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them. In England and Scotland the form of society is so firmly established, that if we consider large periods of time, little seems to depend on the individual character or acts of the persons who may, for the time being, stand at the head of affairs; and its advances are gained by its own slow but steady efforts. But it is otherwise in Ireland. Improvement and civilization must there descend from above; they will not rise spontaneously from the inward workings of the community. Hence it is above all things to be hoped, that those who may now be said to hold in their hands the destinies of that important country, will take a connected view of its entire condition ; that they will deliberately frame a consistent scheme of policy with reference not to present exigencies, but to the future welfare of Ireland, and its relations to this country; that they will seek to guide events, not to wait upon them; that they will not falter at this trying moment; and that thus they may happily follow up the great work which has been too long postponed, of raising the Catholic population of Ireland to a level with the inhabitants of Great Britain, not only in political rights, but also in wealth and civilization.




CHAPTER 1.- History of Irish Local Disturbances from

1760 to the present day. .
The Whiteboys or Levellers, in 1761
The Rightboys, in 1785
The Oakboys, in 1764
The Steel boys, in 1772
Peep o' Day Boys, and Defenders, in 1785
Orangemen and Ribbonmen
Rebellion of 1798 .
The Thrashers of 1806
Disturbances since 1806

CHAPTER II.--Causes of Disturbances in Ireland.

Policy of England towards Ireland .
Relation of Landlord and Tenant in Ireland
Character of the Irish Landlords
State of the Irish Peasantry
Increase of the Agricultural Population, and want of

Employment .
Poverty of the Peasantry, the cause of the Disturbances

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