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2139. Unreasonable rates on lumber from points in Virginia and Tennessee to Pen

nington Gap, Va. 2140. Discrimination in passenger fares by passenger association. 2141. Unreasonable rates on ground flint from East Liverpool, Ohio, to various

points. 2142. Refusal to redeem unused passenger fare ticket from Detroit to Canada. 2143. Discrimination in favor of publishers and dealers in rates on books shipped by

express from Kansas City, Mo. 2144. Unreasonable rates on undressed marble from Proctor, Vt., to Logansport,

Ind. 2145. Loss of bale of belting between New York City and Waterlick, Va. 2146. Rates on shipments of lumber from Southern points to Sioux City, Iowa. 2147. Underbilling and overcharging on freight shipments from points in Kansas. 2148. Failure of railroads to supply cars for corn shipments from Laplace, Ill. 2149. Unreasonable rates on marble and granite from New England points to Spring

field, Ill. 2150. Unjust classification of dress-suit cases. 2151. Rates on cordwood, posts, and poles from points in Michigan. 2152. Rates on corrugated or sheet iron in car fots from Pittsburg, Pa., and other

points in Pennsylvania and Ohio to Denver, Pueblo, and Trinidad, Colo. 2153. Unreasonable rates from St. Louis and Chicago to Missouri River points. 2154. Comparative freight rates in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. 2155. Discrimination against Arlington and Bainbridge by withdrawal of joint

through rates. 2156. Unreasonable rates from Minneapolis to Barron, Wis., as compared with rates

to other points. 2157. Early closing of freight depots in Cincinnati, Ohio. 2158. Discrimination in freight rates to New Richmond, Ohio. 2159. Unreasonable passenger fares from intermediate points to New Orleans, as

compared with rates for the longer distance from St. Louis to New

Orleans, La. 2160. Higher rate from New York to Marietta, Ga., than for the longer distance to

Dalton and Chattanooga, Tenn. 2161. Unreasonable rates to Charlotte, N. C., from Western cities and from New

York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. 2162. Unreasonable commodity and class rates, Kansas City, Mo., to various points. 2163. Rates on barbed wire compared with rate on lumber from Vernon, Tex., to

Gosnell, Okla. 2164. Unreasonable storage rates by Southeastern Car Service Association. 2165. Loss by freezing of shipment of greenhouse plants from Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 2166. Unjust advance in rates on shingles from Minnesota Transfer to Chicago and

St. Louis. 2167. Higher rates on corn and oats from Aden, Bonaparte, Selma, and Farmington,

Iowa, to St. Louis and East St. Louis than to Fairfield, Iowa. 2168. Routing of shipments from points in Mississippi. 2169. Classification of candies by classification committee. 2170. Unreasonable rates from Cincinnati

, Ohio, and Chicago, Ill., to Norfolk, Va. 2171. Unreasonable rates on hay from points in Colorado to points in Texas. 2172. Refusal to name rates or furnish cars for shipments of lumber from Marked

Tree, Ark. 2173. Wrongful routing of freight from San Antonio, Tex. 2174. Unreasonable rates to the Pacific coast from Mississippi River Valley, as com

pared with rates from Atlantic coast points. 2175. Minimum charge on small shipment from Kingfisher, Okla. 2176. Unreasonable passenger rates for race-horse man from New Orleans to Memphis

and other points. 2177. Discrimination in rates on lubricating oils and turpentine, as compared with

rates on linseed oils. 2178. Unjust competition in price of lime at Green Street, Wis. 2179. Excessive rate on car of lumber from Edenton, N. C., to Newark, N. J. 2180. Refusal of railroads to furnish cars for loading wood and ties. 2181. Unreasonable rates pn tin plate, less than carloads, from Pittsburg to Wabasha

and St. Paul, Minn. 2182. Unlawful wit! drawal of rates without notice at Conden, Ala. 2183. Refusal to receive shipments by express companies from Unadilla

, N. Y. 2184. Unreasonable minimum weight for all packages shipped from Nowata, Ind. T. 2185. Discrimination in rates between two shipments of scrap iron from Danielson,


2186. Change in routing of shipments from Cleveland to Bethel, Pa. 2187. Unreasonable rates on silk shipments from New York City, N. Y., to various

points. 2188. Unreasonable rates on grain products and flour via lake and rail from Buffalo,

N. Y. 2189. Excessive rates on coal from Ocean, Md., to Olney and East St. Louis, Ill. 2190. Higher rate on lumber from Little Rock to Springfield, Mo., than combination

of locals. 2191. Discrimination against certain shippers of iced poultry from Keithsburg, Ill. 2192. Chattanooga long and short haul clause-decision in. 2193. Resolution Texas Millers' Association on rates from Texas. 2194. Overcharge on prepaid freight from New York to Punta Gorda, Fla. 2195. Routing of celery, carload lots, from Tecumseh, Mich. 2196. Rates on handles from Hope, Ark., to Albuquerque, N. Mex., as compared with

rate from St. Louis to same point. 2197. Delay in interstate shipment from Maxton, N. C. 2198. Excessive rate on cotton piece goods from Augusta, Ga., to Cincinnati, Ohio,

as compared with rate from same point to Chicago, Ill. 2199. Unreasonable rate on corn from Leroy to Louisville, Ky. 2200. Discrimination in terminal charges at Norfolk, Va. 2201. Minimum carload weight of corn shipped from Kansas City, Mo., to Ada,

Ind. T. 2202. Excessive rates on car ice shipped to Mulberry Grove, Ill. 2203. Discrimination in rates from Ann Arbor, Mich., in favor of grain and against

flour. 2204. Unreasonable rates by express companies from Madison, N. J. 2205. Overcharge on 1 horse shipped from Bunkie, La., to Mexia, Tex. 2206. Overcharges on shipments of furniture from the South to Maine points. 2207. Loss of shipment of roots between Kansas and Oklahoma. 2208. Classification of rural mail boxes from Adrian, Mich. 2209. Overcharge on 1 car mixed furniture shipped from Chicago, Ill., to Norfolk,

Nebr. 2210. Excessive rates on carload oak lumber from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Orient,

Iowa. 2211. Unreasonable rates on grain from St. Louis and other points in Arkansas and

Missouri. 2212. Forwarding of lottery tickets from points in Ohio. 2213. Inability of railroads to furnish cars for loading lumber shipments in Georgia. 2214. Excessive rates on lumber from Valdosta, Ga., to Johnson City and Bristol,

Tenn. 2215. Rates on household goods from Geary, Okla., to San Francisco, Cal., higher

than from Chicago to same point. 2216. Unreasonable rates on railroad ties from Bainbridge, Ohio. 2217. Unreasonable rates on lumber from Macon and other points South to Central

City and Huntington, W. Va. 2218. Unreasonable rates to Dadeville, Sylacauga, and Alexander City, Ala., Monti

cello, Ga., and Laurel Hill, Lumberton, Maxton, and Warren, N. C. 2219. Overcharge on 2 cars of live stock shipped from Lancaster, S.C., to Atlanta, Ga. 2220. Discrimination in rates from Two Rivers, Wis., to Eastern points. 2221. Demurrage charges on a shipment of shingles at Cooperstown, N. Y. 2222. Unjust classification of iron pipes in cars with windmills from Dallas, Tex. 2223. Unreasonable ferry fare on a through ticket between Norfolk and Ports

mouth, Va. 2224. Lack of shipping facilities at Avoca, Okla. 2225. Loss of package of hardware shipped to Albany, Oreg. 2226. Overcharge on 1 car fuel oil shipped from El Paso, Tex., to Deming, N. Mex. 2227. Overcharge in passenger fare from Washington, D. C., to Moseley, Va. 2228. Discrimination in rates on lumber and shingles from Pacific coast points. 2229. Discrimination against McCall in rates on sugar to St. Louis, Mo. 2230. Overcharge on shipment of 1 car of corn from Ringsted, Iowa, to Els

berry, Mo. 2231. Excessive through passenger rates from Janesville, Wis., to Boston, Mass., and

the reverse. 2232. Lumber rates from Hattiesburg, Miss., to Wingo, Ky., as compared with rates

from same point to Fulton and Paducah, Ky. 2233. Rates on scales from Elkhart, Ind., to Birmingham, Ala., as compared with

rates on same commodity from Elkhart to Mobile, Ala.

2234. Excessive freight charges on shipment of chairs from Frankfort, Ky., to Cam

bridge, Ind. 2235. Excessive rates on small shipments of coffee and tea from Baltimore, Md., to

points in Virginia. 2236. Unreasonable lumber' rates from Donaldsville, Ga., to Petersburg, Ind. 2237. Excessive rates from Escanaba, Mich., to Chatham and Munising, Mich., as

compared with rates from Chicago, Ill. 2238. Overcharge on 1 car lumber from Sharon, Tenn., to Frankfort, Ky: 2239. Unreasonable rates on cotton from Milledgeville, Ga., to Philadelphia, Pa. 2240. Claims arising through nondelivery of perishable freight shipped from Jack

sonville, Fla. 2241. Unjust advance in rates on oak lumber, timber, logs, etc., in Virginia. 2242. Rates on cooperage, carloads, from Black Rock, Ark., to Odessa, Mo., as com

pared with rate to Higginsville, Mo. 2243. Overcharge on 12 cars oats, corn, etc., shipped from Memphis, Tenn., and

Creighton, Nebr. 2244. Discrimination in rates on split peas from Port Huron to New York, as com

pared with rate on same from London, Ontario, and other points in Canada. 2245. Excessive charges on shipment of machinery from Texarkana, Ark., to Cape

Girardeau, Mo. 2246. Rate on lumber and telegraph poles from Andover, Conn., to Boston, Mass.,

as compared with the rate on same commodities from Willimantic, Conn., to

same point. 2247. Rate on hay from Rushville, Ohio, to Altoona, Pa., as compared with rate on

same commodity from same point to Baltimore and Washington, D. C. 2248. Unreasonable rate on whisky and alcohol, carloads, from Omaha and Peoria to

Des Moines, Iowa. 2249. Excessive charges on a case of notions returned from Shiner, Tex. 2250. Overcharge on three shipments of terra-cotta pipe from Terra Cotta, D. C., to

Round Hill, Va. 2251. Excessive rates on ground oyster shells from Biloxi, Miss., to various points. 2252. Inability of railroads to furnish cars for shipments of corn from Afton, Ind. T. 2253. Discrimination in rates on railroad ties in Michigan. 2254. Discrimination in round-trip fare from Burlington to Denver and return, as

compared with round-trip tickets from points in Kansas to same points. 2255. Excessive charges on baggage from Higgins, Tex., to Woodward, Okla. 2256. Refusal to receive iced poultry at Attica, Ind. 2257. Refusal to furnish cars for shipments of corn from Afton, Ind. T., to Texas. 2258. Overcharge on shipment of cattle horns from Chihuahua, Mexico, to Boston,

Mass. 2259. Overcharge on a shipment of boiler, engine, and brick, carload, from Dubuque,

Iowa, to Glen Haven, Wis. 2260. Refusal to deliver carloads of lumber consigned to themselves to other persons

without bill of lading. 2261. Delay in shipments of dressed poultry and eggs to New York City. 2262. Overcharge on shipment of farm stock from Leroy, Minn., to Donnybrook,

N. Dak. 2263. Adjustment of freight rates between California and Middle West and South

west. 2264. Excessive rates on shipments from Albany and Troy, N. Y., to Whitehall, N. Y. 2265. Combination of railroads west of Chicago to change classification of liquor rate. 2266. Higher charge for shipments of rye, carloads, from Urania, Mich., to Cincin

nati, Ohio, than from Kewanee and Manitowac, Mich. 2267. Unreasonable charges on shipments of books from Washington, D. C., to

Louisiana. 2268. Inspection of corn at Cincinnati, Ohio. 2269. Discrimination in freight rates on nitrate of soda from New York City. 2270. Rates for shipments of flour from points in South Dakota to Chicago, III., as

compared with rates from Minneapolis, Minn., to same place. 2271. Rates on eggs, carloads, from Austin, Minn., to Chicago, Ill., as compared

with rate from St. Paul, Minn., to same point. 2272. Unreasonable passenger fares from New Hampshire to various points. 2273. Discrimination against Terre Haute in rates to Missouri River points. 2274. Refusal to put in switch to connect with side track in Cambria County, Pa. 2275. Discrimination in rates to Albany, Ga., as against Thomasville, Ga. 2276. Delays in shipments of freight from Columbia, S. C. 2277. School tickets between Greenland, N. H., and Newburyport, Mass. 2278. Excessive charge on shipment of oil machinery from Opelika, Ala.

2279. Unreasonable rate on grain from Missouri River points to Chicago, Ill. 2280. Overcharge on carload shipments of wheat from Camden, Ohio, to Rad

ford, Va. 2281. Protest against official classification of rubber tires. 2282. Excessive rate on soap from Shreveport, La., to Philadelphia, Pa. 2283. Discrimination in grain rates from Winona, Minn., to Milwaukee and Chicago,

as compared with rates from St. Paul to same points. 2284. Higher rate on furniture from Mount Airy to Martinsville, Va., than to Roa

noke, va. 2285. Unreasonable rates from Grand Forks, N. Dak., to points in Montana. 2286. Discrimination in rates on wine from St. Louis to Pocahontas, Ark. 2287. Rates on cooperage stock from Hoxie, Ark., to McCall, La., as compared with

the rates to New Orleans, La. 2288. Refusal to place switch for loading cars of milk at Preble, N. Y. 2289. Unreasonable rate by express companies on shipment of cigars from Delaware,

Ohio, to Erie, Pa. 2290. Unreasonable rates on barley and other grain from Port Washington to Buf

falo, N. Y. 2291. Excessive charges on shipments of household goods from Knightstown, Ind.,

to Alliance, Ohio. 2292. Unreasonable rates on carloads of lumber from points in Texas. 2293. Unreasonable rates on lumber from Dexter, Mo., to points south. 2294. Purchase of a railroad ticket to the wrong station from Buffalo, N. Y., to.

Bethlehem, Pa. 2295. Excessive charges on one car machinery shipped from Erie, Pa., to Stephen

ville, Tex. 2296. Discrimination in rates from Pacific coast and from Gulf ports to Topeka, Kans. 2297. Discrimination in rates from Shreveport, La., to Joaquin and Teneha, Tex., as

compared with rates to Logansport, La. 2298. Advance in rates on lumber from Hertford, N. C., to Amenia and White

Plains, N. Y., without due notice. 2299. Overcharge on a passenger ticket from New York City to Chicago, Ill. 2300. Rates on coal from South McAlester to Muscogee, as compared with rate on

same commodity from same point to Kansas City, Mo. 2301. Unreasonable rate on coal from Rock Spring, Wyo., to Columbus, Nebr. 2302. Rates from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Springfield, Ill., higher than to Peoria, Ill. 2303. Rate on barbed wire and nails from Chicago, Ill., Joliet, Ill., etc., to Caldwell,

Kans., as compared with rate on same commodities to Kingfisher, Okla. 2304. Unreasonable rates on shipments of coal from points in Indiana to Chicago,

Ill., and Rensselaer, Ind. 2305. Improper classification of shipments of pickles from Salt Mine, La., to San

Antonio, Tex. 2306. Discrimination in classification of bicycle hubs, etc. 2307. Demurrage charges in the freight yards at Pittsburg, Pa. 2308. Unreasonable rates on ties from points in Kentucky to Pittsburg, Pa. 2309. Rates on iron and steel articles as compared with rate on oil from St. Louis

to Kansas City, Mo. 2310. Rates on grain and live stock from Ethel, Mo., to Chicago, Ill., compared

with rates on same from Kansas City, Mo. 2311. Discrimination in milling in transit privilege at Hickory, N. C. 2312. Overcharge on one car lumber shipped from South Carolina to Pittsburg, Pa. 2313. Rates for shipments of wagons to points in the South-Toledo, Ohio, to Bir

mingham, Ala. 2314. Overcharge on two cars paraffin wax shipped from Rouseville, Pa., to Bar

berton, Ohio. 2315. Rates on wagons from Toledo, Ohio, to Albany, N. Y., are higher than on

same articles from Albany, N. Y., to Toledo, Ohio. 2316. Overcharge on a car of sugar shipped from Dorceyville, La. 2317. Unreasonable rates on wool from Lena and Charleston, Ill., to Philadelphia,

Pa. 2318. Excessive rates on grain products from St. Louis and Kansas City to Waskom,

Tex. 2319. Protest against advance in rates on cotton-seed meal from Thomastown, Ga.,

to Boston, Mass. 2320. Rates on lumber from Alabama points to Ohio and Michigan points as com

pared with rates to Buffalo territory, 2321, Excessive rates on lumber from Pascola, Mo., to Cairo, Ill.

2322. Damage to shipment of household furniture from Telma, N. C., to Washing

ton, D. C. 2323. Refusal to grant milling in transit privilege at Hogansville, Ga. 2324. Excessive charge on shipment five cars grain from Ireton and Harrden, Iowa,

via Council Bluffs, to Kansas City, Mo. 2325. Damages on account of failure to deliver consignment of sales pads or tablets. 2326. Excessive rate on car of hay from Lennon, Mich., to New Orleans, La. 2327. Higher rate on traffic from the East to Rich Hill, Mo., than to Kansas City,

Mo. 2328. Higher rate from the West to Bluefield, W. Va., than for the longer distance

to Roanoke and other points in Virginia. 2329. Excessive rate on carload of junk from Winona, Minn., to Milwaukee, Wis. 2330. Discrimination in giving storehouse privileges in New York City. 2331. Excessive rates on cotton seed from Willow Shute and Benton, La., to Brown

wood, Tex. 2332. Loss of box of tools from Chicago, Ill., to Jacksonville, Fla. 2333. Refusal to allow consignee to partially unload car in transit. 2334. Refusal to ship coal on account of its being loaded in cars of another company

at Davenport, Iowa. 2335. Overcharge on shipment of shingles from Mobile, Ala., to Davy, W. Va.

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