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at least thirty days previously to the day of sale, by one insertion each week in two daily papers published in the City.

(d) The amount of rates, taxes or charges, interest and expenses, stated in the Collector's advertisement shall in all cases and in any action or other proceeding touching the assessment, rating or taxing of the real property therein mentioned be conclusive evidence of the legality of the assessment, rating or taxation or the imposition of any charge and that the said rates and charges were due and unpaid and that the real property mentioned in such statement was legally liable for the amount of rates, taxes or charges, interest or expenses specified and that the said amount of rates, taxes or charges was a lien upon such property.

(4) The form of Deed given in Section 470 may be modified by making the recital therein conform to any sale made as aforesaid.

Clause (e), Section 336, amended

16. Section 336 (Clause (e) is amended to read as follows:

(e) A sum not exceeding Two Thousand Dollars for the maintainance of the Sir Sanford Flemming Park.

Provision for certain expenditures in estimates.

17. The City may include in its annual estimates provision for expenditures that will be required in the course of the Civic Year to meet interest on money proposed to be borrowed on stock or debentures, interest on money borrowed in anticipation of the collection of taxes, arrears of instalments due the Province of Nova Scotia in respect to the Housing Commission, provision for Teachers' Pension Fund, the cost of preparing Voters' Lists, Election expenses or other charges for which Legislative authority exists, or in respect to any charge now directed by legislation to be borrowed and included in succeeding years estimates; and moneys included in the estimates under this section, and not expended for the purposes intended, shall not be paid to the Trustees of the General Sinking Fund as unexpended balances, but shall be carried forward to meet such expenditures in subsequent years.


18. Sub-section (3) of Section 326a, as added by $. (3) Seo

326a, added by Section 42 of Chapter 60 of the Acts of 1924 is amend- Sec. 42, Ch. 60,

1924, amended. ed by striking out the word “two” in the first line thereof and substituting therefor the word "three”.

19. Section 274 as amended by Section 53 of Sec. 274,

amended by Chapter 60 of the Acts of 1924 is amended by adding Sec. 53, Ch. 60, after the word "incapacity” in the fourth line the words "or is dismissed from the force”.

1924, amended

20. Notwithstanding any provision of the City Rebates under

lighting Charter to the contrary, any money accruing to the contract, how

applied City for rebates under the contract for street lighting between the City and the N. S. Tramway and Power Company, dated 1st November, 1922, shall not be considered as unexpended balances or unforeseen revenue within the meaning of the Charter but may be applied in proportionate

reduction of the amounts required for street lighting in subsequent years estimates.

21. Section 775 is amended by striking out the Section 775

amended. words "sixty-five" in the fourth line thereof and substituting the word "sixty".

22. No person shall be appointed to the Housing qualifications Commission of the City of Halifax unless such person Commissioner. possesses the qualifications necessary to entitle such person to be elected or to be an Alderman of the City of Halifax.

amended by Sec

23. Section 112 as amended by Section 10 of Sec. 112; Chapter 60 of the Acts of 1924, is amended by adding 10, Ch. 60 to the first sub-section thereof the words following:

1924, amended.

“Provided that any Alderman appointed a member of the School Board shall notwithstanding he has ceased to be a member of the Counil continue to be a member of that Board until a successor for the unexpired term has been appointed by the Council in November next ensuing.'

8.S. (2) and (3), 24. Sub-sections (2) and (3) of Section 321, as
Sec. 231, as
amended by amended by Section 33 of Chapter 60 of the Acts
Sec. 33, Ch. 60,
1924, repealed. of 1924 are hereby repealed.

City may bor. 25. The City may borrow from any Bank or
row gums re-
quired for first fund available the sums set out in the first Schedule

thereto, and apply the same to the purposes set
opposite each respectively. Any sum so borrowed
with the interest thereon shall be included in the
estimates for the Civic Year 1927-28 and collected

Estimates for 1926-1927 rati

26. The Estimates of expenditure passed by the fied and con- Council on the 16th day of March, 1926, are hereby firmed.

ratified and confirmed with the addition thereto of
the sum of Eight Hundred Dollars ($800.00) for a
grant to the Victoria School of Art and Design and
declared to be the proper estimates for the Civic
Year 1926-1927 upon which the rate of taxation
may be struck, notwithstanding that the same con-
tain items not at the time of the passing thereof
authorized by law, or in excess of the amount so
authorized, and notwithstanding that the same were
not passed on or before the 15th day of March.

Unexpended moneys from

27. The moneys specified in the Second Schedule Second Schede, now lying in the bank and which were borrowed on applied

short term debentures but not expended for the
purposes for which they were borrowed shall be
applied to repay the last instalment due on the
debentures issued to cover the said loans.

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Fire Alarm

28. The sum of $5,000 borrowed for the installation of Fire Alarms in Engine Houses under the authority of Chapter 86 of the Acts of 1920 and not yet expended for that purpose may be applied to the general improvement of the Fire Alarm Service.

Superannuation allowances.

29. The City shall pay to the following persons the following superannuation allowances, for the period of their respective lives, the same to be included in the yearly estimates and payable to them respectively in equal monthly instalments:


Stephen Kennedy, policeman.
Joseph Gerald Connors, policeman.
Francis Schrage, fireman.
William Wells, fireman..
Thomas Sunderland, fireman



The amounts required to pay the foregoing superannuation allowances for the Civic Year 1926-1927 may be borrowed from any bank or fund available and, together with the interest thereon, included in the estimates for 1927-1928.

30. Section 882 is amended by adding thereto the Clause added to following clause:

(e) does not possess the qualifications required to be elected an Alderman of the City. 31. The Water Rates approved and passed by Water Rates the City Council on the 28th day of April, 1921, confirmed and subsequent meetings, to come into force on the 1st day of May, 1921, are hereby ratified and confirmed and declared to be in force and effect up to and including the 30th day of April, 1926, and the amounts thereof to be collectable by the City from the persons against whom they were assessed and rated notwithstanding that the same were not at the date of the passing thereof approved by the Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities.

32. The Committee of Firewards may, at any Investigation investigation held by them summon witnesses and of Firewards. examine them upon oath to be administered by the chairman then presiding. The service of a notice to attend, signed by the Chairman of the Committee shall have the same force and be attended with the same results for disobedience thereof as a subpoena issued out of the City Court.

33. The City may borrow the sum of Fifteen May borrow to

complete Public Hundred Dollars ($1500.00) and expend the same Gardens fence. in completing the fence around the Public Gardens and repay the same in five yearly instalments, the first with interest repayable on the first day of August 1927, and one with interest on each succeeding first day of August until the same is repaid.


First Schedule.

Amount to be Borrowed and Included in Estimates

for 1927-1928.



To pay J. F. Edwards for damages to his
property by water.

To pay amount due Northern Electric

To pay Deficit in City Prison Account

not exceeding
To pay deficit in City Home account not




Such an amount as will be required to pay all costs and expenses in connection with the action City of Halifax vs. Estate of Fairbanks, including costs and expenses of an appeal to the Privy Council if the same is determined on.

To pay any sum that may be found by the City of Halifax to be due by the Housing Commission of the City of Halifax to B. W. Russell for services on prosecution of T. Hayes, to be taxed, not exceeding $625.00.



Public Gardens Greenhouse, Sec. 34,
Chap. 77, Acts 1921....

$ 5,000.00
T. B. Hospital Furniture, Sec. 34, Chap.
77, Acts 1921...

3,500.00 Changing horse to motor chemical engine, Sec. 46, Chap. 86, Acts 1920.



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