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Halaman 12 - All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right to alter or reform the same whenever the public good may require it.
Halaman 329 - ... as to render harmless, so far as is practicable, all the gases, vapors, dust, or other impurities generated in the course of the manufacturing process or handicraft carried on therein that may be injurious to health.
Halaman 96 - Company, a corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of California, and having its principal place of business in the city and county of San Francisco in said State, party of the second part...
Halaman 330 - ... establishment, shall post and keep posted in a conspicuous place in every room where such help is employed, a printed notice stating the number of hours per day for each day of the week required of such persons, and in every room where children under sixteen years of age are employed, a list of their names with their age.
Halaman 329 - Every person, firm, or corporation employing females in any manufacturing, mechanical, or mercantile establishment in this state, shall provide suitable seats for the use of the females so employed, and shall permit the use of such seats by them when they are not necessarily engaged in the active duties for which they are employed.
Halaman 247 - Shares of stock in corporations possess no intrinsic value over and above the actual value of the property of the corporation which they stand for and represent; and the assessment and taxation of such shares, and also all the corporate property, would be double taxation.
Halaman 330 - ... day, except when it is necessary to make repairs to prevent the interruption of the ordinary running of the machinery, or when a different apportionment of the hours of labor is made for the sole purpose of making a shorter day's work for one day of the week ; and in no case shall the hours of labor exceed sixty in a week. Every employer shall post in a conspicuous place in every room. .where such persons are employed, a printed notice stating the number of hours...
Halaman 153 - said association has been formed and organized for the mutual protection and relief of its members, and for the payment of stipulated sums of money to the families or heirs of the deceased members...
Halaman 97 - of San Francisco, a corporation formed and existing under the laws of the State of California, in the sum of one thousand dollars, gold coin of the United States of America, to be paid to the said corporation...
Halaman 330 - No child under sixteen years of age shall be employed in any factory, workshop, or mercantile establishment...

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