The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Volume 51

Sampul Depan
Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779

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Halaman 30 - The chamber where the good man meets his fate, Is privileg'd beyond the common walk Of virtuous life, quite in the verge of heaven. Fly, ye profane ! If not, draw near with awe, Receive the blefling, and adore the chance,
Halaman 15 - both pain us, what can pleafe ? That which the Deity to pleafe ordain'd, Time us'd. The man who confecrates his hours 185 By vigorous effort, and an honeft aim, At once he draws the fting of life and death; He walks 'with Nature; and her paths are peace. Our error's
Halaman 52 - The deep damp vault, the darknefs, and the worm; Thefe are the bugbears of a winter's eve, The terrors of the living, not the dead. Imagination's fool, and error's wretch, Man makes a death, .which nature never made ; 15 Then on the point of his own fancy
Halaman 6 - out of life. Procraftination is the thief of time ; Year after year it fteals, till all are fled, And to the mercies of a moment leaves 395 The vaft concerns of an eternal
Halaman 95 - Tis a proud mendicant; it boafts, and begs ; It begs an alms of homage from the throng, And oft the throng denies its charity. 290 Monarchs and minifters are awful names ; Whoever wear them, challenge our devoir. Religion, public order, both exact External homage, and a fupple knee
Halaman 73 - Let him not violate kind nature's laws, " But own man born to live as well as die." Wretched and old thou giv'ft him ; young and gay He takes ; and -plunder is a tyrant's joy. What if I prove, " That fartheft from the fear, 790
Halaman 28 - A friend, but what has found a friend in Thee. All like the purchafe ; few the price will pay ; And this makes friends fuch miracles below. What if (fmce daring on fo nice a theme) I mew thee friendfhip Delicate, as Dear, Of tender violations apt to die
Halaman 120 - In this, not bis own place, this foreign field, Where nature fodders him with other food Than was ordain'd his cravings to fuffice, Poor in abundance, famifh'd at a feaft, Sighs on for fomething more, when mojl enjoy'd. 45 Is heaven then kinder to thy flocks than thee ? Not fo ; thy pafture richer, but remote
Halaman 35 - And make diftrefs, diftraftion. Oh Philander! What was thy fate ? A double fate to me ; Portent, and pain ! a menace, and a blow! Like the black raven hovering o'er my peace, Not lefs a bird of omen, than of prey. 75 It call'd Narcifl'a long before her hour; It call'd her tender foul, by break of
Halaman 108 - tis revolution all; All change ; no death. Day follows night; and night The dying day; ftars rife, and fet, and rife; Earth takes th' example. See, the Summer gay, 680 With her green chaplet, and ambrofial

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