Topographical and Historical Sketches of the Town of Lancaster, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Furnished for the Worcester Magazine and Historical Journal

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C. Griffin, 1826 - 90 halaman

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Halaman 30 - To the end the body of the commons may be preserved of honest and good men, it was ordered and agreed, that, for the time to come, no man shall be admitted to the freedom of this body politic, but such as are members of some of the churches within the limits of the same.
Halaman 79 - Blessed are the peace makers : for they shall be called the children of God, Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake : for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Halaman 78 - In 1798, he was appointed Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Worcester.
Halaman 5 - Jock, when ye hae naething else to do, ye may be aye sticking in a tree ; it will be growing, Jock, when ye're ^sleeping...
Halaman 58 - It is said, That Men ought to have Liberty of their Conscience, and that it is Persecution to...
Halaman 41 - young scholars whose education for their designed ministry, not being finished, yet came over from England with their friends, and had their education perfected in this country, before the College was come unto maturity enough to bestow its laurels.
Halaman 19 - Court with twenty-six fathom more of wampom ; and the Court gave each of them a coat of two yards of cloth, and their dinner ; and to them and their men, every of them, a cup of sack at their departure ; so they took leave and went away.
Halaman 19 - Wampum, and the court gave each of them a coat of two yards of cloth, and their dinner ; and to them and their men, every of them a cup of sack at their departure, so they took their leave and went away very joyful.
Halaman 19 - King, who reaided there. He recommended Nashawogg to King, as a place well suited for a plantation, and invited the English to come and dwell near him. From this representation, or from personal observation, that nature had been bountiful to the place, King united with a number of others,^ and purchased the land of Sholan, viz. ten miles in length, and eight in breadth ; stipulating not to molest the Indians in their *Gov. Winthrop's history of New England, date, 3d month, (May) 1644, and relating...
Halaman 41 - Lord would be pleased to provide : They after some search meet with a young man named Mr. Thomas Carter, then belonging to the Church of Christ at Water-Town, a reverend godly man, apt to teach the sound and wholesome truths of Christ...

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