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Auburn, N. Y., McIntosh, Seymour & Company.
Boston, Mass., American Circular Loom Company.
Albert & J. M. Anderson.

Bernstein Electric Company.
Holtzer-Cabot Electric Company.
Page Belting Company.
Pettingell-Andrews Company.

Simplex Electrical Company.

Bridgeport, Conn., The Bryant Electric Company.

Buffalo, N. Y., The F. P. Little Electrical Construction and Supply Company. Chicago, Ill., Chicago Rawhide Manufacturing Company.

Electrical Industries.

The Stirling Company.

Western Electric Company.

Western Electrician.

Wilson & Jackson.

Cleveland, O., Brush Electric Company.

Standard Carbon Company.

The National Carbon Company.

The Walker Manufacturing Company.

Cuyahoga Falls, O., The Falls Rivet and Machine Company.
East Berlin, Conn., The Berlin Iron Bridge Company.

Erie, Pa., Ball Engine Company.

Fort Wayne, Ind., Fort Wayne Electric Corporation.

Charles S. Bradley.

Fostoria, O., The Crouse-Tremaine Carbon Company.
Fremont, O., Thomson-Houston Carbon Company.

Harrison, N. J., Edison General Electric Company.

Hartford, Conn., Hart & Hegeman.

The Connecticut Royal Arc Company.
Jewell Belting Company.

Indianapolis, Ind., Jenney Electric Motor Company.
Middletown, Conn., The Schuyler Electric Company.
Newark, N. J., Baker & Company.

The C. McIntire Company.

Weston Electrical Instrument Company.

New Britain, Conn., T. H. Brady.

New Brunswick, N. J., A. J. Jones.

New York City, Bishop Gutta Percha Company.
Chas. A. Schieren & Company.

New York City, Day's Kerite.

Electric Selector and Signal Company.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Trading Company.
Electrical Review Publishing Company.

Electricity Newspaper Company.

Excelsior Electric Company.

Fremont Wilson.

General Electric Company.

Herrick & Burke.

H. Ward Leonard.

India Rubber and Gutta Percha Insulating Company.
Interior Conduit and Insulation Company.

John A. Roebling's Sons Company.

Louis R. Alberger.

Louis Cassier.

Manhattan General Construction Company.
National Conduit Manufacturing Company.
New York Insulated Wire Company.

Phoenix Glass Company.

The Columbia Rubber Works Company.

The Electrical Engineer.

The E. S. Greeley & Company.

The Goubert Manufacturing Company.

The H. W. Johns Manufacturing Company.

The Okonite Company, Limited.

The Norwich Insulated Wire Company.

The Power Publishing Company.

The Safety Insulated Wire and Cable Company.

The Standard Paint Company.

The Tucker Electric Construction Company.
The W. J. Johnston Company, Limited.
Washburn & Moen Manufacturing Company.
Western Electric Company.

Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Company.
Wm. J. Hammer.

Norfolk Va., Electric Company of Virginia.

Philadelphia, Pa., Alfred F. Moore.

The Cutter Electric and Manufacturing Company.
The Electro-Dynamic Company.

The United Electric Improvement Company.

Partrick & Carter.

The Electric Storage Battery Company.

Pittsburg, Pa., M. W. Mead, Superintendent Bureau of Electricity.
Standard Underground Cable Company.

Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.

Pittsfield, Mass., Stanley Electric Manufacturing Company.
Providence, R. I., American Electrical Works.

New England Butt Company.

Ravenna, O., Globe Carbon Company.

Rochester, N. Y., C. R. Barnes, City Electrician.

Chas. F. Burns & Company.

St. Louis, Mo., American Electrical Manufacturing Company. Columbia Incandescent Lamp Company.

Heine Safety Boiler Company.

Shultz Belting Company.

Syracuse, N. Y., Electric Engineering and Supply Company.

Pass & Seymour.

Trenton, N. J., Crescent Insulated Wire and Cable Company.
Warren, O., New York & Ohio Company.

Washington, D. C., Kennedy & Du Perow.
Royce & Marean.

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Elected at the Fifteenth to serve until the close of the Eighteenth Convention.

M. J. FRANCISCO, Chairman, Ex-Officio.

[blocks in formation]

Elected at the Sixteenth to serve until the close of the Nineteenth Convention.

[blocks in formation]

Elected at the Seventeenth to serve until the close of the Twentieth Convention.

[blocks in formation]

Elected at the Eighteenth to serve until the close of the Twenty-first Convention.




* Elected in place of Robb MacKie, resigned. + Elected in place of C. Lee Abell, resigned.

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