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L10662 SEP : 1935

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The Fifth Session of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Minnesota was convened in pursuance of Law, on Wednesday, the fourth day of January, 1854, and adjourned on Saturday, the fourth day of March, 1854.

Willis A. GORMAN, Governor; S. B. OLMSTEAD, President of the

Council ; N. C. D. TAYLOR, Speaker of the House of Representatives.


An Act for the protection of the Owners of Saw Logs in this Territory.

March 3, 1854.


1. Taking Saw Logs. Penalty for.
2. Justices have concurrent jurisdiction.
3. Arrests by Officers, when allowed.

4. Purchasing stolen Logs, penalty for.

5. Scaling stolen logs-penalty,

Section 1. Any person who shall willfully, and without authority, Taking Logg. take any saw logs that may be on any river, on the land adjoining or near a river, which may have floated down said river, or onto said land, and shall remove or attempt to remove the said logs, or who shall cut or split said logs, or otherwise destroy or injure them, hall be held guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction of any of the said offences, shall be punished by imprisonment in the couny jail of the proper county, not more than one year, or less than Penalty for. hree months, and shall pay a fine of not more than one hundred lollars, or less than ten dollars. Sec. 2. Any Justice of the Peace shall have concurrent juris

Justices have liction in his own county, with the district court, of any offences in concurrent jurishe preceding section specified, when the value of the logs taken diction. or removed, shall be alleged not to exceed the sum of one hundred lollars, and in such case the punishment shall be by fine, not less han twenty, nor more than eighty dollars ; and if any person, on onviction of such offence, shall refuse or neglect, for the space of hree days, to pay such fine, it shall be lawful for the justice before :hom the conviction was had, to commit such person to the jail of he proper county, for a period not less than one, nor more than Tree months.

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