Acts of the General Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia

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Halaman 298 - of Nova Scotia," and by that name shall be enabled to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended in any court or courts of law or equity, and the said
Halaman 7 - of the case, it is not possible to establish different degrees of fault, the liability shall be apportioned equally, and (b) Nothing in this section shall operate so as to render any person liable for any loss or damage to which his fault has not contributed. 3. In actions tried with a jury the amount of Damage,
Halaman 88 - to His Majesty the King, his heirs and successors, in the sum of three hundred dollars, for which sum to be paid we bind ourselves and each of us, himself, our and each of our heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated the day of , A. D., 19.... Whereas the above bounden AB has been proceeded against under the provisions of
Halaman 98 - orders-in-council, and instructions issued in pursuance thereof, and that I will not, without due authority in that behalf, disclose or make known any matter or thing which comes to my knowledge by reason of my employment as such .............. (2) This oath shall be taken before such person, and returned and recorded in such manner, as the Minister prescribes.
Halaman 171 - (5) The costs of any application to a court or Judge under or for the purposes of this section, and the costs of anything done or to be done under an order of a court or Judge made under or for the purposes of this section, shall be in the discretion of the
Halaman 170 - contents of which can be proved under this Section, or to appear as a witness to prove the matters, transactions and accounts therein recorded, unless by order of a court or judge made for special cause. (4) On the application of any party to any
Halaman 20 - the Governor-in-Council may at any time, upon such investigation as the Governor-in-Council sees fit to make, and upon such proof as is deemed satisfactory, vacate such grant either in whole or in part, and upon such terms and conditions as are deemed just and equitable. 1910, c. 4, s. 40.
Halaman 22 - shall vest in the holder thereof all rights of property whatsoever in all trees, timber and lumber cut within the limits of the license during the term thereof, whether such trees, timber and lumber are cut by authority of the holder of such license or by any other person with or without his consent, provided
Halaman 170 - shall not be received in evidence under this section unless it be proved that the book or record was, at the time of the making of the entry, one of the ordinary books or records of the bank, and that
Halaman 95 - birds, or parts thereof] and if you find the same, or any part thereof, to bring the same to me, or some other Justice of the Peace or Stipendiary Magistrate, to be dealt with according to law.

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