Census of Population, 1950: A Report of the Seventeenth Decennial Census of the United States. Volume II, Characteristics of the population : Number of inhabitants, general and detailed characteristics of the population

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1952

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Halaman xxi - with a job but not at work"—those who did not work and were not looking for work but had a job or business from which they were temporarily absent because of vacation, illness, industrial dispute, bad weather, or layoff with definite instructions
Halaman xxi - and over who, during the census week, were either (a) "at work"—those who did any work for pay or profit, or worked without pay for 15 hours or more on a family farm or in a family business; or (6)
Halaman v - 2. Alabama 3. Arizona 4. Arkansas 5. California 6. Colorado 7. Connecticut 8. Delaware 9. District of Columbia 10. Florida 11. Georgia 12. Idaho 13. Illinois 14. Indiana 15. Iowa 16. Kansas 17. Kentucky 18. Louisiana 19. Maine 20. Maryland
Halaman 44-107 - Miscellaneous chemicals and allied products. . . Petroleum and coal products Petroleum refining. . Miscellaneous petroleum and coal products Rubber products. Leather and leather products Leather: tanned, curried, and finished Footwear, except rubber Leather products, except footwear Not specified manufacturing industries Nonmanufacturing industries (incl. not reported) Construction Railroads and railway express service
Halaman xxi - looking for work or would have been looking for work except that (a) they were temporarily ill, (6) they expected to return to a job from which they had been laid off for an indefinite period, or (c) they believed no work was available in their
Halaman xv - The median is the value which divides the distribution into two equal parts—one-half of the cases falling below this value and one-half of the cases exceeding this value. In the computation of medians, cases for which the information was not reported are omitted.
Halaman xviii - institutional population includes those persons living as inmates in such places as homes for delinquent or dependent children, homes and schools for the mentally or physically handicapped, places providing specialized medical care, homes for the aged, prisons, and jails. Staff members and their families are not included in the institutional population.
Halaman xiii - URBAN AND RURAL RESIDENCE According to the new definition that was adopted for use in the 1950 Census, the urban population comprises all persons living in (a) places of 2,500
Halaman iii - areas. The data are based upon tabulations from the Seventeenth Decennial Census of the population of the United States, its Territories and possessions, conducted as of April 1, 1950. Provision for the Seventeenth Decennial Census was made in the act providing for the Fifteenth and subsequent decennial censuses, approved June 18, 1929, as amended. The
Halaman xxiv - All other durable goods. Meat products-.. Bakery products. Other food Industries (Knitting mills I Yarn, thread, and fabric mills.. [other textile mill products... Apparel and other fabricated textile products. Printing, publishing, and allied industries Chemicals

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