American Journal of Numismatics, Volume 31-32

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Frank Henry Norton, Charles Edward Anthon, William Sumner Appleton, Samuel Abbott Green, Jeremiah Colburn, William Theophilus Rogers Marvin
American Numismatic and Archaeological Society, 1897

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Halaman 8 - Sixth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, By the Grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King, Defender of the faith and so forth, and in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and Sixty five.
Halaman 6 - some considerations had led him to believe that the black sand, which appears originally on the beach of the sound, might be wrought into iron. He made an experiment upon it in the year 1761, and succeeded. For this discovery he was honored with a medal by the society instituted in London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce.
Halaman 19 - France, especially in the reigns of Louis XI., Charles VIII., Louis XII., and Francis I.
Halaman 19 - I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Halaman 39 - George Drewyer with those letters to Kohoka & delivered them to Mr. Hays &c. we dined with Mr. Chotoux to day, and after dinner went to a store and purchased some clothes, which we gave to a Tayler and derected to be made.
Halaman 62 - Sales on commission : and he relies on his long experience and the generous support heretofore given him by the Numismatic fraternity for a continuance of their patronage in the lines indicated. He will also deal in the more valuable classes of Coins only, and his extensive foreign connection affords him unexcelled facilities for procuring on order the most desirable specimens. He also offers his services as an expert in appraising Cabinets, etc. LYMAN H. LOW, (Established, 1879.) 128 West I32d Street,...
Halaman 39 - W. Christy who had settled in this town in a public line as a Tavern Keeper, he furnished us with store rooms for our baggage and we accepted of the invitation of Mr. Peter Choteau and took a room in his house, we payed a friendly visit to Mr. August Chotau and some of our old friends this evening, as the post had departed from St.
Halaman 28 - COIN Co., of which he had entire charge for upwards of eight years, begs to inform his friends and the public that he will continue the business on his own account, at the address given below, and will give special attention to cataloguing and preparing collections for Public Auctions, and to the...
Halaman 8 - ... Proportion of Land may be Granted to them that is "Ordered by the aforesaid Instruction for the Officers of the said 84th Regi"ment and Your Memorialist as in duty bound will ever pray, &c., &c. (Signed) "JOHN JOHNSON."— "To His Excellency The Right Honorable Guy Lord Dorchester, "Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Province of Quebec, &c., &c., &c. "The Memorial of Lieutenant Colonel John Butler and "the Officers of the late Corps of Rangers and Indian "Department at Niagara. —...
Halaman 8 - Government, and by virtue of the power and authority in me vested, I do hereby confirm the said Chawanon Grand Chief of the Folles Avoines aforesaid having bestowed upon him the Great Medal, willing all and singular the Indians, Inhabitants thereof, to obey him as Grand Chief, and all Officers and others in his Majesty's Service to treat him accordingly, GIVEN under my hand and Seal at Arms, at Montreal this Seventeenth Day of August One thousand seven hundred and seventy Eight in the Eighteenth...

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