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VOL. 108.
Page 410, line 10. For 1898, read 1888.

410, 12. For May 15. 1898, read May 19, 1890.





Adams, Reeg v.

175 Aikens v. The State ...

419 Allen, Lockwood v..

474 American Telephone & Telegraph Co., Duval v. 504 Anderson v. City of Milwaukee...

1 Municipal corporations: City clerk as member of board of re

view: Compensation. Arnold, Blackman v...

487 Attorney General, State ex rel., v. Frost....


Bahr, Wanderer v...

3 Ballard, Howe v...

375 Bank of Monticello v. Dooly.....

590 Promissory notes: Statutes: Banks and banking: Cashier's note:

Accommodation indorsers: Authority of cashier: Discounts:

Consideration, Battles v. Doll......

357 Constitutional law: Taxation: Uniformity: Exemption: Bridges:

Villages: Officers: Sureties. Batz v. Woerpel....

442 Limitation of actions: Adverse possession: Fences: Evidence:

Intention: “Actual occupation and possession:" Inclosure. Beranek v. Beranek..

272 Ejectment: Exemptions: Homestead in leasehold: Surrender

by husband alone: Evidence: Presumptions: Eviction: Husband and wife: Abandonment of homestead: Statutes: Practice: Verdict and judgment in ejectment: “Findings: " Damages: Amount exceeding demand.


Bidgood, State ex rel., v. Supervisors of Clifton....... 107 Black v. The State.

205 Taxation on inheritances: Estates of decedents: Construction of

statutes: Classification for taxation: Exemptions: Reasonableness: Constitutional law.

Blackman v. Arnold...

487 Equity: Cloud on title: Void tax deed: “Defendant,” in statute:

Conditional relief.


Boyle v. Lybrand..
Promissory notes secured by mortgage: Assignment: Bona
fide holder: Notice: Contributory negligence.

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Castle v. City of Madison.....

3.46 Water and water courses: Mill dams: Action to abate: Interven

ers: Res adjudicata: Orders pendente lite: Judgments: Riparian owners: Prescriptive rights: Necessary parties: Plea in abatement: Presumptions: Practice: Appeal and error: “Ag.

grieved party." Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co., C., St. P., M. & 0.R. Co. v. 161 Chicago & N W. R. Co., Walters v.

367 Chicago, St. P., M. & 0. R. Co. v. C., M. & St. P. R. Co. 161 Railroads: Construction and maintenance: Railroad crossings:

Construction of contracts: “Interlocking system: Other similar appliances: ” Parol evidence: Specific performance:

Equity. Clements, Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co. V.. .... 249 Clifton, Supervisors of, State ex rel. Bidgood v......... 107 Crocker v. Huntzicker...

181 Voluntary assignments: Fraudulent conveyances: Action by

assignee to set aside: Statutes: Repeal: Construction: Debtor and creditor: Promissory notes: Payment: Creditor's actions: Practice: Adequate consideration.


Devine v. City of Fond du Lac....
Municipal corporations: Defective sidewalk: Personal injury:

Contributory negligence: Primary liability of lotowner: Re
peal of charter by general law: Failure to repair.

Doll, Battles v....
Domasek v. Kluck...

Agency: Evidence: Prejudicial error: Putative agent.


Dooly, Bank of Monticello v....

Dorer v. Hood....

Appeal: Record: Bill of exceptions: Ejectment: Recovery for

improvements: “Color of title: " Administrator's deed: Stat-
utes: Evidence: Presumptions: Betterments: Constitutional
law: Good faith.

Dunlap, State ex rel., Nohl v.....

Duval v. American Telephone & Telegraph Co......... 504

Contracts: Pleading: Variance.


Egan v. Semrad....
Slander: Pleading: Instructions to jury: Words actionable per

se: “Thief."

Elgar v. Equitable Life Assurance Society ..

Life insurance: Beneficiaries: Vested rights: Designation of bene.

ficiary: Children, when does not include grandchildren.
Equitable Life Assurance Society, Elgar v....

Erhart, Stites v.


Falter, Schumacher v...
Fate, Rogers v...
Flood v. Kirwin


Estates of decedents: County courts: Jurisdiction: Wills: Pro-

bate: Notice: Circuit courts: Findings: Practice: Witnessing
of will: Presumptions: Appeal and error: Questions reviewed.


Fond du Lac, City of, Devine v....
Fond du Lac, City of, v. Estate of Otto....
(1) Corporations: Execution of instruments: Form of signature.

(2-4) Taxation: Estates of decedentse “ Administrator: ” Per.

sonal property omitted from previous assessments
Fond du Lac County, Winnebago Furniture Mfg. Co. v..


Frankfurth v. Steinmeyer

Arbitration and award: Waiver: Tenants in common: Parti-

tion: Powers of arbitrators: Imperfect award.
Frost, State ex rel. Attorney General v..

Fulton Storage & Mercantile Co., Klinkert v........... 493

Gates v. Parmly

(1, 2) Printed case: Briefs. (3) Contracts: Rescission: Equity:

Practice: Motions, when too late. (4-9) Evidence: Findings:
Appeal and error: Subsequent appeal: Exceptions: Mandate
on reversal, what is compliance therewith: Interest: Prejudi-

cial error.
Gerrard v. La Crosse City R. Co.....

Appeal and error: Street railways: Clearing tracks: Negli.

gence: Contributory negligence: Streets: Evidence: Court

and jury.
Glocke v. Glocke...

Deeds: Condition subsequent: Breach: Re-entry: Parent and

child: Conditions for support: Presumptions: Equity: Con-
tracts: Rescission: Quia timet: Forfeitures: Cancellation of

Green v. Town of Nebagamain...

Highways: Defects: Notice: Personal injuries: Negligence:

Witnesses: Physicians and surgeons: Privileged communica-

tions: Statutes: Instructions to jury: Excessive damages.
Green Lake County v. Waupaca County.

Appeal and error: Notice of appeal: Duplicity: Appealable or-

ders: “Adverse party :" Compensation of attorney appointed
for indigent persons: Preparation for trial: Jurisdiction:
Collateral attack: “Proceeding:” Sheriff's fees: Clerk's fees:
Counties, liability for expenses on change of venue: "Judg.

ment roll:" Taxing costs.
Gruetzmach r v. Wanninger..

Justices' courts: Appeal: Trial de novo: Filing affidavit nunc

pro tunc: Amendments: Jurisdiction.
Gudden v. Estate of Gudden..

Estates of decedents: Appeal and error: Husband and wife:

Evidence: Limitation of actions.

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