Lower Canada Reports, Volume 16

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E. R. Fréchette, 1866

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Halaman 211 - It is a familiar canon of construction that a thing which is within the intention of the makers of a statute is as much within the statute as if it were within the letter; and a thing which is within the letter of the statute is not within the statute unless it be within the intention of the makers.
Halaman 33 - Such agents have duties to discharge of a fiduciary nature towards their principal, and it is a rule of universal application, that no one having such duties to discharge shall be allowed to enter into engagements in which he has or can have a personal interest conflicting, or which possibly may conflict with the interests of those whom he is bound to protect.
Halaman 321 - Tout fait quelconque de l'homme qui cause à autrui un dommage oblige celui par la faute duquel il est arrivé à le réparer.
Halaman 81 - ... that in actions of debt or upon the case grounded upon any simple contract, no acknowledgment or promise by words only shall be deemed sufficient evidence of a new or continuing contract...
Halaman 63 - February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, and proceeding to render the judgment which the Court below ought to have rendered...
Halaman 81 - Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall alter or take away or lessen the Effect of any Payment of any Principal or Interest made by any Person whatsoever...
Halaman 103 - A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law. Being the mere creature of law, it possesses only those properties, which the charter of its creation confers upon it, either expressly, or as incidental to its very existence.
Halaman 212 - And then the office of all the judges is to make such construction as shall suppress the mischief and advance the remedy . . . according to the true intent of the makers of the Act.
Halaman 81 - Enactments or either of them, or to deprive any Party of the Benefit thereof, unless such Acknowledgment or Promise shall be made or contained by or in some Writing to be signed by the Party chargeable thereby...
Halaman 206 - That, whenever, in any Municipality, the Regulations and arrangements made by the School Commissioners for the conduct of any School, »hall not be agreeable to any number whatever of the inhabitants professing a Religious Faith different from that of the majority of the inhabitants...

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