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paid; and every owner or manager of any such industry shall be required to fill up and return such schedules.

Oath, how tak. en, etc.

Oath to be taken by person

4. (1) Every officer, agent and other person employed. employed in the execution of any duty under this

Chapter or under any regulation made hereunder,
before entering upon his duties, shall take and sub-
scribe to the following oath:

.solemnly swear that I will faithfully and honestly fulfil my duties as....

.in conformity with the requirements of The Statistics Act, and of all proclamations, orders-in-council, and instructions issued in pursuance thereof, and that I will not, without due authority in that behalf, disclose or make known any matter or thing which comes to my knowledge by reason of my employment as such..

(2) This oath shall be taken before such person, and returned and recorded in such manner, as the Minister prescribes.

No discrimination between


5. The Governor-in-Council shall not, nor shall individuals or the Minister, in the execution of the powers conferred their prejudice. by this Chapter, discriminate between individuals or

companies to the prejudice of any such individual or company.

Schedules or answers not to

6. (1) No individual schedule, and no part of an be published.individual schedule, and no answer to any question,

requested for the purposes of this Chapter, shall, without the previous consent in writing of the owner or manager of the industry in relation to which the schedule or answer was completed or given, be published; and, except for the purposes of a prosecution under this Chapter, a person not engaged in the collection of such facts shall not be permitted to see any such individual schedule, or part thereof, or


Particulars not (2) No report, summary of statistics or other to be published in reports, sum- publication under the provisions of this Chapter shall maries, etc.

contain any of the particulars comprised in any

refusal or ne

individual schedule so arranged as to enable any person to identify any particulars so published as being particulars relating to any individual industry.

7. Every person who, wilfully or without lawful Penalty for excuse, refuses or neglects to fill up to the best of Elect to comply. his knowledge and belief, any such schedule, which he has been requested by the Minister to complete, or refuses or neglects to sign and deliver up or otherwise return the same when and as required, or makes, signs, delivers or returns, or causes to be made, signed, delivered or returned, any wilfully false answer or statement as to any matter specified in such schedule, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars and not less than ten dollars, recoverable under the Summary Convictions Act.

Minister to

records, docu

8. Every person who has the custody or charge have access to of any provincial, municipal or other public records, meente se do or documents, or of any records or documents of any corporation, from which information sought in respect to the purposes of this Chapter can be obtained, or which would aid in the completion or correction thereof, shall grant to the Minister or person deputed by him for that purpose, access thereto for the purpose of obtaining such information therefrom.

9. The Minister, when he deems it necessary or direct enquiries expedient, may, by special letter of instruction, direct under oath. any person employed in the execution of any duty under the provisions of this Chapter, to make inquiry under oath as to any matter connected with the collection of statistics or other information, or the ascertaining or correction or any supposed defect or inaccuracy therein; and such person shall, for the purpose of such inquiry, have all the powers conferred by The Public Inquiries Act.

Minister may enter into ar

with Govern.

10. The Minister may enter into any arrangement with the Government of Canada, providing for any rangements matter necessary or convenient for the purpose of ment of Canada carrying out or giving effect to the provisions of this Chapter

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Be it enacted by the Governor, Council and Assembly as follows:


1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires



(a) “Child” means a boy or girl under the age of sixteen years;

(b) "Director" means the Director of Child Welfare for the Province;

(c) "Magistrate” means a stipendiary magistrate;

(d) “Minister” means the Attorney-General;




Immigrant child.

(e) "Agent” includes the chief or other officers of an organization, and also any person who undertakes for reward or otherwise to place immigrant children in the Province;

(f) “Immigrant child” means a child who has been brought into the Province by any organization or agent for the purpose of settlement in this Province, and who does not reside in the home of its parents or step-parents within the Province;


(g) "Organization” means any person, or group of persons, whether incorporated or unincorporated, which has for one of its purposes the placing of immigrant children in the Province, and includes a branch or agency of any such

organization. 2. (1). An organization or agent desiring to carry on the work of placing immigrant children in the Province, prior to placing in the Province any immigrant child, shall secure from the Governor-in-Council

Organization or
agent to secure

authority by Order-in-Council for such organization or agent to carry on such work, and shall deposit with the Minister the sum of five hundred dollars, or furnish satisfactory security for that amount.

be revoked.

(2) Such authority may be revoked by the Gov- Authority may ernor-in-Council; and such sum or portion thereof, on the retirement of the organization or agent from such work or on the dissolution of the organization, may be returned. 3. Every organization or agent shall keep a full Records to be

kept. and complete record of all immigrant children brought into the Province by such organization, which shall contain the name of the child, the name of its parents, if known, its place and date of birth, and the name of the person, society, or corporation who last had charge of such child immediately before it became an immigrant child.

ject to inspeo


child to be

4. Every organization or agent shall as to its Operations suboperations in respect to immigrant children in the tion eto. of Province be subject to the inspection and supervision of the Director, under such regulations as the Governor-in-Council may deem necessary, from time to time, for the effective supervision of the operations of such organizations or agents with respect to immigrant children.

5. When any immigrant child is placed in the materialne Province by any organization or agent, such immi- registered. grant child shall be registered in the office of the Director, and the organization or agent shall furnish the Director with information in such form as may be by him prescribed.

Person taking 6. Every person who, in the Province, not being child to furnish a parent or step-parent of such child, takes into his particulars. home any immigrant child shall within thirty days after the reception of such child into his home send by registered mail, addressed to the Director of Child Welfare, Halifax, a notice in writing stating the name of the child, the date of its reception, and the place from which such child came.

Organization or agent respons

7. Every organization or agent shall be responsible sible for main- for the maintenance of any immigrant child placed tenance.

or caused to be placed in the Province by such organization or agent, and for the cost involved in placing such child in a foster home; and, if the person with whom the child has been placed is unable or unwilling to retain the custody or control of the child, such organization or agent shall be responsible for the maintenance of the child until he is again placed as aforesaid, and for the cost involved in so replacing such child.

Placing children in foster

tions. Proviso.

An organization or agent may place immigrant homes or situa-children in foster homes or situations on a written

agreement, during minority, or for any less period, in the discretion of the organization or agent, and such contract shall contain a clause reserving the right to withdraw the child from any person having the custody of such child when in the opinion of the organization or agent the welfare of the child requires it; Provided, however, that such organization or agent shall make such reports concerning the child as may be required by any regulations in that behalf; and further provided that, when in the opinion of the Director the welfare of the child may require it, the Director may require such organization or agent to bring the child to such place or institution within the Province for examination and observation as the Director may require; and the Director is empowered to make such arrangements for the dis

position of the child as to him seem proper. Penalty for abandoning, re- 9. If any person who has received from an organi

to tain, or to rezation or agent an immigrant child, is unable or turning hilo to or unwilling to carry out the agreement entered into

by him with the organization or agent, he shall, at his own expense, return the child safely to the organization or agent; and any such person who abandons a child so received, or refuses to maintain the child, and neglects or refuses to return him to the organization or agent, as aforesaid, shall, on summary conviction, be liable to a fine of not more than one hundred dollars and costs, nor less than ten dollars and costs, and in default of payment, to imprisonment for any term not exceeding three months.

organization agent.

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