Annual Report of the United States Employee's Compensation Commission

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1917

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Halaman 49 - An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, shall extend to persons given employment under the provisions of this Act.
Halaman 44 - States and credit any surplus upon future payments of compensation payable to him on account of the same injury.
Halaman 45 - Commission (hereinafter referred to as the 'commission') which shall be composed of five commissioners who shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, one of whom shall be designated by the President as chairman and shall be the principal executive officer of the commission...
Halaman 21 - Where the injury for which compensation is payable under this act was caused under circumstances creating a legal liability in some person other than the employer...
Halaman 44 - States, may require the beneficiary to assign to the United States any right of action he may have to enforce such liability of such other person, or if it appears to be for the best interests of the beneficiary the director may require him to prosecute the said action in his own name, subject to regulations.
Halaman 42 - ... he shall be punished by a fine of not more than $2,000 or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
Halaman 40 - In the case of persons who at the time of the injury were minors or employed in a learner's capacity and who were not physically or mentally defective, the commission shall, on any review after the time when the monthly wage-earning capacity of such persons would probably, but for the injury, have increased, award compensation based on such probable monthly wage-earning capacity.
Halaman 39 - That if a partially disabled employee refuses to seek suitable work or refuses or neglects to work after suitable work is offered to, procured by, or Secured for him, he shall not be entitled to any compensation.
Halaman 45 - One of the original members shall be appointed for a term of one year, one for a term of two years, one for a term of three years, one for a term of...
Halaman 44 - States any right of action he may have to enforce such liability of such other person or any right which he may have to share in any money or other property received in satisfaction of such liability of such other person, or the commission may require said beneficiary to prosecute said action in his own name.

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