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before turning on the water for such property, and
if such property is sold, a supply of water thereto
may be refused and the water turned off until the
new owner has entered into such agreement. 1922,
Ch. 54, sec. 9.


Water may be turned off for waste.

29. (1) The Engineer may cause the water to be turned off from any property where the owner or agent of the owner, or occupant, or consumer of water is, in his opinion, violating any of the rules or regulations in respect to the use of water, or is allowing the water to run to waste.

(2) Such person shall pay a fine of one dollar for the first offense, to be paid to the Clerk before the water is turned on, and a fine of two dollars for a second offence, before it is again turned on.

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(3) For a third offence it shall not be turned on until such person takes such steps to prevent future violations of such rules or regulations, or waste of water as are necessary in the opinion of the engineer. c.c. 515.


30. Neither the City, nor any official of the City
shall be liable for any loss or damage which results
from the water having been turned off, whether under
the provisions of the next preceding section or for
non-payment of rates or for any other reason.
sec. 516, amended.


No reduction of ratas.

31. No reduction in the rates shall be made or allowed on account of the water having been turned off.

c.c. sec. 517.

Right of
Officials to en-

32. (1) Any official of the City, provided he ter premises. produces on request an official badge, shall have the

right to enter into any house, building or premises
in the City, and every part of such house, building
or premises in which he supposes there are any water
pipes or fittings, between the hours of eight o'clock,

a.m. and six o'clock, p.m., and to remain there for such reasonable length of time as is necessary for the purposes-

(a) of ascertaining the number or state of the water fittings or pipes, or

(b) for installing, fixing, examining or reading any water meter, or

(c) to ascertain if the water is unlawfully taken or used. (2) Every person who-

(a) after two hours' notice of the intention of such official to enter any house, building or premises, prevents his entry into any such house, building or premises, or any part thereof, in which he supposes there are water pipes or fittings,


(b) at any time interferes with such official in the discharge of his duty,

shall be liable to a penalty not less than five dollars, nor exceeding twenty dollars, and the engineer may. in addition, cause the water to be turned off from the premises of such offender. C.C. sec. 518.


33. Every person, unless he is authorized so to Interference

with hydrants do, by the Engineer or an officer of the fire depart- or pipea. ment, who draws water from, opens, closes, cuts. breaks, or in any way injures or interferes with any fire hydrant, water main or water pipe, shall be liable to a penalty of not less than ten dollars nor exceeding one hundred dollars. c.c. sec. 519.

34. (1) Every new water pipe or fixture, and Prevention of every extension, alteration or addition to any old injury by front. pipe or fixture, shall be placed and kept as far as practicable from any external wall, and so placed as not to be exposed to or liable to be affected by the action of frost, or other injury, and so placed that no waste of water is liable to occur without being easily detected.

(2) They shall be thoroughly protected from the action of frost to the satisfaction of the engineer, otherwise the water from the city pipes shall be turned off from the premises. C.C. sec. 520.

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35. Whenever any water pipe, fitting or fixture in, on, or about any house, building or premises, is

(a) in a bad condition, or

(b) in a position exposed to or liable to be affected by the action of frost, or other injury, or where a waste of water is liable to occur, or

(c) is insufficiently protected from the action of frost, the engineer may turn the water off such premises until such pipe, fitting or fixture is placed in a condition or position satisfactory to him.

C.C. sec. 521.

Supply to 36. A supply of water may be refused to any build-
buildings under .
construction. ing under construction or repair, until the plumbing

in such building has been made to conform to law,
and if the water has been turned on such building
for building purposes, it may be turned off until the
plumbing has been satisfactorily completed. 1922,
C. 54, s. 10.


Disputes, how

of special

37. If any dispute arises respecting the classification of any building, establishment or premises, the dispute shall be decided by the Committee on Works, but if the decision is not unanimous the same shall be referred to the Council on the application of the person so disputing. C.C. sec. 522.

38. Where water is supplied to the premises of any person, firm or corporation, other than for domestic purposes, whether under any private contract or agreement with the City, or otherwise, the Committee on Works, may, after one month's notice of its intention to the owner, agent, or occupant of the premises, by leaving a notice in writing upon such premises of such intention, after the expiration of the term mentioned in the notice, cause the water to be turned off from such premises. c.c. sec. 523 amended.


39. (1) The Committee on Works shall annually Annual report submit to the Council a statement made up to the vice. thirtieth day of April, showing

(a) the names of persons and corporations with whom special agreements have been made, and the amount paid by each:

(b) the actual cost of maintenance for the year specifying the amount paid for salaries, labor and materials.

(2) A statement shall also be prepared by the Clerk showing the cost of maintenance for the calendar year ending thirty-first December.

(3) Every such statement shall be printed in the annual report of the civic government of Halifax. c.c. sec. 524, 1920, Ch. 86, sec. 9.


40. (1) The Committee on Works from time Regulations. to time by by-law, to be approved by the Council, may

(a) make regulations in respect to the collections or enforcing payment of water rates;

(b) make such regulations as are calculated in its judgment to prevent waste of water, or fraud in respect to its consumption, and

(c) alter such regulations and prescribe penalties for the violation thereof.

(2) It may from time to time issue instructions in conformity with law for the guidance of water consumers.


(3) Every ordinance, by-law, regulation or rule in respect to any such matters in force at the time of the coming into force of this Act, except in so far as they are amended by this Act are hereby confirmed. c.c. sec. 525 amended.

Asta ropealed.

The Acts and parts of Acts set out in the Schedule hereto are hereby repealed:


City Charter of 1914—Sections 484 to 525.
1920—Chap. 86, s.s. 9, 25.
1921-Chap. 77, s. 6.
1922—Chap. 54, s.s. 4, 5, 9. 10.
1924—Chap. 60, S.S. 46, 47, 48.


An Act to Amend the Law Relating to the City of


(Passed the 19th day of March, D. A. 1926.)

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council and Assembly as follows:

"City", "City Charter".

1. In this Act the expression “City” means the City of Halifax, the expression "Council" means the City Council of that City, and any Committee or official herein mentioned by name means the Committee or Official of that name of the said Council or City; the expression "Charter" means the Halifax City Charter of 1907, or the Halifax City Charter of 1914, and any amendments thereto according to the Sections of those Charters respectively as now in force under and by virtue of Chapter 80 of the Acts of 1919, and sections referred to by numbers without any reference are the sections of the said Charters, or any amendments thereto now in force under the said Chapter 80, of the Acts of 1919, and this Act shall relate exclusively to the City of Halifax.

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