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Minimum rate,

(i) “Minimum rate” means the lowest rate payable by any Consumer for

(1) fire protection rate, or

(2) water consumption rate.

Water rates.

(j) “Water rates” means the fire protection rates, consumption rates, meter rentals, and minimum rates combined;

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Sections of
City Charter.

(k) Sections referred to by number without other reference are sections of the City Charter or any amendments thereto now in force under Chapter 80 of the Acts of 1919.

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Council to levy 2. The Council shall have power to levy and
water rates.

assess upon the lands and premises, and the owners
thereof as hereinafter provided for, a sum for fire
protection. C.C. sec. 484, part.

Committee to

3. The Committee on Works, on or before the first day of April in each year, shall prepare and submit to the Council for approval an estimate of the amount required for the ensuing civic year for the upkeep, maintenance, operating expenses, interest charges, depreciation and all other charges and expenses for the furnishing of a water supply for the City. c.c. sec. 485 part, Chapter 86, sec. 25, 1920.

Amount of fire 4. The amount to be levied and assessed for fire
protection to be
levied and protection shall be the sum of sixty-eight thousand
Asconood; costa
and charges

dollars to which sum shall be added each year:

(a) Forty per cent. of the estimated costs and charges for interest, sinking fund and depreciation on all extensions of and additions to the water supply system of the City made on and after April 30, 1926, other than for main pipes less than four inches in diameter, and

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(b) Ten per cent. of the estimated costs of and charges for maintenance and operation of the water supply system.

5. The estimates of costs and charges referred to

Estimates of

costs and in the preceding section shall be made by the Com-hargon, how mittee on Works based upon a report submitted by the engineer and shall be subject to the approval of the Council.

6. (1) After the estimates of costs and charges How ratod. referred to have been approved by the Council and the amount to be levied and assessed for fire protection has been ascertained in the manner hereinbefore prescribed such amount shall be rated and assessed by an equal dollar rate upon the value of all lands and premises in the City within the water pipe lines, including those within twelve hundred feet of a fire hydrant for a fire protection rate. c.c. sec. 486 (1) amended.


No property within such water pipe lines or within twelve hundred feet of a fire hydrant shall be exempt

(a) from fire protection rate, or


(b) from consumption or other rates from time to time in force, except if a dwelling house is erected thereon which has been unoccupied for six months and from which the water has been turned off for that time. c.c. sec. 486 (2), amended.

(3) No separate and distinct dwelling house while Dwelling house used as such shall be rated on a lower valuation than nine hundred dollars for fire protection. C.C. sec., 486(3) amended.

(4) No separate and distinct dwelling house while occupied as such shall be rated at less than one dollar for fire protection purposes. C.C. sec: 486 (4) amended.

(5) In buildings separately occupied in flats, every separate and self contained flat shall be deemed å


distinct dwelling house and rated as such. c.c. sec. 486 (5).

(6) Any property, although lying on the outside of the water pipe lines, shall be deemed to be within the same if it is connected therewith. c.c. sec. 486 (6).

7. (1) Every building containing a dwelling house and shop shall be rated as a dwelling house, if the valuation of the whole building, including land, does not exceed two thousand five hundred dollars.

(2) If it exceeds such sum, such dwelling house and shop shall be rated separately upon separate valuations to be fixed by the assessor at the request of the Clerk. c.c. sec. 487.

Estimates to be 8. furnished Clerk

The City Clerk shall transmit to the Clerk a copy of the water estimates as approved by the Council.

Water Assessment Book

9. (1) The Clerk shall forthwith from the rate books for the city rates, make up a book of water assessments and when the same is completed, he shall affix his signature to such book with the date.

(2) The valuations of properties for such assessment, and the owners thereof, may be ascertained from the rate books of the assessor for the time being in force, and if they do not contain any valuation required by the provisions of this Act in respect to water rates, such valuation may be fixed by the assessor upon the request of the Clerk.

(3) The assessor shall, on request, furnish the Clerk with all the information in his power in addition to the information afforded by the rate book, to enable the Clerk to make up such water assessment book. C.C. S. 488, 489.

Rates, how struck.

10. Upon the basis of the valuation entered in such rate book and the amount to be raised for fire protection the Committee on Works shall strike the fire protection rate for the year. c.c. sec. 490 amended.

to be


The Clerk shall extend and set out in respect atended by to each property in the book of water assessment, Clerk. the name of the owner, as shown in the assessor's rate book, and the fire protection rate payable in respect thereto.

c.c. S. 491.

12. (1)

(1) Any property may be rated for fire Rating for part protection subsequently to the completion of the of year. water assessment book, for any portion of a civic year then unexpired according to the proportion which such unexpired year bears to the whole year. c.c. sec. 498 (1) amended.

(2) The Clerk upon receiving information that any property should be rated for fire protection, shall, if it is a new building, or if he has no valuation applicable to the property as a basis for fire protection rate, require the assessor to value such property under the provisions of this Act in respect to fire protection, and the assessor shall report to the Clerk any such valuation and upon such valuation the Clerk shall extend the fire protection rate. C.C. sec. 498 (2) amended.

(3) The Clerk shall make in red ink in the water assessment book all necessary entries in respect to any such property, with the date of such entry. The payment of any fire protection rate so entered may be enforced by the remedies applicable to other fire protection rates, if notice thereof is served upon the owner in any mode provided for the services of assessment notices for city taxes. c.c. sec. 498 (3) amended.



13. Every owner of property supplied with water Consumption shall in respect to the same and in addition to the fire protection rate pay such quantity rates, minimum rate, meter rental or other rate, as is from time to time approved and in force. c.c. sec. 499 (1) amended.

Record of rates payable.

14. The Clerk shall keep in the water assessment book the rates payable by each person in respect to water supplied to property owned by him. c.c. sec. 500 amended.



Water meters.

15. All water shall be supplied by meter and the engineer shall cause a water meter of suitable size to be placed on every service pipe supplying water to any premises, other than pipes used for furnishing

private fire protection. Penalty for 16. (1) Every person who without having been Injuring motor. authorized in that behalf by the Engineer, removes

any meter from the place in which it has been installed, or injures or tampers with any meter in any way, shall be liable to a penalty of not less than ten dollars or more than one hundred dollars, and in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not less than ten days or of more than three months, and in addition thereto the cost of the meter if lost or destroyed or of repairing the same may be directed by the magistrate to be paid to the city by the person removing or injuring the meter.

Occupant responsible.

(2) The occupant of any premises shall be responsible for the care of any meter installed in the same and the value of any such meter lost, removed or destroyed or the cost of repairing any injury thereto may be recovered from him by the city, and whether any penalty has been imposed or not, the water may be turned off from any premises in which a meter has been negligently lost or wilfully damaged until the cost of replacing or repairing such meter has been paid to the City.

Occupant (3) For the purposes of this section the expression defined.

“occupant” shall include

(a) the owner of any building residing in the city;

(b) the agent of any owner not so residing:

(c) the person actually occupying the premises or portion thereof in which such meter is

placed. 1922 Ch. 54, sec. 4, 1924, C. 60, sec. 46. Claims for re- 17. (1) Subject to the conditions hereinafter pro

mount charged vided, the Committee on Works may make a reducfor water pass ing through tion of the amounts charged to any person for water

duction of

which has passed through a meter.


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