Essay on the Penal Law of Pennsylvania

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Law Academy, 1827 - 69 halaman

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Halaman 1 - ... when intermingled with all these, in one corrupt and corrupting assemblage were to be found the disgusting object of popular contempt, besmeared with filth from the pillory — the unhappy victim of the lash, streaming with blood from the whipping post — the half naked vagrant — the loathsome drunkard — the sick, suffering from various bodily pains, and too often the unaneled malefactor...
Halaman 8 - An act lo amend the penal laws of this state," burning in the hand, cutting off the ears, nailing the ear or ears to the pillory, placing in and upon the pillory, whipping or imprisonment for life...
Halaman 4 - ... in linen bags, to prevent their knowing which way they had passed ; robberies were committed in all parts, the bellies of horses were ripped open, to bring their riders to the ground ; and coaches were overturned in order to strip the ladies.
Halaman 1 - What a spectacle must this abode of guilt and wretchedness have presented, when in one common herd were kept, by day and by night, prisoners of all ages, colours, and sexes ! No separation was made of the most flagrant offender and convict, from the prisoner who might perhaps be falsely suspected of some trifling misdemeanor; — none of the old and hardened culprit, from the youthful and trembling novice in crime...

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