters,

57 | Du Vinne, T. L.,

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