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The autographs of John Stanwix, John Johnson and Dan. Webb were burned in the fire of 1911.

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A. L. S.

January 3d. 1763 <DEAR SIR WILLIAM>

This Post puts me in your Debt <for two> Letters. As to the Mistake in the Comm®. I beg <they may> be sent down in order to be altered. The Hearing of the Connajohary Affair comes on the 12 Insta<nt.> I am at a Loss what opinion to give you on <this subject. It appears to me that part of the Land <was intended to be sold by the Indians: Tis absurd to think they would sell their Castles & a convenient > District about: the Patentees I think should re<lease the latter without condition of reverting to them <or> their Heirs in Case the Indians should abandon <it> or become extinct: and the Patentees should <keep &> enjoy the former Part: If there is no Difference> about the Quantum, I should imagine <the affair would be easily compromised. But I <take it the Part which ought to be reserved or released to the Indians, is not only considerable in Quantity, but> in point of Quality is greatly superior to the rest:> Captain Rutherfurd hath either purchased or> agreed for Fonda's part. so he is become a party > I did not mean to be understood that your presence was necessary here, but <that no examination ought to be taken but in your <presence. I> shall give you a detail of what <passes>.

Tis probable I <shall be a means of sending you some Neighbours. The Partners in Magins' have> offered the People

1 See Calendar of Land Papers, p. 292, and Calendar of Council Minutes, p. 401.

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