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Editor “Early Records of Londonderry,” Vol. I, “Proprietors' Record of Tyng
Townships,” “Records of Derryfield and Manchester, N. H.,”
Six Wols., 1751–1835

Published with Appropriations made by Londonderry, Derry, and Windham,
under the Auspices of the Manchester Historic Association.

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As was the case in the publication of the first volume of Early Records of Londonderry, the work upon this, Volume II, has been carried out agreeable to action of the towns of Derry and Windham at the annual town meeting in 1909 and Londonderry in 1910, the respective amounts voted by the towns being according to the appropriations of March 5, 1905, viz., two hundred dollars by Londonderry, three hundred dollars by Derry, and one hundred dollars by Windham.

In the previous volume it was thought best to confine the records to the acts of the early proprietors and the citizens. of the township of Londonderry, which were published complete as far as the year 1765. Following along these lines. the homestead records are transcribed in this volume, bringing them to the date of 1745. The editor only regrets that the space did not permit of the publication of the entire number. But this could not be done, so some twenty or thirty entries are inevitably left over for another volume, which should not only include these but bring the political records to about 1800. This, it seems, should really be done, when the towns will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have placed their early records in such form as to insure their perpetuity, and made them available to the public.

A well-known townsman of Londonderry has diligently searched out the vital records of the town from its earliest entry, dating back from 1710 to 1910, a period of two hundred years. We do not know of so valuable a work relating to any other town in the state, and we trust arrangements will be secured by which they can be printed at an early date.




I, the undersigned, Chairman of the Publication Committee of the Manchester Historic Association, to whom has been assigned the task of compiling and editing the Early Records of Londonderry, the original township of Londonderry, Windham, and Derry, N. H., certify that the following transcript of the proprietors or homestead records included in Volume I and Volume II is a true and correct copy.


Subscribed and sworn to before me, this first day of January,

A. D. 1912.
W. C. PATTEN, Justice of the Peace.

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On the 25th of December, 1719, seven representative men, chosen by the people of the Nutfield settlement, for managing the public affairs, David Cargill, James McKeen, James Gregg, Robert Wear, John Morrison, Samuel Graves, and John Goffe, decided to reward the earliest settlers for their courage and diligent efforts in occupying a new territory remote from other settlements, and at the same time adopted a method of rewarding that should tend to attract the relatives and friends of those already located along the banks of Westrunning brook. The plan adopted by the committee at that meeting was duly recorded in the Proprietors' Book and immediately carried into execution. By this plan each one of the original settlers, to the number of twenty persons, was granted a lot of land suitable for a homestead, upon which relatives or friends might locate at the invitation of the grantee, with a reasonable provision or condition that the person invited should be a desirable neighbor and ready to make an immediate clearing and settlement. It is interesting to pursue the record and observe the list of names, the pioneers of a township that has become rather famous in the production of generations of hardy, enterprising men who have continued building towns and cities from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and are found in every state. As far as it is possible to decipher the writing of a list of names, all but three of which are on the margin of the page, in a volume that thousands have

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