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An Act to enable the City of Halifax to Encourage the Construction of a Public Cold Storage,

Fish and Dry Ice Plant.

(Passed the 19th day of March, A. D. 1926.)

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council and Assembly as follows:

from taxation.

1. Subject to the supervisions hereinafter con-Exemption tained the City Council of the City of Halifax is hereby authorized if it shall see fit to exempt from taxation in whole or in part for a period to be fixed by said Council any public Cold Storage Plant, Dry Ice Manufacturing Plant and Fish Pier and Plant erected in the City of Halifax at any time between the date of the coming into force of this Chapter and the first day of July, 1927.




2. Before the Council shall grant the exemption Rate payerneto authorized by Section 1 hereof the question of such tion: notice of exemption shall be submitted to the ratepayers of ments for, the City of Halifax and the approval or disapproval of the ratepayers shall be obtained by a ballot. Notice of the time and place of said voting shall be given by public notices conspicuously posted in the City of Halifax and by insertion in one or more newspapers published in Halifax for fourteen days prior to the day fixed by the Council for taking of said vote and the said notices shall set out the question to be

voted upon.

The City Clerk shall provide a list of the persons entitled to vote and ballot papers shall be furnished to the presiding officers appointed to hold the poll. The question submitted for approval or disapproval shall be printed on said ballot. The Council shall appoint the necessary presiding officers for holding such ballot and provide the necessary polling stations. The provisions of the Elections Act being Chapter Four of the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1923, relating to procedure at election booths shall apply mutatis mutandis to the taking of said vote.

The presiding officers taking said ballot shall make their return of the number of persons voting approval and disapproval of exemption and the Clerk shall report the same to the Council.

If a majority of those voting are in favour of the exemption then and not otherwise the Council shall be authorized to grant the exemption in the first paragraph hereof mentioned.


An Act to Provide for the Establishment of a Boxing

Commission for the City of Halifax.

(Passed the 19th day of March, A. D. 1926.)

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council and Assembly as follows:


1. This Act may be cited as The Halifax Boxing and Wrestling Commission Act.


2. There shall be established a commission to be composed of three persons appointed by the Mayor of the City of Halifax, and the commission shall be a body corporate under the name of the Halifax Boxing Commission, hereinafter called “the commission."


3. The object of the Commission shall be to regulate and control boxing and wrestling in the City of Halifax.


4. The majority of the members of the Commission shall form a quorum.

Tenure of office, 5. The members of the commission shall hold

office during pleasure, and upon a vacancy occurring
owing to death, resignation or removal from office
of a member, the Mayor may appoint some one to
take his place.



6. The Commission may from time to time Chairman , appoint one of its members to be Chairman.

7. Each of the Commissioners shall serve without No remuneraremuneration.



8. (1). The Commission may appoint a secretary Sercetary and to the Commission and such officers, clerks and servants as may be deemed requisite.

(2) The salaries or other remuneration of the Salaries. secretary and the other persons so appointed shall be fixed by the Commission, subject to ratification

the Mayor, and such salaries or other remuneration and the expenses of the Commission shall be payable out of the funds collected by the Commission as hereinafter provided.

9. (1). For the purpose of providing a fund for Fund for pay

ment the payment of the expenses of the Commission and ses etc., how

raised. of the salaries and other remuneration of the officers, clerks and servants of the Commission, and for carrying out the purposes of the Commission as hereinafter mentioned every person, corporation or association conducting a boxing or a wrestling contest or exhibition shall pay to the Commission an amount not exceeding five per cent. of the gross gate receipts taken by such person, corporation or association in respect of such boxing or wrestling contest or exhibition.

(2) The amounts so received by the Commission. Unexpended

balances, how together with all fees received for licenses issued under applied. Section 10, shall be set apart by the Commission and shall constitute a fund for the payment of the expenses, salaries and other charges mentioned in subsection 1, and any portion of such fund remaining unexpended at the end of any fiscal year shall be paid to the Treasurer of the City of Halifax for the use of the "Halifax Playgrounds Commission.” 10. The Commission may issue a license to any Food

Licenses and person, club, corporation or association to hold or participate or take part in holding a boxing or wrestling contest or exhibition, and no such bexing or

wrestling contest or exhibition shall be held or participated in except by a person who is the holder of such license.

Fee for any license shall be in the discretion of the Commission but shall not exceed ten dollars.

License subject to Rules and

Every such license shall contain a condition that Regulations and is revoc

all boxing and wrestling contests and exhibitions able.

conducted thereunder shall be in accordance with the rules, regulations and conditions from time to time prescribed by the Commission and approved of by the Mayor, and the license shall be revocable by the Commission upon any violation thereof or whenever the continuance of such license shall be deemed by the Commission contrary to public interest.

Penalty for conducting contest, etc., without license.

12. Every person, club, corporation or association who conducts or participates in conducting or holding a boxing or wrestling contest or exhibition in the City of Halifax, without having received the license provided for in Section 10, shall incur a penalty of not less than $20 nor more than $1,000 to be recoverable under the Nova Scotia Summary Convictions Act.

Books and accounts to be audited.

13. (1). The books and accounts of the Commission shall be audited and checked from time to time by the City Auditor or by such other auditor or auditors and at such times as the Mayor may direct, and such auditor or auditors shall make an annual report and prepare and furnish such other statements to the Treasurer of the City of Halifax as he shall from time to time direct or request.

Auditor's statement.

(2). There shall be laid before the City Council at the opening of each civic year or so soon thereafter as it may be obtainable, a statement containing the report of the auditor for the last preceding fiscal year and the receipts and expenditures of the Commission and an account of the proceedings of the Commission during the said fiscal year and such further particulars as the Mayor shall direct.

14. This Act shall not come in force until

Act in force pro

upon proclaman claimed by the Governor-in-Council at the request of tion. the Halifax City Council.


An Act respecting “Holy Cross Cemetery in the

City of Halifax.”

(Passed the 19th day of March, A.D. 1926.)

Be it Enacted by the Governor, Council and Assembly as follows:

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Exemption The cemetery on the corner of South Park

from taxation, Street and South Street, in the City of Halifax, known as Holy Cross Cemetery, shall not, nor shall the owners thereof, nor the owners of any lots therein, be liable for assessments, rates, or taxes of any kind whatsoever levied or to be levied thereon by the City of Halifax, nor for any lien or charge created or to be created under the provisions of the “Halifax City Charter,” or any Act in amendment thereof, or any other Act of the Legislature of Nova Scotia, so long as it is used for no other purpose than that of a cemetery.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section one Exemption sub of this Act said exemption shall not be effective, and of City Council. said property shall not be exempt as provided by this Act until the same is first approved of by a resolution of the City Council of the City of Halifax.

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