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1. When any writer of a letter, on which the and three clerks to be appointed, in the departpostage is prepaid, shall indorse in writing or in ment at Washington, the superintendent to have print upon the outside thereof his name and ad- $3,000; the superintendent of money order busidress, the same, after remaining uncalled [un- ness to have $3,000 a year; a chief of dead letcalled) for at the post office to which it is direct- ter office may be appointed-salary, $2,000. Sec. ed thirty days, or the time the writer may direct, 10. That, if any person employed in any deshall be returned to the said writer without ad partment of the post office establishment of the ditional postage, whether a specific request for United States shall, willfully and knowingly, use such return be indorsed on the letter or not. or cause to be used in prepayment of postage Sec. 2. That all persons who receive money or- any postage stamp or stamped envelope issued ders shall be required to pay therefor the follow- or which may hereafter be issued by authority ing charges : For one dollar or any sum not ex- of any act of Congress or of the Postmaster ceeding twenty dollars, ten cents; for all orders General which has already been once used for a exceeding twenty dollars and not exceeding like purpose, or shall remove or attempt to rethirty dollars, the charge shall be fifteen cents; move the canceling or defacing marks from any for all orders exceeding thirty dollars and not such postage stamp or stamped envelope with exceeding forty dollars, the fee shall be twenty intent to use or cause the use of the same a seccents; for all orders exceeding forty dollars and ond time, or to sell or offer to sell the same, or not exceeding fifty dollars, the fee shall be shall remove from letters or other mail matter twenty-five cents; and furthermore that the com- deposited in or received at a post office the pensation of deputy postmasters for the payment stamps attached to the same in payment of postof money orders is hereby increased from one- age, with intent to use the same a second time eighth to one-fourth of one per centum on the for a like purpose, or to sell or offer to sell the gross amount of orders paid at their respective same, every such offender shall, upon conviction offices, and that nothing contained in any act thereof, be deemed guilty of felony, and shall be shall be so construed as to deprive postmasters imprisoned for not less than one year nor more at money order offices of the compensation for than three years. Sec. 11. That if any person transacting the money order business fixed by not employed in any department of the post ofthe act of May seventeenth, eighteen hundred fice esta blishment of the United States shall and sixty-four, and modified as stated in this commit any of the offences described in the preseciion : Provided always, That the amount ceding section of this act, every such person of such annual compensation, together with the shall, on conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of postmaster's salary, sball not in any case exceed a misdemeanor, and be punished by imprisonthe salary established by law for postmasters of ment for not less than six months nor more than the first class. Sec. 3. That section thirty-five one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundof the act of March third, eighteen hundred and red dollars nor more than five hundred dollars sixty-three, shall be so construed as to permit for each offence, or by both such fine and imweekly newspapers, properly folded and address- prisonment. Sec. 13. That it shall not be law. ed, when sent to regular subscribers, in the ful to deposit in a post office, to be sent by mail, county where printed and published, to be de- any letters or circulars concerning lotteries, so llvered free of postage, when deposited at the called gift concerts, or other similar enterprises, office nearest to the office of publication; but offering prizes of any kind on any pretext whatnothing in this act shall be so construed as to ever. Sec. 14. That the Postmaster General be, require carriers to distribute said papers, unless and he is hereby, authorized and empowered to postage is paid upon them at the rate of five establish a blank agency for the post office decents per quarter, and such postage must be pre-partment, in Washington, and to appoint one paid for a term of not less than one quarter or superintendent at an annual salary of $1,800, more than one year, either at the office of mail- one assistant superintendent at an annual salary ing or of delivery, at the option of the sub- of $1,600, and three other assistants at an an. scriber. Sec. 4. That in case of the loss of a nual salary of $1,000 each, and two laborers at money order, a duplicate thereof shall be issued an annual salary of $720 each; and all other by the superintendent of the money order office blank agencies are hereby abolished. Sec. 15. without charge, on the application of the remit. That the Postmaster General be, and he is hereter or payee of the originál: Provided, That by, authorized to conclude arrangements with the applicant furnish a certificate from the post the post departments of foreign countries with master on whom the same was drawn that it had which international postal conventions have not been and would not thereafter be paid, and been or shall be concluded, for the exchange of a similar certificate from the postmaster by small sums of money by means of postal orders, whom it was issued that it had not been and the maximum amount of which shall not exceed would not be repaid to the purchaser; and a that fixed by law for domestic money orders, at second fee shall not be charged for a duplicate such rates of exchange and under such rules and money order issued to replace an order that has regulations as he may deem expedient; and that been rendered invalid because of non-presenta- the expense incurred in establishing and contion for payment within one year after its date, ducting such system of exchange may be paid or because of illegal indorsements.

out of the proceeds of the money order business. Other sections provide for punishing forgery Sec. 20. That the Postmaster General is hereby of post office orders, which is declared felony, authorized to prescribe a uniform dress to be and the offender may be kept at hard labor from worn by the letter carriers at the several free detwo to five years and fined not over $5,000. A livery offices, and that any person not connected mail agent to be sent with each China mail with this branch of the service who shall wear steamer ; a postal agency to be established at the uniform that may be prescribed in accordShanghae; à superintendent of foreign mails ance herewith, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, being convicted thereof, shall, sary and proper to obtain or effectuate such refor every such offence, be fined not more than lease, and all the facts and proceedings relative one hundred dollars, or imprisoned not more thereto shall as soon as practicable be communithan six months, or both, in the discretion of the cated by the President to Congress. court before which such conviction shall be had. No. 102.- Establishes a new land district in

Other sections provide for the settlement of Nebraska. accounts with postmasters.

No. 103.-Regulates the sale of hay in the DisNo. 99.--Appropriating $7,200,000 in coin to trict of Columbia. pay Russia for Aliaska.

No. 104.-Incorporates the Evening Star newsNo. 100.-Appropriations for the Indian De paper company of Washington. partment. For superintendents, agents, clerks, No. 105. - Authorizes Washington city to issue interpreters and contingencies, fulfilling treaties, bonds to pay the floating debt of the city. and all other matters, about $3,250,000. Much No. 106. —To pucrent frauds upon the revenue. of this is contingent upon future action; some is This act requires that in case of goods, wares, in coin or its equivalent; so it is not possible to and merchandise, imported from a foreign counget at the exact amount of the appropriation. try adjacent to the United States, the declaration One important section is as follows: "For this in this section hereinbefore required may be amount for the purpose of carrying out the made to, and the certificate indorsed by, the contreaty stipulations, making and preparing homes, sul, vice-consul, or commercial agent, at or nearfurnishing provisions, tools, and farming uten- est to the port or place of clearance for the sils, and furnishing food for such bands of In- United States. dians with which treaties have been made by the No. 107.-- Further amending the act to allow Indian peace commission and not yet ratified, the United States to prosecute appeals and writs and defraying the expenses of the commission in of error without giving security. making such treaties, and carrying their pro- No. 108. - To protect the rights of actual setvisions into effect, five hundred thousand dol- tlers upon the public lands of the United States. lars, to be expended under the direction of Lieu- That in no case shall more than three sections of tenant General Sherman of said commission, public lands of the United States be entered in and drawn from the treasury upon his requisition any one township by scrip issued to any State upon the Secretary of the Interior." The Men- under the act approved July second, eighteen docino reservation, in California, is restored to hundred and sixty-two, for the establishment of sale, and may be put in the market.

an agricultural college therein. No. 101.-Concerning the Rights of American No. 109.-Changing the ports of entry from Citizens in Foreign States. Whereas the right of Plymouth to Edenton, in North Carolina, and expatriation is a natural and inherent right of Port Royal to Beaufort, in South Carolina. all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the No. 110.-Amending the general Bankruptcy rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happi- law so as to read as follows: "In all proceedings ness; and whereas in the recognition of this prin- in bankruptcy commenced after the first day of ciple, this government has freely received emi- January, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, no grants from all nations, and invested them with discharge shall be granted to a debtor whose asthe rights of citizenship; and whereas it is sets shall not be equal to fifty per centum of the claimed that such American citizens, with their claims proved against his estate upon which he descendants, are subjects of foreign states, owing shall be liable as the principal debtor, unless the allegiance to the governments thereof; and assent in writing of a majority in number and whereas it is necessary to the maintenance of value of his creditors to whom he shall have bepublic peace that this claim of foreign allegiance come liable as principal debtor, and who shall should be promp? 'y and finally disavowed; there have proved their claims, be filed in the case at fore, Be it enacted, That any declaration, in- or before the time of the hearing of the applicastruction, opinion, order, or decision of any offi- tion for discharge.” cers of this govi nment which denies, restricts, No. 111.-Transfers certain duties in regard to impairs, or ques: ons the right of expatriation, Indian affairs from the treasury to the interior is hereby declared inconsistent with the funda- department. mental principles of this government. Sec. 2. No. 112.-To provide for an American line of That all naturalized citizens of the United States, mail and emigrant passenger steamships between while in foreign states, shall be entitled to, and New York and one or more European ports. The shall receive from this government, the same postmaster general may contract with the Comprotection of persons and property that is ac- mercial Navigation Company for conveyance of corded to native-born citizens in like situations mails weekly or semi-weekly between New York and circumstances. Sec. 3. That whenever it and Bremen, touching at Southampton or Livershall be made known to the President that any pool and Queenstown, the steamers to be firstcitizen of the United States has been unjustly class constructed and owned in the United States, deprived of his liberty by or under the authority contract not exceed fifteen years in duration. of any foreign government, it shall be the duty The company must within one year have ready of the President forthwith to demand of that seven first-class steamships, the postmaster gengovernment the reasons for such imprisonment, eral to have inspection of them if he desires, avand if it appears to be wrongful and in violation erage rate of speed to be equal to other lines. of the rights of American citizenship, the Presi- That the compensation for carrying the mails, as dent shall forthwith demand the release of such shall be in conformity with the act of Congress, citizen, and if the release so demanded is un approved June 14, 1858, and shall in no eventexreasonably delayed or refused, it shall be the ceed the sum therein provided, being all postage duty of the President to use such means, not on letters, newspapers, and all other matter amounting to acts of war, as he may think neces- | transported by or in the mails carried by said navigation company, shall belong to said com- maturity of the same. That the foreign mail pany, and shall be paid to said company quar- agents of the government of the United States terly, or applied to their use. Provided, That shall have free passage on the ships of the said when the receipts from sea postages shall equal company whenever the postmaster general to or exceed the sum of four hundred thousand dol- such foreign mail agents issue passes. That the lars per annum, then the right of said company said navigation company shall keep up and to receive the inland postages shall cease, and maintain for a period of twenty years, for tbe said company shall only receive the sea post- said United States mail service, at least the said ages: Provided, That such postages shall not number of seven first class steamships. That exceed six hundred thousand dollars per annum, the rights and privileges herewith granted shall after the discontinuance of said inland postage. be and remain to this company, and in no event That to insure the construction of the above shall this company transfer or the rights mentioned vessels within the time and in the and privileges herein granted, nor shall it be law. manner provided, the said Commercial Naviga- ful for any officer of the government hereafter to tion Company may issue bonds to such an recognize any assignment or transfer, it being amount that the entire annual interest thereon the intent and meaning of this act to secure an shall not exceed the sum of two hundred and fif-American line of steam vessels for the transportty thousand dollars, such bonds to be made pay- ation of mails and the proper conveyance of able at the expiration of fifteen years, and the emigrant passengers between the port of New interest thereof to be made payable semi-annu York and the European ports above named; and ally, the principal and interest of such bonds to Congress may at any time hereafter, during the be made payable in coin. That for the protection period of fifteen years, terminate or abandon any of the holders of such bonds they shall be sever-contract of the United States made with such ally registered at the post office department and company, and, having a due regard to the accertified by the chief clerk of the department, crued rights of the said company, alter, repeal, without lia bility for the payment of the interest or amend this act, and it shall take effect and be or principal of said bonds upon the part of the in force from and after its passage. post office department only in manner as herein- No. 116.--Relating to pensions. That the laws after provided. And the postmaster general shall granting pensions to the hereinafter-mentioned receive all moneys for postage earned by the dependent relatives of deceased persons leaving steamships of said company, and shall apply the neither widow nor child entitled to pensions unsame as far as needed to the payment of the semi- der existing laws, shall be so construed as to annual interest upon the before named bonds, give precedence to such relatives in the following and shall retain the surplus after paying such order, namely: First, mothers; secondly, fathinterest, and shall invest the same quarterly in ers; thirdly, orphan brothers and sisters under the securities of the United States to form a sink- sixteen years of age, who shall be pensioned ing fund, to be held solely for the benefit of the jointly if there be more than one: Provided, bondholders, and to be applied to the paymenti That if, in any case, the said persons shall have of the principal of such bonds. And whenever, left both father and mother who were dependent and as soon as such sinking fund shall equal in upon them, then on the death of the mother the amount the entire principal of said bonds, then father shall become entitled to a pension comfrom that time forward the interest of said bonds mencing from and after the death of the moth. shall be paid out of the income of such sinking er; and upon the death of the mother and fund, and the principal thereof out of the same father the dependent brothers and sisters unfund at their maturity. And all postage earned der sixteen years of age shall jointly become after the time when said sinking fund shall be entitled to such pension until they attain the age made up to the amount aforesaid, shall belong to of sixteen years, respectively, commencing from and be paid quarterly to the said company by the and after the death of the party who, preceding postmaster general of the United States. That them, would have been entitled to the same: the aforesaid mail steamships shall be com- and provided further, That no pension heremanded and officered only by citizens of the tofore awarded shall be affected by anything United States, shall mount an armament, if re- herein contained. quired, of two guns each, and shall have at least Sec. 2. That no person shall be entitled to a one apprentice to be instructed in engineering, pension by reason of wounds received, or disseamanship, and navigation, to every two hun. ease contracted, in the service of the United dred tons of registered tonnage for each steam- States, subsequently to the passage of this act, ship; and the government of the United States unless the person who was wounded or contractshall have the power to take and use the afore ed disease was in the line of duty: and, if in the said mail steamships as transports or for ships of military service, was at the time actually in the war whenever, in the opinion of the President, field, or on the march, or at some post, fort, or the exigencies of the United States may require garrison; or if in the naval service was at the them, who is authorized, in such an event, to ime borne on the books of some ship, or other take said mail steamers and pay said company a vessel of the United States, at sea or in harbor, just and equitable sum for their use, or purchase actually in commission, or was on his way, by the same, as may be deemed most

for the interest direction of competent authority, to the United of the United States ; said payment, whether for States, or to some other vessel or naval station. purchase or use, to be made to the postmaster SEC. 3. That so much of the acts approved general, who shall pay to said navigation com- April 6th, 1838, and August 280, 1842, as repany, whatever balance be due them, after de quires that pensions remaining unclaimed for ducting suficient for payment for all the before fourteen months after the same have become named registered bonds, the amount of which in due, shall be adjusted at the office of the third this event shall be paid to the holders thereof at auditor, is hereby repealed; and the failure of any pensioner to claim his or her pension for a duty in the military or naval service of the Unitperiod of three years after the same shall have ed States, leaving a widow and child or children become due, shall be deemed presumptive evi- under the age of sixteen years, and it shall be dence that such pension has legally terminated duly certified under seal, by any court having by reason of the pensioner's death, remarriage, probate jurisdiction, that satisfactory evidence recovery from disability, or otherwise, and the has been produced before such court that the pensioner's name shall be stricken from the rolls, widow aforesaid has abandoned the care of such subject to the right of restoration to the same on child or children, or is an unsuitable person, by a new application, with evidence satisfactorily reason of immoral conduct, to have the custody accounting for the failure to claim such pension. of the same, or on presentation of satisfactory

Sec. 4. That if any officer, soldier, seaman, or evidence thereof to the commissioner of pensions, enlisted man has died since the 4th day of March, then no pension shall be allowed to such widow 1861, or shall hereafter die, leaving a widow en- until said child or children shall have severally titled to a pension, and a child or children under become sixteen years of age, any previous enactsixteen years of age by a former wife, each of ment to the contrary notwithstanding; and the said children shall be entitled to receive two child or children aforesaid shall be pensioned in dollars per month, to commence from the death the same manner as if no widow had survived of their father and continue until they severally the said officer, soldier, or seaman, and such attain the age of sixteen years, to be paid to the pension may be paid to the regularly authorized guardian of such child or children for their use guardian of such child or children." and benefit: Provided, however, That in all SEC. 9. That section six of an act entitled “An cases where such widow is charged with the act supplementary to the several acts relating to care, custody, and maintenance of such child or pensions," approved June six, eighteen hundred children, the said sum of two dollars per month and sixty-six, be, and the same is hereby, amendfor each of said children shall be paid to her for ed and re-enacted, so as to read as follows: That and during the time she is, or may have been, so if any person entitled to a pension has died since charged with the care, custody, and maintenance March fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, of such child or children, subject to the same or shall hereafter die while an application for conditions, provisions, and limitations as if they such pension is pending, leaving no widow and were her own children by her said deceased hus- no child under sixteen years of age, his or her heirs band.

or legal representatives shall be entitled to reSec. 5. That in all cases where an increased ceive the accrued pension to which the applicant pension has been or may hereafter be granted to would have been entitled had the certificate been any widow or guardian of the children under issued before his or her death. sixteen years of age of a deceased soldier or SEC. 10. That the remarriage of any widow or sailor, under an act entitled “An act increasing dependent mother, otherwise entitled to a pension the pensions of widows, and for other purposes,

," prior to the application therefor, or to the issue approved July 25th, 1866, or any subsequent of a pension certificate to her, shall not debar act, such widow, or the guardian of such child- | her right to a pension for the period elapsing ren, shall not be deprived of such increase by from the death of her husband or son, on account reason of any child or children of such deceased of whose services and death she may claim a soldier or sailor being the inmate of any home, pension, to her remarriage: Provided, however, orphan's asylum, or other public or private That nothing in this section shall be construed charitable institution organized for the care and to repeal or modify the fourth section of an act education of soldiers' orphans under the laws of entitled “An act supplementary to the several any of the States, or in any school or institution acts granting pensions," approvəd March third, where such orphan may in whole or in part be eighteen hundred and sixty-five, maintained or educated at the expense of a Sec. 11. That the provisions of the ninth section State, or of the public.

.of an act approved July fourth, eighteen hunSec. 6. That all pensions which have been dred and sixty-four, entitled “An act supplegranted in consequence of death occurring or mentary to 'An act to grant pensions,?" are disease contracted, or wounds received, since the hereby continued in force for five years from 4th day of March, 1861, or may hereafter be the fourth day of July, eighteen hundred and granted, shall commence from the discharge or sixty-seven. from the death of the person on whose account Sec. 12. That section one of an act entitled the pension has been or shall hereafter be grant- “An act supplementary to the several acts reed : Provided, That the application for such lating to pensions," approved June six, eighteen pension has been or shall hereafter be, filed with hundred and sixty-six, shall be so construed as to the commissioner of pensions within five years secure to every person entitled by law before the after the right thereto shall have accrued ; ex- passage of said act to a less pension than twenty: cept that applications by or in behalf of insane five dollars per month, who while in the military persons and children under sixteen ycars of age or naval service and in the line of duty, or in may be filed after the expiration of the said five consequence of wounds received or disease con years, if previously thereto they were without tracted therein, having only one eye, shall have guardians or other proper legal representatives. lost the same, a pension of twenty-five dollars pei

SEC. 8. That section eleven of an act entitled month, “An act supplementary to the several acts relat- Sec. 13. That the third section of an act en ing to pensions," approved June six, eighteen titled " An act increasing the pensions of widow hundred and sixty-six, be amended and re-enact- and orphans, and for other purposes," approved ed so as to read as follows: "That if any officer, July twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty soldier, or seaman shall have died of wounds re-six, shall be so construed as to place all pension ceived or of disease contracted in the line of ) ers whose right thereto accrued subsequently to

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the war of the revolution, and prior to the fourth

PUBLIC RESOLUTIONS. day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, on There are few of these of any considerable imthe same footing, as to rate of pension, from and portance. We give the chief points of interest. after the passage of said act, as those who have No. 1. A resolution excluding from the electbeen pensioned under acts passed since said oral college votes of States lately in rebellion fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty- which shall not have been reorganized.—That one; and the widows of revolutionary soldiers and none of the States whose inhabitants were lately sailors now receiving a less sum shall hereafter be in rebellion shall be entitled to representation paid at the rate of eight dollars per month. in the electoral college for the choice of Presi

Sec. 14. That all officers in the military or dent or Vice-President of the United States, nor naval service, of the rank of captain in the army shall any electoral votes be received or counted or lieutenant in the navy, and of less rank, who from any of such States, unless at the time prehave lost a leg or arm in such service and in the scribed by law for the choice of electors the peoline of duty, or in consequence of wounds re-ple of such States, pursuant to the acts of Conceived or disease contracted therein, shall be en- gress in that behalf, shall have, since the fourth titled to receive an artificial limb on the same day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, terms as privates in the army are now entitled adopted a constitution of State government un. to receive the same.

der which a State government shall have been No. 125.--Extending the laws of the United organized and shall be in operation, nor unless States over Alaska. The whole purchase is such election of electors shall have been held formed into one collection district, to be called under the authority of such constitution and gov

Alaska; a port of entry to be declared at or ernment, and such State shall have also become near Sitka, with a collector at $2,500 salary and entitled to representation in Congress, pursuant fees, the whole not to exceed $4,000 a year. to the acts of Congress in that behalf: Provided,

SEC. 4. That the President shall have power to That nothing herein contained shall be conrestrict and regulate or prohibit the importation strued to apply to any State which was repreand use of fire-arms, ammunition, and distilled sented in Congress on the fourth day of March, spirits into and within the said Territory. And eighteen hundred and sixty seven. (Vetoed and all such arms, ammunition, and distilled spirits, repassed.). landed or attempted to be landed or used at any No. 4. - That the Secretary of the Navy be, and port or place in said Territory, in violation of he is hereby, authorized to dispose of such ironsaid regulations, shall be forfeited; and if the clad vessels, except those of the “Dictator," value of the same shall exceed four hundred dol. “Kalamazoo,". "Monadnock,” and “Passaic", lars, the vessel upon which the same shall be classes, as in his judgment are not required by found, or from which they shall have been land- the interests of the service, at a price to be deed, together with her tackle, apparel and furni- termined by appraisal, to be made by a board ture, and cargo, shall be forfeited; and any per- of not less than five naval officers, two of whom son willfully regulating such violation shall, on shall be engineers. conviction, be fined in any sum not exceeding No. 5.—That the Secretary of War be, and he five hundred dollars, or imprisoned not more is hereby, authorized and directed to take immethan six months.

diate measures for the reduction of the expenses Sec. 6. That it shall be unlawful for any per- of the army and of the war department at and in son or persons to kill any otter, mink, martin, the vicinity of New York city, at as early a day sable, or fur seal, or other fur bearing animal, as practicable, by concentrating the business of within the limits of said Territory, or in the the quartermaster, commissary, clothing, ordwaters thereof; and any person guilty thereof nance, and medical bureaus, and recruiting servshall, for each offence, on conviction, be fined ice in said city. in any sum not less than two hundred dollars No. 9.–That all moneys which have been renor more than one thousand, or imprisoned not ceived by any officer or employe[e] of the govmore than six months, or both at the discretion ernment, or any department thereof, from sales of the court; and all vessels, their tackle, ap- of captured and abandoned property in the late parel, furniture, and cargo, found engaged in insurrectionary districts, under or under color the violation of this act, shall be forfeited : Pro- of the several acts of Congress providing for the vided, That the Secretary of the Treasury shall collection and sale of such property, and which have power to authorize the killing of any of have not already been actually covered into the such mink, martin, sable, or other fur-bearing treasury, shall immediately be paid into the animal, except fur seals, under such regulations treasury of the United States, together with any as he may prescribe; and it shall be the duty of interest which has been received or accrued the said Secretary to prevent the killing of any thereon. That a sum of the proceeds of such fur seal, and to provide for the execution of the sales not exceeding seventy-five thousand dolprovisions of this section until it shall be other lars is hereby appropriated for the payment of wise provided by law: Provided, That no the necessary expenses incurred by or under the special privileges shall be granted under this authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, for act.

incidental expenses in acting under the laws reNo. 128.-Regulating judicial proceedings in specting the collection and disposition of capcertain cases, for the protection of officers and tured and abandoned property, and for the necagents of the government, and for the better de-essary expenses of defending, in the discretion fence of the treasury against unlawful claims. of the Secretary of the Treasury, such suits as This act is chiefly to regulate claims for seized have been brought against him or his agents in and abandoned property. It is interesting only the premises, and for prosecuting suits in the to those immediately affected, and to lawyers in United States for the recovery of such property, the court of claims.

and for providing for the defence of the Uni

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