Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston, Volume 13

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Halaman 199 - Livelihood, and the several Bakers within this Town are ordered to mark their Bread which they bake for Sale with the first letter of their Christian Names & with the first & last Letters of their Sir names.
Halaman 47 - Inhabit'' of this Town not exceeding one bushel to each buyer, at five Shillings p bushel, and he is directed to put up before hand one bushel in each of ye Townes Baggs, and first receive each p'sons money and then Shift the Corn into their respective baggs, the hours appointed to attend the Same is from nine to twelve in the fore noon and from two to four in the after noon & he is to Imploy ye Cryer to cry at that price each buyer to bring good bill ready changed & to cry thr6 the Town on thursday....
Halaman 90 - Street into the Comon Shore he forth with making good the Pauement. [172.] At a Meeting of the Select men of The Town of Boston Novemr 13th. 1721. Whereas by an Act of this province made & passed in the Thirteenth year of his Late Majesty King William the Third, Intitled An Act providing in case of Sickness...
Halaman 54 - Hall. The Petitions of Sundry persons for Lycence to Sell Strong drink as Retaylers at Large disallowed by ye Sel. men viz'. Susanna Grey Henry Dickerson John Bushel John Minzes Elizabeth Keen Aguis Gwinops petition to Sell beer ale & Cyder as a ReTayler. disallowed by ye Sel. m The Petitions of Sundry persons for Lycence to Sell beer, Ale and Cyder out of doors by retayl allowed by ye Sel.
Halaman 252 - Convened, held and kept for His majestys Service at the Court House in Boston upon Wednesday the Twenty...
Halaman 178 - Currant at Nine of the Clock in the forenoon, then and there to Consider of Debate and give their Opinion what is best to be done about Setling a Salary for his Excelency the Governor or Comander in Cheif.
Halaman 282 - ... next, at Nine of the Clock in the morning, To Receive the Report of a Committee Chosen by the Town to Consider of the Petition of Several of the Towns in the County of Suffolk to the General Court, for [269.] making Boston a County by itself, and to Agree and Conclude what is proper to be done thereon, Also to Consider the Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of the Town, desiring that a Floor might be laid in the North market. At a Meeting of the Select men, Dec. 3. 1735. Voted, That John Stringer...
Halaman 301 - Treaty between Her Majesty and the King of Denmark, for the Marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales with Her Royal Highness the Princess Alexandra, Daughter of Prince Christian of Denmark; signed at Copenhagen, January 15, 1863.
Halaman 187 - Bush", for Charges and the Several Bakers within this Town are ordered to mark their Bread which they Bake for Sale with the first Letters of their Christian names and with the first & Last Letters of their Sir names.
Halaman 27 - Wilsons Lane and So into Dock Square for Laying their Cellar drain into the Comon Shore there, Provided they Lay ye Sd Drain wth brick or Stone as the Law directs, And also forth wth make good y' part of ye Sd way where they Shall So digg.

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