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many Witnesses to be examined is too heavy for one person. The next post you shall know who I have engaged.

SR. WM. JOHNSON Baronet.

I am Sr.

Your most Hum: Serv'.



The preceding is followed in the Johnson Calendar, p. 168 by a letter of May 3d from Daniel Campbell at Schenectady, mentioning black cloth sent up and difficulty of obtaining fine cloth or a good tailor. Destroyed by fire.




Johnson Hall May 5th 1763

I had the pleasure of receiving your letter a few days ago enclosed to me by Mr. Williams, which afforded me much Satisfaction, as it made me acquainted with your safe arrival in England.

With regard to the Land you speak of, and which is one Sidth3 part of a Tract of 20000 acres now in my possession, the same was by me purchased from your Father (whose memory I shall always greatly Esteem) who Released the same to me on the 31st October 1753, for the sum of £213,* the Witnesses

1Sir Henry Clinton, only son of Governor George Clinton. He was made a lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards November 1, 1751, a colonel June 24, 1762, major general May 25, 1772, lieutenant general and knight of the Bath in 1777, and commander-in-chief of the forces of North America in 1778.

Original destroyed by fire.

"Sidth" in copy; "sixth" it should be.

*See Banyar to Johnson, November 5, 1753.

to which were Mess". Chas. Williams & Richard Shuckburgh, & the same was after acknowledged in the presence of Judge Chambers. I am unacquainted with any other lands of the late Mr. Clintons but should my Enquirys or assistance in that or any other matter appear at all necessary you may rely on my entire services to do anything in my power conducive to your Interest or the increase of your fortune which I should gladly be an Instrument of promoting.

I hope the Wound which you received may not prove any ways detrimental to your health but that you may live to enjoy all the advantages of preferment to which you are so justly entitled.

Be assured I shall at all times be glad to hear of your Health & prosperity, and that I am Sir, &c.






Instructions for Mr. Henry Montour.

Johnson Hall May 5th 1763

You are to proceed from hence to Chilliequagey on the River Susquehanna, and there and in the Neighbourhood thereof use all Endeavours to increase His Majestys Interest amongst the Indians and promote friendship & good understanding between them & his Subjects, giving likewise all the assistance necessary for that purpose to Mr. McKee the Assistant Deputy Agent, & Communicating all matters necessary for him to be made acquainted with. You are to use every method of satisfying the Inds. concerns. their present fears about their Lands by assuring them I shall use my utmost efforts to prevent their being unjustly deprived of their property. You are likewise from time to time to transmit me any material Intelligance rela

1Original destroyed by fire.

[graphic][merged small]

tive to Ind". affairs, as also to Mr. Croghan, Depy. Agent, and you are to follow such other orders & Instructions as you shall receive at any time from myself, my Deputy, or any other your Superior officers.

Given under my Hand at Johnson Hall May 5th 1763




Johnson Hall May 5th 1763

Herewith I transmit you a Letter in ans'. to that from Coll. Clinton inclosed in your favor of the 24th ulto. & wch, was concerning a Sixth part of a Tract of 20000 acres in my possession, which sixth belonged to the late Gov'. Clinton & was by me purchased from him, for the sum of £213, as appears by his release to me for the same dated 31st Oct. 1753 to which you, & Mr. Shuckburgh are Witnesses.

I am heartily sorry Coll. Clintons proportion of fortune is not so considerable as I could wish, and should with pleasure receive his commands relative to any thing in my power.

I return you thanks for the intelligence you were so kind as to Communicate to me concerning the peace which I hope may prove of a permanent duration, and remain with sincere Compliments to Mrs. Williams & all your good Family, Dr. Sir &ca. CHAS. WILLIAMS Esqr.


The preceding letter is followed in the Johnson Calendar, p. 168, by a letter of May 5th from Abraham Lyle, at Albany, inclosing communication from Hugh Wallace, and mentioning arrival of commodities for Johnson by sloop, the return of draft to Mr Wade, and credit which the writer has too freely granted. Destroyed in the fire.

1Original destroyed by fire.

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