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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS-The 1973 Annual Survey of Manufactures was conducted under the direction of Elmer S. Biles, Chief of the Industry Division (to March 1975) and by Milton Eisen, his successor, who was previously Chief, Construction Statistics Division. This report was prepared under the general supervision of Arthur W. Horowitz, Assistant Chief for Census/ASM. As is the case in such matters, the results of this survey are the product of many individuals, both in the Industry Division and in other Divisions of the Census Bureau.

Within the Industry Division, Robert E. Crowther was responsible for the overall management
of the survey and was the Industry Division's liaison officer with other Divisions. Donald F.
Clark and Carl J. Bostrom, under the direction of Jack L. Ogus, Assistant Chief for Research and
Methodology, developed the mathematical techniques utilized in editing the data and in
sampling the respondents.

The review and analysis of the data was performed by the Division's industry analysts under the
direction of Lonnie M. Conner, Census/ASM Nondurable Branch, assisted by Charles T. Lee and
Allen H. Foreman, Jr., and Kenneth Hansen, Census/ASM Durables Branch, assisted by John
Govoni and Ted J. McGrath.

Systems and procedures for processing the questionnaires were developed by John S. Berube,
assisted by Kenneth McBeth. Clerical procedures were developed by Dan Harding and Shirley
Roberts. Electronic computer programs were developed by William Norfolk, under the direction
of Eugene Wendt and Howard Hamilton, Assistant Chief for Operations. Quality control plans
and procedures were developed and supervised by Marlene Altman. Data input procedures were
developed by Albert Porach. John Overby coordinated, for the Division, the various phases of
the publication process.

Processing of reports was performed by the Data Preparation Division, O. Bryant Benton, Chief.
Clerical processing was supervised by Robert Allen assisted by Darrel Farabee, and quality
control plans and procedures were implemented and monitored under the direction of Kathern

Computer processing was directed by James R. Pepal, Chief for EDP Operations, Computer
Services Division, with the assistance of Thomas DiNenna, Assistant Chief for EDP Operations,
Jesse Verdeja, and Willie Clark. Within the Publications Services Division, many individuals
made significant contributions in the areas of publication planning and design, editorial review,
composition, and printing procurement.

Special acknowledgment is due to the many businesses whose cooperation was essential to the success of this survey.

This report is preprint of a chapter in the Annual Survey of Manufactures: 1973 volume.


U.S. Bureau of the Census, Annual Survey of Manufactures: 1973, General Statistics for Industry Groups and Industries, M73(AS)-1, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1975

For sale by the Subscriber Services Section (Publications), Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC. 20233, or any U.S. Department of Commerce district office. Price 55 cents. Entire series (all 1973 reports) $12.75.

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