Annual Report, Masalah 6

Sampul Depan
Vols. for 1895/96-1919/20 include annual reports of the various state hospitals for the insane, reports of the Bureau of Deportation, the State Charities Aid Association and the Psychiatric Institute. (1908/09-1919/20 summaries only).

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Halaman 666 - Payments by counties, cities, towns and villages to charitable, eleemosynary, correctional and reformatory institutions, wholly or partly under private control, for care, support and maintenance, may be authorized, but shall not be required by the Legislature.
Halaman 557 - One year to eighteen months . . Eighteen months to two years. Two to three years Three to four years...
Halaman 514 - ... a state commission in lunacy which shall visit and inspect all institutions, either public or private used for the care and treatment of the insane (not including institutions for epileptics or idiots) ; a state commission of prisons which shall visit and inspect all institutious used for the detention of sane adults charged with or convicted of crime, or detained as witnesses or debtors.
Halaman 666 - Existing laws relating to institutions referred to in the foregoing sections and to their supervision and inspection, in so far as such laws are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution, shall remain in force until amended or repealed by the Legislature.
Halaman 665 - The legislature shall provide for a state board of charities, which shall visit and inspect all institutions, whether state, county, municipal, incorporated or not incorporated, which are of a charitable, eleemosynary, correctional or reformatory character...
Halaman 513 - ... but including all reformatories except those in which adult males convicted of felony shall be confined; a state commission in lunacy which shall visit and inspect all institutions, either public or private, used for the care and treatment of the insane...
Halaman 360 - An action is an ordinary proceeding in a court of justice, by which a party prosecutes another party for the enforcement or protection of a right, the redress or prevention of a wrong, or the punishment of a public offence. § 3. Every other remedy is a special proceeding.
Halaman 514 - The members of the said board and of the said commissions shall be appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; and any member may be removed from office by the Governor for cause, an opportunity having been given him to be heard in his defense.
Halaman 666 - Commissioners of the state board of charities and commissioners of the state commission in lunacy, now holding office, shall be continued in office for the term for which they were appointed, respectively, unless the Legislature shall otherwise provide. The Legislature may confer upon the commissions and upon the board mentioned in the foregoing sections any additional powers that are not inconsistent with other provisions of the Constitution.
Halaman 17 - LL. D., Professor of Physiology and Physiological Anatomy in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York ; Visiting Physician to...

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