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ted States against suits for or in respect to such of the States, but only to defend and maintain propertv in the court of claims.

the supremacy of the Constitution of the United No. 14.—That section eight of an act entitled States, and to preserve the Union with all the "An act granting lands to aid in the construction dignity, equality, and rights of the several of a railroad and telegraph line from Lake Su- States unimpaired; and that so soon as these perior to Puget Sound, on the Pacific coast,"' is objects should be accomplished, the war on the hereby so amended as to read as follows: That part of the government should cease: each and every grant, right, and privilege here- And whereas the President of the United in, are so made and given to and accepted by States has beretofore, in the spirit of that declarasaid Northern Pacific Railroad Company upon tion, and with the view of securing for it ultiand subject to the following conditions, namely: mate and complete effect, set forth several procThat the said company shall commence the work lamations, offering amnesty and pardon to peron said road within two years from and after the sons who had been or were concerned in the second day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty- aforesaid rebellion, which proclamations, howeiget, and shall complete not less than one ever, were attended with prudential reservations hundred miles per year after the second year and exceptions, then deemed necessary and thereafter, and shall construct, equip, furnish, proper, and which proclamations were respectand complete the whole road by the fourth day ively issued on the 8th day of December, 1863, of July, anno Domini eighteen hundred and on the 26th day of March, 1864, on the 29th day seventy-seven.

of May, 1865, and on the 7th day of September, No. 17.—That the time fixed and limited by 1867: an act entitled “ An act granting lands to aid in And whereas the said lamentable civil war the construction of certain railroads in the State has long since altogether ceased, with an acof Wisconsin," approved May fifth, eighteen knowledged guarantee to all the States of the hundred and sixty-four, for the completion of supremacy of the Federal Constitution and the the railroad from Tomah, in the county of Mon- government thereunder; and there no longer roe, to Saint Croix river or lake, between town-exists any reasonable ground to apprehend a reships twenty-five and thirty-one, be, and the newal of the said civil war, or any foreign intersame is hereby, further extended for a period of ference, or any unlawful resistance by any porthree years to the West Wisconsin Railroad tion of the people of any of the States to the Company, a corporation established by the laws Constitution and laws of the United States. of the State of Wisconsin, and which by the laws And whereas it is desirable to reduce the of said State, is entitled to the land grant made standing army, and to bring to a speedy termiin the second section of said act : Provided, nation military occupation, martial law, military That if said railway company shall not have tribunals, abridgement of freedom of speech and completed said railroad from Tomah to Black of the press, and suspension of the privilege of River Falls, on or before the expiration of one habeas corpus, and the right of trial by juryyear from the passage of this resolution, this act such encroachments upon our free institutions shall be null and void.

in times of peace being dangerous to public libNo. 19.—That all who served as officers, non- erty, incompatible with the individual rights of commissioned officers, privates or other enlisted the citizen, contrary to the genius and spirit of men in the regular army, volunteer or militia our republican form of government, and exforces of the United States, during the war of haustive of the national resources: the rebellion, and have been honorably dis- And whereas it is believed that amnesty and charged from the service or remain still in the pardon will tend to secure a complete and unisame, shall be entitled to wear, on occasions of versal establishment and prevalence of municiceremony, the distinctive army badge ordered pal law and order, in conformity with the Constifor and adopted by the army corps and division, tution of the United States, and to remove all respectively, in which they served.

appearances or presumptions of a retaliatory or ÑO. 23. - That the people of the United States vindictive policy on the part of the government renew the expression of their sympathy with attended by unnecessary disqualifications, pains, the suffering people of Crete, to whom they are penalties, confiscations, and disfranchisements; bound by the ties of a common religion and of and, on the contrary, to promote and procure the gratitude due to the Greek race, of which the complete fraternal reconciliation among the Cretans are a part; that they rejoice to believe whole people, with due submission to the Constithat the suffering of this interesting people may tution and laws; be happily terminated by a policy of forbearance Now, therefore, be it known that I, Andrew on the part of the Turkish Government,

Johnson, President of the United States, do, by

virtue of the Constitution and in the name of PROCLAMATIONS.

the people of the United States, hereby proclaim

and declare, unconditionally and without reserTHE PRESIDENT'S FIRST AMNESTY PROCLAMATION.

vation, to all and to every person who directly Whereas in the month of July, A. D. 1861, in or indirectly participated in the late insurrection accepting the condition of civil war, which was or rebellion, excepting such person or persons as brought about by insurrection and rebellion in may be under presentment or indictment in any several of the States which constitute the United court of the United States having competent juStates, the two houses of Congress did solemnly risdiction upon a charge of treason or other feldeclare that the war was not waged on the part ony, a full pardon and amnesty for the offence of the government in any spirit of oppression, of treason against the United States, or of adnor for any purpose of conquest or subjugation, hering to their enemies during the late civil nor for any purpose of overthrowing or inter- war, with restoration of all rights of property, fering with the rights or established institutions except as to slaves, and except also as to any

property of which any person may have been PROCLAMATION OF THE RATIFICATION OF THE XIVth legally divested under the laws of the United AMENDMENT BY FLORIDA AND NORTH CAROLINA, States.

JULY 11, 1868. In testimony whereof I have signed these presents with my hand, and have caused the act to admit the States of North Carolina, South

Whereas by an act of Congress, entitled " An seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Done at the city of Washington, the fourth Florida, to representation in Congress,” passed

day of July, in the year of our Lord ore (seal.] thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, is made the duty of the President within ten

on the 25th of June, 1868, it is declared that it and of the independence of the United days after receiving official information of the States of America the ninety-third. ANDREW JOHNSON.

ratification by the legislature of either of said

States of a proposed amendment to the ConstituBy the President:

tion known as article XIV, to issue a proclamaWILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

tion announcing that fact;


pective; By the President of the United States of lution of the Legislature of Florida, adopting

And whereas a paper, purporting to be a resoAmerica, a Proclamation :

Whereas, the President of the United States the amendment of the XIIIth and XIVth artihas heretofore set forth several proclamations, cles of the Constitution of the United States, offered amnesty and pardon to persons who had

was received at the Department of State on the been or were concerned in the late Rebellion 16th of June, 1868, prior to the passage of the against the lawful authority of the Government act of Congress referred to, which paper is atof the United States, which proclamations were

tested by the names of Horatio Jenkins, Jr., as severally issued on the 8th day of December, president pro tem. of the Senate, and' W.'w. 1863, on the 26th day of March, 1864, on the 29th Moore as speaker of the Assembly, and of Wilday of May, 1865, on the 7th day of September, liam L. Apthoop as secretary of the Senate, and 1867, and on the 4th day of July in the present William Forsyth Bynum as clerk of the Assemyear; and

bly, and which paper was transmitted to the Whereas, the authority of the Federal Go- Secretary of State in a letter dated Executive vernment having been reestablished in all the office, Tallahassee, Florida, June 10, 1868, from States and Territories within the jurisdiction of Harrison Reed, who therein signs himself Govthe United States, it is believed that such pru

ernor; dential reservations and exceptions as, at the And whereas, on the 6th day of July, 1868, dates of said several proclamations were deemed a paper was received by the President, which necessary and proper, may now be wisely and paper being addressed to the President, bears justly relinquished, and that an universal am- date of the 4th of July, 1868, and was transmitnesty and pardon for participation in said Re-ted by and under the name of W. W. Holden, bellion, extended to all who have born any part who therein writes himself Governor of North therein, will tend to secure permanent peace, Carolina, which paper certifies that the said proorder, and prosperity throughout the land, and posed amendment, known as article XIV, did to renew and fully restore confidence and fra- pass the Senate and House of Representatives of ternal feeling among the whole people, and their the General Assembly of North Carolina on the respect for, an attachment to the National Go- second day of July instant, and is ested by vernment, designed by its patriotic founders for the name of John H. Boner or Bower, as secrethe general good.

tary of the House of Representatives, and T. A. Now, therefore, be it known that I, Andrew Byrnes, as secretary of the Senate, and its ratiJohnson, President of the United States, by vir- fication on the 4th of July, 1868, is attested by tue of the power and authority in me vested by Tod R. Caldwell as Lieutenant Governor, presithe Constitution, and in the name of the sover- dent of Senate, and J. W. Holden as speaker of eign people of the United States, do hereby pro- House of Representatives ; claim and declare, unconditionally and without reservation, to all and to every person who di- Johnson, President

of the

United States of Amer

Now, therefore, be it known that I, Andrew rectly or indirectly participated in the late in surrection or rebellion a full pardon and amnesty of Congress aforesaid, do issue this proclamation,

ica, in compliance with and execution of the act for the offence of treason against the United announcing the fact of the ratification of the States or of adhering to their enemies during the said amendment by the Legislature of the State late civil war, with restoration of all rights, of North Carolina, in the manner hereinbefore privileges and immunities, under the Constitu

set forth. tion and the laws which have been made in pursuance thereof.

In testimony whereof I have signed these presIn testimony whereof I have signed these pre

ents with my hand, and have caused the seal of sents with my hand and have caused the seal of the United States to be hereto affixed. the United States to be hereunto affixed.

Done at the city of Washington, this eleventh Done at the City of Washington, the twenty

day of July, in the year of our Lord

one thousand eight hundred and sixtyone thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, [seal.] eight, and of the Independence of the and of the independence of the United States of

United States of America the ninetyAmerica the ninety-third.


ANDREW JOHNSON. By the President. ANDREW JOHNSON. By the President:

F. W. SEWARD, Acting Sec'y of State. WM. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.


CERTIFICATE OF MR. SECRETARY SEWARD RESPECT- necticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,

FOURTEENTH Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION, JULY 20, South Carolina, Georgia, Vermont, Kentucky, 1868.

Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, William H. Seward, Secretary of State of the Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas,

United States, to all to whom these presents Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minmay come, greeting:

nesota, California, Oregon, Kansas, West Virgion or about the sixteenth of June, in the year herein before named, whose legislatures

have ratiWhereas the Congress of the United States, nia, Nevada, and Nebraska ;

And whereas the twenty-three States first one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six, passed a resolution which is in the words and figures fied the said proposed amendment, and the six following, to wit:

States next thereafter named, as having ratified [See Tribune Almanac for 1867, page 447.]

the said proposed amendment by newly-constituAnd whereas by the second section of the act ted and established legislative bodies, together of Congress, approved the twentieth of April, one constitute three-fourths of the whole number of thousand eight hundred and eighteen, entitled States in the United States; “An act to provide for the publication of the

Now, therefore, be it known, that I, William laws of the United States, and for other pur- u. Seward, Secretary of State of the United poses,” it is made the duty of the Secretary of States, by virtue and in pursuance of the second Btate forthwith to cause any amendment to the section of the act of Congress, approved the Constitution of the United States, which has been twentieth of April, eighteen hundred and eightadopted according to the provisions of the said een,

hereinbefore cited, do hereby certify that if Constitution, to be published in the newspapers New Jersey ratifying the aforesaid amendment

the resolutions of the legislatures of Ohio and authorized to promulgate the laws, with his certificate specifying the States by which the same

are to be deemed as remaining in full force and may have been adopted, and that the same has effect, notwithstanding the subsequent resolubecome valid, to all intents and purposes, as a purport to withdraw the consent of said States

tions of the legislatures of those States which part of the Constitution of the United States; And whereas neither the

act just quoted from, from such ratification, then the aforesaid amendpor any other law, expressly or by conclusive ment

has been ratified in the manner herein beimplication, authorizes the Secretary of State to fore mentioned, and so has become valid, to all determine and decide doubtful questions as to intents and purposes, as a part of the Constituthe authenticity of the organization of State tion of the United States. legislatures, or as to the power of any State

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my legislature to recall a previous act or resolution hand, and caused the seal of the Department of of ratification of any amendment proposed to

State to be affixed. the Constitution;

Done at the city of Washington this 20th day And whereas it appears from official docu

of July, in the year of our Lord 1868, ments on file in this Department that the amend (seal.] and of the independence of the United ment to the Constitution of the United States,

States of America the ninety-third.

WILLIAM H. SEWARD, proposed as aforesaid, has been ratified by the legislatures of the States of Connecticut, New

Secretary of State. Hampshire, Tennessee, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, New York, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, CONCURRENT RESOLUTION OF Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, Min:

SAME SUBJECT, JULY 21, 1868. nesota, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Whereas the legislatures of the States of ConMichigan, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Iowa. necticut, Tennessee, New Jersey, Oregon, VerAnd whereas it further appears from docu- mont, West

Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, ments on file in this Department, that the amend Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin, ment to the Constitution of the United States, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Michigan, Nevada, proposed as aforesaid, has also been ratified by New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nebraska, newly-constituted and newly-established bodies Maine, Iowa, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, avowing themselves to be, and acting as, the Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana, being legislatures, respectively, of the States of Arkan- three-fourths and more of the several States of sas, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, South the Union, have ratified the fourteenth article of Carolina, and Alabama;

amendment to the Constitution of the United And whereas it further appears from official | States, duly proposed by two-thirds of each House documents on file in this Department that the of the Thirty-ninth Congress; therefore legislatures of two of the States first above enu- Resolved by the Senate (the House of Repremerated, to wit: Ohio and New Jersey, have sentatives concurring), That said fourteenth since passed resolutions respectively withdrawing article is hereby declared to be a part of the Conthe consent of each of said States to the aforesaid stitution of the United States, and it shall be amendment; and whereas it is deemed a matter duly promulgated as such by the Secretary of of doubt and uncertainty whether such resolu- State. tions are not irregular, invalid, and therefore in- July 21.- Passed the SENATE without a count. effectual for withdrawing the consent of the said Same day.--Passed the HOUSE—the resolution two States, or of either of them, to the aforesaid -yeas 126, nays 82; the preamble-yeas 127, amendment;

And whereas the whole number of States in Georgia bas ratified it since, by a majority of the United States is thirty-seven, to wit: New ten in the Senate, and twenty-four in the House. Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Con


nays 85.


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1852. -1856.

1860. -1864. 1868. STATES.

Whig. Dem. Rep. Dem. Rep. Dem. Union. Rep. Dem. Rep. Dem.

Scott. Pierce. Fremont. Buchanan. Linc. Breck. Bell. Linc..McCl. Grant.Seym'r. Alabama.


9.. Arkansas.


4 California.

4.. Cunnecticut Delaware.

3. Florida..

3.. Georgia..

10. Illinois.



6. Maine..

8. Maryland

New Hampshire.

New Jersey
New York.
North Carolina.

10. Obio...

23. Oregon, Pennsylvania.

27. Rhode Island.. South Carolina

8.. Tennessee..

12 Texas...

West Virginia


5 Total. 253.. 114 174.. 180

213 21.. 214 Per cent.

40 60..

91 9..

72 Majorities...

Pierce, 211, Buch'n, 52. Lincoln, over all, 67. Lincoln, 192. Grant, 134 * States marked with a star did not vote in 1864 and 1868. In 1856, Maryland gave 8 votes for Fillmore. In 1860, Missouri gave her votes for Douglas, and New Jersey gave him three of hers, making 12 in all. Lincoln's vote in 1864 is one short, in consequence of the death of one of the electors of Nevada. We put in the full number, 213.


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Coin.. December, 1868 compared with 1867.

$100,690,645 $88,425,374 Currency.

37,486,175 13,253,946 DEBT BEARING OOIN INTEREST. Dec. 1, 1867. Dec. 1, 1868.

Total in Treasury 138,176,820 106,679,320 Five pr ct.bonds.... $205,532,850 $221,588,400

Debt less cash Treas. 2,501,205,751 2,539,031,844 Six pr ct. bonds,67, '8 14,690,941

Increase of national debt since Six prct.bonds of '81 282,731,560 283,677,300

December 1, 1867.

37,826.093 Six pr ct.5-20 bonds. 1,324,412,550 1,602,570,400

VARIATIONS FROM 1867. Navy pension fund.. 13,000,050

Increase. Decrease.

Debt bear'g coin int. $267.468.209 Tot.bear'g coin int. 1,840,467,891 2,107,836,100 Debt bear'g c'r'y int.


Debt bearing no int.. 7,608,324 Six per ct. bonds... $18,601,000

Matured debt not p'd

5,932,480 Three prct.certif's, 12,855,000 $58,140,000 Three 62,249,360

NATIONALITY OF THE LOYAL ARMY. Three yr.7.30 notes. 285,587,100

The assertion often made here and in England Navy pens'n fd3pc.

14,000,000 that the army which conquered the rebellion Tot.bear'g cur'cy in. 379,292.163 72,140,000

was made up chiefly of foreigners, is refuted by Matured, not paid... 14,178,363 8,245,883

Prof. B. A. Gould, whose work on statistics DEBT BEARING NO INTEREST.

presents the following official statement of the United States notes. $356,212,473 $356,621,073 nationality of white soldiers in the Union army Fractional currency 30,929,984 33,875,268 from the loyal States and Territories, excluding Gold certificates.... 18,401,400 23,255,840 the Pacific Coast.


Per cent. Tot, bearing no int. 405,543,857 413,152,181 Native American....... 1,523,500


British American..


2.65 Debt bear'g coin int. $1,840,367,891 $2,107,836,100 English..


2.26 Debt bear'g c'cy int. 379,292,400 72,140,000 Irish..


7.14 Debt bear'g no int.: 405,543,857


German Mat'd debt not paid 14,178,363

176,800 8,245,883 Other foreigners.


2.38 Total..

2,639,382,572 2,601,374,164 “Foreigners" nativity Bonds issued to Pacific R.R.Có. 44,337,000



1.33 Grand Total. 2,645,711,164 Total..




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