The Works of the English Poets: Otway, Duke, and Dorset

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H. Hughs, 1779

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Halaman 195 - Ladies now at land, We men at sea indite ; But first would have you understand How hard it is to write ; The muses, now, and Neptune too, We must implore to write to you. With a fa la, la, la, la.
Halaman 198 - And now we've told you all our loves, And likewise all our fears, In hopes this declaration moves Some pity from your tears ; Let's hear of no inconstancy, We have too much of that at sea. With a fa, la, la, la, la.
Halaman 27 - Twas far from any path, but where the earth Was bare, and naked all as at her birth, When by the Word it first was made, Ere God had said : — • Let grass and herbs and every green thing grow, With fruitful herbs after their kinds, and it was so.
Halaman 28 - My father was .(a thing now rare) Loyal and brave ; my mother chaste and fair. The pledge of marriage-vows was only I ; Alone I liv'd their much-lov'd fondled boy:' They gave me gen'rous education ; high They strove to raise my mind ; and with it grew their joy.
Halaman 207 - The wise will think you in the right, Not to expose your person : Nor vex your thoughts how to repair The ruins of your glory ; You ought to leave so mean a care To those who pen your story. Are not Boileau and Corneille paid For panegyric writing ? They know how heroes may be made Without the help of fighting.
Halaman 53 - Tis dang'rous to resist the power of love, The Gods obey him, and he's king above : He clear'd the doubts that did my mind confound, And promis'd me to bring thee hither bound : Oh may he come, and in that...
Halaman 31 - Bore witness of our daily loves ; And on the bark of every tree, You might the marks of our endearments...
Halaman 206 - Roper to take her away. But to these that have had my dear Bess in their arms, She's gentle, and knows how to soften her charms; And to every beauty can add a new...
Halaman 47 - But constant as the stars that never move ; Or as women would have love. The trembling genius of their state Look'd out, and straight shrunk back his head, To see our daring banners spread.
Halaman 68 - In recompence th' original was loft : At thefe, illuftrious repentance pay, In his kind hands your humble offerings lay : Let royal pardon be by him implor'd, Th...

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