The Mining Law: A Study in Perpetual Motion

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Routledge, 16 Sep 2015 - 544 halaman
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Originally published in 1987, John D. Leshy presents this scholarly study of the 1872 Mining Law as a legal treatise and history of mining in the West from the point of view of mineral exploration and production. This mining law governed the United States mining practice yet had never been changed. The Mining Law attempts to highlight the role of policy and government as well as the more obscure elements of the law which complicated mining practice in the eighties. This title will be of interest to students of Environmental Studies and policy makers.

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1 Introduction
2 Origins
An Overview
A History of Its Decline
The Up and Down Sides of Free Access in Operation
The Mining Laws Ingenious Machinery in Operation
Federal Minerals under Privately Owned Surface
The Role of the Executive and the Courts
A Brief History
15 Can Two Million Potential Property Interests on the Federal Lands Be Wrong?
16 The Leasing Alternativeand Strategic Minerals
Prospects for Change
The Mining Law Excerpted
Outline of Typical Miners Rules

7 Evolution of the Law of Discovery
Policy and Applications
Multiple Claims and the Mining Law
10 Regulating Mining Law Activities to Protect the Environment
11 The Special Problem of Wilderness
Notes by Chapter
Acronyms Used Frequently in the Text
Name Index
Subject Index
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