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nature and man's energies have happily joined hands here and made Luzerne county one of the highly favored spots of earth.

Harvey's Lake is 1,000 feet above the level of the Susquehanna, situated in Lake township, twelve miles northwest of Wilkes Barre. It is an immense spring of pure cold water, with a beautiful clean sand and gravel bottom, and varies in depth from five to 200 feet. It was first discovered by Benjamin Harvey, who settled upon its outlet prior to the Revolutionary war. It was surveyed in 1794, when covered with ice, by Christopher Hurlbert, who found it extended over an area of 1,285 acres, a little more than two square miles. It is the largest body of fresh water in Pennsylvania, and furnishes an abundant supply of fish, which, owing to the purity of the water, are of superior quality. The first canoe ever launched upon the bosom of this lake, by a white man, was made in Wyoming valley, in 1800, by Andrew Bennett. It was shod with hickory saplings, and was drawn over the mountain by horses, and used in fishing and hunting.

Beaver Lake, in Buck township is one mile in length and a half mile in breadth. It is the source of Pond Creek, which flows into the Lehigh.

Triangle Pond, in Wright township, has an area of 150 acres, and is one of the sources of the Little Wapwallopen Creek.

Long and Round Ponds, in Slocum township, are also sources of the Little Wapwallopen, and abound in fish. The former is about a mile long by a half mile wide; the latter is smaller. Their depth is from twenty-five to fifty feet.

Three Cornered Pond, in Lehman township, is a handsome body of clear water, and constitutes one of the sources of Hunlock creek.

North and South Ponds, in Ross townships, the former covering 250 acres, and the latter about 150. discharge their waters through Hunlock creek.

Mud Pond, in Fairmount township, empties into the Huntington creek, which also receives the waters of Long pond, in Sullivan county, near the Luzerne county line. At this latter point, on the summit of the North mountain, is 2,636 feet above the level of the sea.

In 1777, when this was Westmoreland county, Conn., and its wide territory included what is now Luzerne, Wyoming, Susquehanna, Bradford, and a portion of Wayne county, there were, all told. 1,922 souls. Sixteen years after that, 1790, in the same territory, except the part of Wayne county above, there was a population of 4,904; or one to each square mile. In 1800 there were 12,838, showing an average annual increase of 793. In 1810 there were 18.109, a slight average decrease. In 1820, with Bradford and Susquehanna counties taken off, there were 20,027 inhabitants, and in 1830, 27,304; in 1840, 44.006; in 1850 (Wyoming taken off) the population of Luzerne county was 56,072. [At that time Wyoming county had 10,653 people.] The following table exhibits the classified population of Luzerne for the years 1850 and 1860:

The following table exhibits the classified population of Luzerne for the years

1850 and 1860:"

1850. 1860.

White males 29,465 46,613

Females 26,234 43,327

Colored persons 373 450

Families 9,672 15.065

Dwellings 9,587 14.920

Births 1,976 2,956

Deaths 383 878

Married 597 925

Persons who could not read and write 2,228 3,981

Persons over one hundred years 3 2

Between ninety and one hundred 6 8

Blind ." 10 14

Deaf and dumb 8 12

Insane 12 16

Number of foreigners 12,567 23,486

183C, foreigners, 785.

The official figures for the census years 1880 and 1890 show the following in detail:

Luzerne county.
Ashley borough.

Buck township
Butler township
Couyngham tow
Dallas borough.

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1890 1880

Boss township 1,102 1,063

Salem township 1,303 1,448

Shickshinny borough 1,448 1,058

Slocuni township 409 377

Sugar Loaf township 1,854 1,390

Sugar Notch borough 2,586 1,582

Union township 874 920

West Hazleton borough 931 191

West Pittston borough 3,906 2,544

White Haven borough 1,634 1,408

Wilkes-Barre city 37,718 23,339

Wilkes-Barre township 2,917 2,445

Wright township 152 880

Wyoming borough 1,794 1,147

Yatesville borough 414 415

Going over the detailed official reports of the population of the divisions of the county, it is striking, even as early as 1860, how much more rapidly the coal-bearing sections increased over the other portions of the county. The vast coal interests at that time were only fairly begun to develop. Since then the rapid increase of population, still centering in the vicinity of the mines, has kept pace with the enormous growth of the coal output, and yet there is no great city in the county. Indeed until the last few months Wilkes-Barre was the only organized city in Luzerne county, and that contained less than 40,000 of the 201,000 inhabitants of the county. Hazleton is just now made a legal city, with only a population of about 12,000. Therefore, it is plain that the increase of population here, the past century, from a little more than 4,000 to more than 200,000, with the territory reduced by the counties of Wyoming and Lackawanna recently taken off, in addition to Bradford and Susquehanna, that were extracted in the early part of the century, shows a growth of rural population unequaled in any county in the United States.


Poatoffiees. Townahipt. Postoffices. Townships.

Alden Station Newport Glen Lyon Newport

Alderson Forty Fort Kingston

Ashley Hanover Freeland Foster

Askam Hanover Gowen Black Creek

Avoca Avoca Borough Grand Tunnel Plymouth

Beach Haven Salem Gregory Hunlock

Bear Creek Bear Creek Harding Exeter

Bell Bend Salem Hardpau Huntington

Bloomingdale Boss Harleigh Hazle

Briggsville Nescopeck Harveyville Huntington

Cambra Huntington Hazle Brook Foster

Carverton Kingston Hazleton Hazle

Cease's Mills Jackson Hobbie Hollenback

Chauncey Plymouth Hudson

Clarkes View Hunlock Creek Hunlock

Conynghani Sugarloaf Huntington Mills Huntington

Dallas ^Dallas Huutsville Jackson

Dorrance Dorrance Idetown Lehman

Dorranceton Kingston Inkernian lenkins

Drifton Hazle Irish Lane Ross

Drums Butler Jeansville Hazle

Dupont Pittston Jeddo Hazle

Duryea Marcy Ketcham Franklin

Ebervale Hazle Kingston Kingston

Eckley Foster Koousville Union

Edwardsdale Kingston Kunkle Dallas

Exeter Exeter Kyttle Fairmount

Fade's Creek Lake Laffl in Pittston


Postofflees. Townships.

Laketon Lehman

Larksville (formerly Blindton) Plymouth

Lattimer Mines Hazle

Lehman Lehman

Loyalville Lake

Luzerne Luzerne Borough

Maple Run Fairmount


Milnesville Hazle

Miners' Mills Plains

Moosehead Denison

Mountain Grove Black Creek

Mountain Top Wright

Muhlenburg Union

Nanticoke Hanover

Nescopeck Nescopeck

New Columbus Huntington

Oliver's Mills (Laurel Run Borough)

Orange Franklin

Outlet Lake

Parsons Plains

Peely (Warrior Run) Hanover

Pike's Creek Lake

Pittston Pittston

Plains Plains

Plainsville, L. V. R. B. Station Plains

Plymouth Plymouth

Pond Hill

Port Blanchard Jenkins

Prichard Hunlock

Red Rock Fairmount

Register Huntington

Reyburn Union

Postoffices. Townships.

Rhone Nanticoke Borough


Bittenhouse Fairmount

Rock Glen Black Creek

Ruggles Lake

Sandy Run Foster


Shickshinny Salem and Union

Silkworth Lehman

Slocum Slocum

Stockton llazle

Stoddartsville Buck

Sugarloaf Butler

Sugar Notch Sugar Notch

Sweet Valley Boss

Sevbertsville Sugarloaf

Tank Black Creek

Town Hill Huntington

Town Line Union

Trucksville Kingston

Turnback Black Creek

Upper Lehigh Foster

Wanamie Newport

Wapwallopen Conynghan

Waterton Huntington


West Hazleton Hazle

West Nanticoke Plymouth

Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre

White Haven Foster

Wyoming Wyoming Borough

Yatesville Jenkins

Zehner Foster


Localities. Postoffice.

Alberts Ashley

Allentown Lehman

Ashberton Hazleton

Avoudale Grand Tunnel

Baltimore Mines Parsons

Barn Hill Grand Tunnel

Beach Grove Belbend

Bear Creek Junction Bear Creek

Bear Hollow Outlet

Beaumont Stoddardsville

Beaver Run Ruggles

Bennets Luzerne

Berger's Moosehead

Black Creek Rock Glen

Black Ridge Conyngham P. O.

Bowman's Hill Wilkes-Barre

Bradersville White Haven

Bridge No. 28 Moosehead

Brown's Colliery Pittston

Brown's Corners Huntsville

Browntown Yatesville

Bryar Hill Port Blanchard

Buck Mountain Station Weatherly

Buttonwood Askam

Butzbaugh's Landing Nanticoke

Ceasetown Nanticoke

Charlestown Avoca

Church Hill Nanticoke

Localities. Postoffice.

Coalville Ashley

Columbus New Columbus

Conyngham Station Conyngham

Cora's Mills Harding

Council Ridge Eckley

Coxton Pittston

Cramer's Hook Sweet Valley

Cranberry Hazleton

Crystal Ridge Hazleton

Daken Huntsville

Davis Mills Harding

Derrenger Gowcn

Diamond Addition Hazleton

Drif'ton Junction White Haven

Duck Pond Wilkes-Barre

Dundee Nanticoke

East Sugar Lake Eckley

Empire Wilkes-Barre

Espy Bun Peely

Everhart Coal Company Pittston

Fairview Mountain Top

Falling Springs Harding

Falls Run Rock Glenn

Falls Run City Rock Glenn

Fern Glen Gowen

Forest Castle Harding

Forestdale Rittenhouse

Foundry Jeddo Localities. Po&toMce.

Foundry ville Eckley

Franklin Pittstou

Freehold Freeland

Freuchtown Jeansville

Frogtown Pittstou

Gardner's Switch Parsons

Georgetown Wilkes-Barre

Gradsey Pond Sweet Valley

Great Rock Red Roc k

Greenridge Moosic

Hanover Nanticoke

Hardwicksburg Ashley

Harris Hill Trucksville

Hartzille Slocum

Harwood Hazleton

Harvey's Creek Hotel West Nanticoke

Harvey's Lake Lake

Hazleton Mines Hazleton

Headley's Camp Ground Harvey ville

Headley's Grove Harvey ville

Head of Plains Nescopeck

Heberton Upper Lehigh

Heimville Black Ridge

Hellertown Belbend

Hendricksburg Ashley

Henrico Rittenhouse

Hick's Ferry Belbend

Highland Jeddo

Hoffenback Wilkes-Barre

Hollywood Minersville

Honey Pot Nanticoke

Hornsville Jeddo

Hublersville Huntington Mills

Hughestown Pittstou

Humbolt Hazleton

Huntington Town Hill

Ice Cave Trucksville

Indian Springs Stockton

Iona Shicksh inny

Iron Dale Port Blanchard

Jackson Huntsville

Jenkins Port Blanchard

Jersey Mills Plymouth

Jerusalem White Haven

Johnson's Mill Nescopeck

Johnsonville Nescopeck

Kocher's Notch Sandy Run

Koonsville Harveyville

L. & B. Junction Pittston

Lake House Lake

Lattimore Hazleton

Laurel Hill Hazleton

Laurel Run Oliver's Mills

Lockwood Lake Moosehead

Lockout White Haven

Lumber Yard Stockton

Lutsoy Slocum

Maltby Wyoming

Maple Island White Haven

Marr Avoca

Middleburg White Haven

Mill Creek Hudson

Mill Hollow Luzerne

Milltown Luzerne

Mine No. 2 Eckley

Mine No. 3 Eckley

Mocanaqua Shickshinny

Localities. Post„jjice.

Moretowu Sweet Valley

Morrison White Haven

Mountain Grove Camp Mountain Grove

Mountain House Milnesville

Mountain House Briggsville

Mount Pleasant Wilkes-Barre

Mount Pleasant Colliery ) Hazleton Changed to Harwood.... JHazleton

Mount Zion Harding

Nescopeck Gap Mountain Grove

Nescopeck Junction White Haven

Nescopeck Station Moosehead

Nescopeck Tunnel Moosehead

New London Gowen

Newport Wanamie

Newtown Wilkes-Barre

New Troy Wyoming

North Pond Sweet Valley

Oakdale Jeddo

Oley Valley Eckley

Patterson Grove Harveyville

Pencadore Wilkes-Barre

Penobscot Mountain Top

Pike's Peak Nanticoke

Pincherville Orange

Pine Ridge Shaft Miner's Mills

Pittsburg Pittston

Pleasant Hill Sweet Valley

Pleasant Valley Avoca

Plumbtown Sugar Notch

Pond Creek Sandy Run

Pond Creek Colliery Eckley

Port Bowkley Plaiusville

Port Griffith Port Blanchard

Port Jenkins White Haven

Powder Mills Freeland

Prospect House Willkes-Barre

Ritta Station Mountain Top

Sandy Valley Eckley

Sax Wilkes-Barre

Scale Siding Upper Lehigh

Scale Siding Eckley

Schloyer's Store Nescopeck

Schloyerville Nescopeck

Scotch Hill Pittston

Sebastpol .Pittston

Sewellsville Gowen

Shoemaker's Mills Wyoming

Shorer Town Dallas

Siding No. 7 Slocum

Slocum .Mountain Top

Sloyersville Wilkes-Barre

Sly kersville Audenried

Solomon's Gap Mountain Top

South Heberton Freeland

South Pond Sweet Vnlley

Stanton Hill Wilkps-Barre

Stark's Colliery Pittston

Stark's Patch Avoca

Sturmerville Pittston

Summit Moosehead

Summit Siding Moosehead

Tannery Station Lehigh Tannery

Thomas' Mill Spring Brook

Tomhicken Sugar Loaf

Tunnel Hill Moosehead

Tyler Harveyville

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