The Fort Edward Book: Containing Some Historical Sketches, with Illustrations, and Family Records

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J. D. Keating, 1903 - 274 halaman

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Halaman 79 - Tis the sunset of life gives me mystical lore, And coming events cast their shadows before.
Halaman 170 - On this day of 1966, before me personally appeared to me known to be the persons described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that they executed the same as their free act and deed.
Halaman 86 - The stone that marks his grave may still be seen, with this inscription: "Here lyes the Body of Duncan Campbell of Inverawe...
Halaman 169 - An Act to provide for the Incorporation of Religious Societies," and the Act to amend the same. At which meeting, and by a majority of voices, the undersigned being Rector of the said Church,!
Halaman 84 - Appin in his hiding-place and plainly told him that, while, by reason of his oath, he would not betray him, yet he could no longer shelter him. Stewart reminded him of his promise, and at his entreaty Duncan led him to a secure hiding-place in the solitary mountain passes of Ben Cruachen. But the recollection of the horrors of that night haunted him through his waking hours, and the second night, as he sat before his fire reading, as was his custom before retiring, his hound, his sole companion,...
Halaman 266 - He is also a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and of the Grand Army of the Republic.
Halaman 169 - To ALL WHOM THESE PRESENTS MAY CONCERN : We whose names and seals are hereunto affixed, do certify, that in pursuance of notice duly given, according to law, for that purpose, at the time of Divine service, on the two Sunday mornings now last past, the male persons of full age, belonging to the Church, Congregation, or Society, commonly called Church, in the of...
Halaman 23 - ... was afterwards known by that name was then called "Fort Lyman" in honor of the general who had built it: "Sunday evening, September 7. 1755, some Indian scouts informed General Johnson that the enemy had marched from South Bay towards Fort Lyman. There was only 250 of the New Hampshire troops there, with five New York companies. A wagoner named Adams volunteered to ride to Fort Lyman with the news and to carry General Johnson's orders to Colonel Blanchard to retire within the fort. An hour after,...
Halaman 169 - Church, and not already incorporated, at any time to meet for the purpose of incorporating themselves under this act, and by a majority of voices to elect two church wardens, and...
Halaman 48 - M'Crea, a young lady, lovely to the sight, of virtuous character, and amiable disposition, engaged to an officer of your army, was, with other women and children, taken out of a house near Fort Edward, carried into the woods, and there scalped and mangled in a most shocking manner.

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