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the idea of resistance was abandoned. At the dread moment when they were on the point of entering the works a stream of liquid fire sent into their ranks a storm of lead and iron hail that caused the survivors to retreat with terror and confusion. Again and again were they repulsed with dreadful slaughter until the ammunition of the Americans failed and compelled them to retreat. The returns of Gen. Gage show 1054 of the British killed The patriots had 139 killed. In prisoners, wounded and missing 314. They also lost five pieces of artillery.

Eulogy cannot add to the lustre of the name of Warren. Nature had lavished upon him all the noble qualities that adorn a man. In the spring of 1776 his remains were removed to Boston. Having been Grand Master of the Masonic institution of the State, he was buried under the forms of that time-honored order in presence of a large concourse of mourning friends. His memory is perpetuated by a monument erected by his fellow citizens

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WHEN God resolved to set his people free from Egyptian bondage he raised up able and mighty men to effect his glorious purposes. These he endowed with wisdom to conceive, genius to plan and energy to execute his noble designs. Their oppressive and heartless task-masters had been increasing their burdens with a relentless severity for years. To mercy they were blind, to reason they turned a deaf ear, complaints they treated with contumely, the judgments from heaven they heeded not.

There is a striking resemblance between the history of the Israelites bursting the chains of slavery riveted upon them by the short-sighted Pharaoh and that of the American Colonies throwing off the yoke of bondage imposed by the British king. . Like Moses, Washington led his countrymen through the dreary wilderness of the Revolution and when the journey terminated he planted them upon the promised land of Freedom and Independence. Like Moses he placed his trust in the God of Hosts and relied upon his special aid and direction under all circumstances. Like Moses he was nobly sustained by a band of Sages and Heroes unrivalled in the history of the world.

The pedigree of Gen. Washington, as traced and illustrated by Mr Mapleson, carries back his descent to William de Hertburn, Lord of the Manor of Washington, in the county of Durham, England. From

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